KSeries: Hi! School-Love On Complete Episode (English Subs)

It's been a while since I last posted new links on Korean dramas and series. I've been really hooked all vacation with marathons that I usually finish one drama the whole day or most of the time, a day and a half. Here's another one I watched 2 months ago when school was about to close. It's Hi! School - Love On, dedicated to high schoolers and young at heart. It's an angel story so expect that there's magic in it. The story is cute and the characters were pretty and handsome artists. 

The plot was very light and expect that some actors were not that good like Lee Sungyeol. OMG! Don't bash me please. Sungyeol's fan might throw rock at me right now. It's just my opinion on how he played his character on the first part of the series. On the latter part, he already adjusted on his facial expression. Most idols were like that actually. I remember before when Yoona of Girls Generation was not really good in acting but after more dramas, her skills was honed. 

I've read some feedback that this drama had low rating but some opposes to it. They say that it topped their Korean drama list. For me, I guest, it's in the middle. As a teacher, I'm very open with young adults and teens stories so I can also adapt to them. This is so-so for me. 

I got more dramas to share together with the links so watch out for that. Keep watching and keep reading on my blog. Xoxo ♥

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