Shop Alert: Yoins

Shopping online has been a breeze for me especially when I started to become a mom. I miss those days that I can easily purchase clothes at the mall or visit any clothing shop. I used to do those every week but now, I have to put baby as my priority and buying clothes outside the house would require so many things to do for a mom like me. That's why buying trendy women sexy tops has been a breeze with Yoins. 

The shop makes every mom's life comfortable with their very trendy pieces and updated wardrobe. I always go for cute sweaters for women whenever I visit the mall's rack of clothes. But since being a mom is very busy, most of my transactions were done online.

The shop was established in 2014 with the simple mission to give young people the opportunity to express themselves through high quality fashion at an affordable price. They believe that fashion is the best way to exhibit a person's individuality and uniqueness. It is the reason why they work tirelessly to bring the best new trends as soon as they arrive.

Anyone who doesn't have the time to explore the rack of clothes at the mall (like me), Yoins is something you can visit easily at the comfort of your home. 

Event: SM Pampanga Coke Studio PH Roadshow

Coke Studio visited Pampanga last weekend and brought the sound of Pinoy music in the province. OPM group Moonstar 88 and Jensen and the Flips performed their groundbreaking musical collaborations.

We arrived at the venue early and gates were opened at 2pm.There were different booths you can try. There's the Coke Canraoke,  Studio Shots and Jukebox. Plus there's an unlimited supply of coke to all the attendees.

You get to sing a song at the Coke Canraoke where you can enter in a humongous can of Coke and belt your heart out. There's just a little technical error since the volume doesn't want to be fixed during our try-out. Bummer!

Next booth is the Studio Shots which is a version of their photobooth. You can goof around while they take your photo and you can choose to edit filters and then receive the photo after the printout. Sadly, I didn't like the quality of the copy because the photo looks grainy.

And my favorite booth among them all would be the Jukebox where you can get a personalized coke bottle. You get to type a name of your choice in their machine. My husband wrote my sister's name Felice since she has been always taking care of my baby whenever I attend blog events. I got to choose my baby's name Railey, of course. The Jukebox is so cute that I wish to keep the personalized bottle. However, my husband drank the coke already. I was actually thinking of keeping it as a memorabilia. I have a hard-headed husband btw. Hihi. But I like how he is so supportive with all my blogging events. 

Sadly, I wasn't able to catch the performances of the bands because it was too late and I still need to get the baby from my sister. I would love to repeat the experience again given that I have ample of time in my hands.

Catch the next Coke Studio PH Roadshow at Kadayawan Festival. I hope there would be a lot of attendees this time. 

Review: Marchesa for Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Love That Red

When in doubt, wear red. That's what I always do whenever I feel down or whenever I feel the need to feel good about myself. It's automatic. It's like a habit of listening to music before sleeping. 

Since I like reds so much because it makes me stand out, I normally ran out of it. Good thing I still have this in stock, the Marchesa Super Lustrous Lipstick in Love That Red of Revlon. 

This product is included in the Marchesa collection, hence the packaging. There’s the elegant, golden mark on its collection. I also have a nail polish with the same print of Marchesa and I like that it exudes sophistication on the packaging of the product.  

For me, it is pigmented because one swipe gave the bright color red that I like.  However, I dislike that it turns out messy. I feel it’s kinda greasy too when applied. I don’t know if it’s just me or if it was really like that. I still need to blot it to avoid having lip stains around my lip area. One of my students actually told me that there are lip stains around my mouth when I used this mthat’s why there’s a sudden hate to it. I stopped using it for a while now.

When purchased individually, it is for P350.00 but since it came from the curated box of BDJ, I saved more than its original price. That is if all products will be equally divided to the full amount of the box.

It’s a red with orange tone. It is the color that you will love. However, since I have been into matte lately, I feel that this doesn’t fit me anymore so I’m contemplating if I will give this away Of course, after sanitizing and all.

Yay for me! (。◕‿  ◕。) 
·     Got it for a lesser price.
·     Elegant packaging.
·     Love the color.

Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
·    It doesn’t really last long. Can only be used for a short period of time. 
·     Stains my lips even after blotting it. It happened twice actually.

PriceGot it from BDJ Box
Bought from: BDJ Box Subscription
 Size: 4.2. g

Overall, I am having a love-hate relationship on this product. I am still giving it a chance few more times and if it won’t really work on me, I will then decide to give it away instead of keeping it. We have a ‘Beauty Care’ class and I can donate it to them among the other beauty products that I already donated before. Since they will be using a lip brush and I will be sanitizing it, I think it’s doable to use it on their end.

Do you have the same item? What’s your take on it? Please let me know in the comments section. More reviews soon! Xoxo 

Unboxing Althea X Chica-Y-Chico

Months has passed since I got this box from Althea. I was really interested to try Chica Y Chico products because I read and watched good reviews about the brand. Those reviews helped me in deciding if I'll purchase this particular box. Since I’ve been very much busy during those months when I received this, I didn't got time to blog and headed on opening it. So now, despite being late, let me share with you the haul I had.

My current skincare and other makeup were almost empty now so I rummaged again on my series of products from the cabinet and found these. Suddenly I remembered what I needed to do. So here now, I am sharing with you the products inside this box.

As the box mentioned, it's a 10-minute miracle. I don't have any impressions yet because I haven't used any of it. Will definitely post an individual review of these soon. Inclusives in the box are the following:

1. Red serum
2. Red cream
3. Semi-matte cushion #23
4. C Cream
5. Urban Princess Mask (Snow White)
6. Beta-Salic 2.0


Right now, my toner can be used for one more time and my essence is almost empty. These products will be the next in line to use for my daily routine. 
Price: P1,153. 00 from P6,411.00.
Bought from: Althea website
 Size: 6 full-sized items in a box

I am really excited to use this. Starting tomorrow, I will start using this and will update all my readers for the review soon!

Where to Get the Right Car?

This is a sponsored post.

Getting a car nowadays is more likely a necessity than a want. After writing that line, I'm pretty sure people have thoughts in their mind that I'm completely wrong. Of course, it's pretty challenging to get a car especially if you are a mere wage-earner like us. But the first line on this post refers exactly in our case. We got our car because we needed it and not because we want (oh well, a part of me want it also)

Considering the price, every individual is careful in buying their car. We got a second-hand but we made sure that every cent spent will be worth it. It is not just something that you can buy anytime you want.

Finding a car has to be done with careful research. Good thing there are great resources to exactly learn about your potential car purchase. I discovered that has a huge selection of information that will provide you with everything you need to make an informative purchase. They have in depth reviews and testimonials from clients who are way satisfied with their service. They also give very essential information about a wide variety of different cars. But the best part is, they are honest with what they are offering to their clients. No sugarcoating whatsoever.

I am highly recommending this site for you. Aside from the honest thoughts, they also have great and friendly staff that  will assist you. Definitely worth checking out.

Review: Revlon Brow Fantasy in Dark Brown

When kilay is life, one will practice on fleek application or the straight-type inspired by Korean style. I admit, I can’t master kilay goals yet but I always make sure to apply everyday as it is also my way of practicing my skills in eye makeup, if there’s any.

I remember getting this Revlon Brow Fantasy in Dark Brown when I subscribed in one of BDJ's beauty boxes. BDJ currently put on hold on their beauty boxes and I feel kinda sad not getting updates on their boxes. Good thing there’s Althea where I get my beauty fix every month. Even if I do not shop, I always let my eyes feast on their beauty products.

Two weeks ago, I started using this product from Revlon and I am pretty amazed on the results. I seldom use brow gel because the last one I got is not in my shade and I ended up giving it to my sister.

I like that it’s 2-in-1; the eyebrow pencil and the brow gel in one. As much as it is convenient to use, I feel that the pencil part can only be used in a little time because it’s only half of the whole product and once it’s sharpened, only a few will be left. Given with that idea, I think the pencil part will only last me a month. As for the brow gel, no questions since the wand can reach the end of the tube. I can fully use it to its end.

