Gowns for Flores de Mayo

I was at SM Clark yesterday to witness a store opening and as I was about to go home, I passed by these series of gowns displayed in the lobby of SM Clark near the Event Center. It was for their Flores de Mayo event and I stopped to take photos of the gowns enchanting design. When I was little, I also dream of joining Flores de Mayo and such and wearing gowns like this. Unfortunately, I didn't got the chance to. :( 

They have lots of beautiful gowns and my favorite is the one in deep blue-green dress with yellow to golden dyed parts. My second pick is the yellow one with black embellishments by Baju Cantik.  Third on my list would be the one beside my first, it's a nude tutu gown. I hope I'll get to wear something like this someday. Bucketlist? Haha :) 

Photo overload after this line. (^o~)

Overall, it was a nice scene to discover these gowns and I also get to appreciate the designer for each dress. As I roam on each dress, I touched every gown and let my hands feel the intricate details on each piece. Lovely and majestic work. Kudos to all the designers behind these and congratulations on your Flores de Mayo event. If only SM Clark was just so near, I would love to pay a visit and watch the parade. 

What dresses pleases you? Share your top 3 here. XOXO ♥

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