DIY: Strawberry Banana Milk Shake

We declared it a DIY Saturday when my sister and I were left at home and we were able to search the whole fridge and our own. I saw the frozen strawberries I brought weeks ago from Baguio so I decided to make a shake than to let it linger long on the freezer. 

We also have milk and honey and I bought a few pieces of banana on the mini-market near our house to get a decent amount of shake that will full the entire container. If I shake the strawberry  alone, it will be berry sad. ??? Hahaha.. ^o^

To give it a twist, we put a spoonful of brown sugar on both the berries and banana first and mixed them. The honey was for the end part when it's time to taste the finish product.  

Since the little one (our stepcousin) wants it to be a little sweet, we added honey at the end to give that extra sweetness. We just tossed everything on the blender without measuring the ingredients. For the milk, it's just around 3/4 cups. 

It's so perfect for summer and it's really healthy. We were actually planning to blend other fruits as well and hopefully we can do that this coming weekend. We're just waiting for dad's fruits on the farm to be picked.  Hope it grows well. Haha. 

It's my first time to post some DIY related to food and I'm really excited about it. Since I'm getting married soon and I will get the chance to cook MORE, then I will add DIY recipes on this blog soon - Kapampangan style! Haha. Support me then please, okay? :)

Love y'all! XOXO ♥


  1. Looking forward to the Kampampangan style recipes haha. Going home to Bacolor in a couple of weeks, planning on doing articles on the original Razon's in Guagua and Nathaniel's since I'm a fan of both, kainan ito! :)

    1. Nathaniel's buko pandan and siomai are some of my faves. Razon's halo-halo tops my list of halo-halo as well. Since those stores are just around the area, I do not visit them often but I always pass by them. Now you got me an idea on what resto to feature next. :)

    2. I didn't know there was a Razon's branch in San Fernando, my mom just informed me haha. So I guess I won't have to go all the way to Guagua as originally planned. Haven't set a date yet but hopefully soon, if you're going to feature both restos as well them we might just bump into each other! Who knows right haha.

    3. Yup, it's along Lazatin blvd. If you want we can meet, if I am available on that day :)


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