It is included in the beauty box so it is cheaper. But if sold individually, it is P575.00. It is indeed cheaper getting the box and trying out this product. 

I like that it’s dark brown because it works great on my skin. But if given the choice, I would prefer for the color to be a little bit lighter. 

PENCIL – I’m not really a fan of pencils because it needs to be sharpened. I think I was just familiar with using my The Face Shop Design My Brow because its tip is slanted so it’s easier to apply.

BROW GEL – I feel that the brow gel is quite sticky because whenever I apply it on my brows after the pencil, it has a tendency to harden and it’s difficult to blend. However, once given some time, it goes back to its soft state.

With Pencil

With Pencil then Gel
Yay for me! (。◕‿  ◕。) 
  • It's convenient to use. 
  • I like the color that I got
  • It stays longer than I thought, especially when used with the gel. 

Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • The pencil is only half the product and when sharpened, it gets too short. 
  • Can only be used for a short period of time. 
  • Expensive when sold individually. I got more affordable eyebrow products than this and works just as well. 
PriceGot it from BDJ Box
Bought from: BDJ Box Subscription
 Size: 1.18ml.

I like the product for its convenience. No need to bring a separate brow gel if you want to perfect and achieve your kilay goals. I was just a little sad with the pencil because after a few days, I already sharpened it and a very little amount remained. 😞 

This product is something that I like but won't purchase it by myself. I find it a little expensive for it's purpose. Hoping the brand will launch an affordable version of this. Let's see after a year or two. 

What are your thoughts? Let me know what do you think about the product. 

Shop Alert: Black Hair Spray

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

When it comes to hair-related products, an online store to watch out for is Black Hair Spray which caters different wigs from synthetic to human hair They also have those lace front wigs and weaves. Not to mention that they also sell beauty and hair care products for you and even for your kids. 

When I was young, I always liked playing with my hair because I have long locks then. Now that I'm a new mom, I chopped off my hair because I feel that it's another thing to maintain. After chopping it off however, I wished that I can have it long again because I seldom play with it into braid or any kind of hair art. 

Black Hair Spray is an online shop about all things hair. The website believed that they are different than other stores because their passion is to provide the best service to their valued customers who are looking for help in anything hair-related. They will surely got you covered whatever your hair concern is. 

This website is also a proud authorized dealer of many top brands such as Milky Way, Isis Collection, Velvet, Zury to name a few. 

What is also great is that they offer 30-day return policy, price-matching guarantee and live chat customer service. They offer very convenient options so you will always have an option to shop online. 

This online shop will totally give you the experience you are looking for in a shop. I like that they have very affordable products too. 

Food Getaway: Roberto’s Coffee and Tea in SM Pampanga

Once again, Pampanga Digital Influencers were invited to another series of food review from one of the best steak house in the province. Roberto’s presented a different variety of food this time as we explored their different branch. It is also cool to witness a different set of collection from Mr. Roberto’s trips abroad. For Roberto's SM Pampanga branch, they have the owl collection. 

By the way, for those who didn’t get the chance to read my post on our first food experience on their Roberto’s SM Clark branch, you can check it out on the link provided.

I liked how wide Roberto’s food choices are. Only one food was the same and the rest were a new set from what they presented to us when we were in their SM Clark’s branch. Their drinks were also different from those on the first branch.

They also had a lot of desserts that were presented this time but I find their cakes a little too sweet for my taste. But I love their steak!! It’s simply the best! Actually, Mr. Roberto travels to look for the best steak. He is now trying to build the restaurant as the best steak house. They used to focus on their coffee and tea and I think the move that they are trying to lean as the best steak house is actually a good idea because I prefer his steak more than the dessert.

Resto Name: Roberto's Coffee and Tea
Address: SM Pampanga
Type of Food: American and European cuisine
WIFI: Yes. And a fast one. 

No doubt that Roberto's is one of the best place for steak. Plus all their Cobonpue pieces are truly a work of art. I think it is every branch favorite spot except for the area where the collections were placed. I love this branch because I love the cute owls. What shocking was the price underneath each owl! Go check for yourself :)