Bounty Fresh Brings #DiskarteNaMayArte to the Asia Digital Marketing Expo 2015

Bounty Fresh will bring #DiskarteNaMayArte to the Asia Digital Marketing Expo at the SMX Aura, on July 26, 2015. The campaign aims to celebrate the Bounty Fresh Moms out there who always find creative and resourceful ways to make homemaking extra special for their loved ones. 

Why #DiskarteNaMayArte?

Being a Bounty Fresh Mom is not just about providing for the house needs, it’s about providing the best experience for the family. According to Joan Caccam, Assistant Manager, being a Bounty Fresh Mom is not just about being a “wais mom”, who makes the budget fit. Being a Bounty Fresh mom is about being creative and resourceful to make everything extra special. This entails creativity, turning good chicken recipes to great chicken recipes. It’s about being resourceful, finding ways to turn the regular and ordinary things at home into something that will bring extra delight to the family. 

Hacking life one diskarte tip at a time.

Acknowledging the power of social media in informing people of the campaign, Bounty Fresh launched the campaign on their Facebook page with an album containing different tips on how to put #DiskarteNaMayArte into the daily household chores. There are tips about the family, home, finances and personal well-being. 

To access the #DiskarteNaMayArte tips, you may visit Bounty Fresh’s Facebook page

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