Review: Dermax Professional UV Active Water-Burst Sunscreen

Being pregnant, I’ve been really careful with the products I’m using. During my first trimester, I actually didn't want to use just any product at all. I am just too lazy to apply anything on my body and it's already a tedious work for a momma ongoing through a lot of hormonal changes. 

Good thing my second trimester was a bit easier than the first because I became less sensitive with the smell. During my first, I used a mint shampoo from Human Heart Nature because it's the only smell I can take during shower. My soaps and other products were all unscented. I hate the smell of everything, coffee, roasted garlic, perfumes among others. I can't even take being in the restroom for 5 minutes. I have terrible morning (afternoon and evening) sickness at that time. 

For my last semester, I can say I have moved past all that. I can smell everything now. Thus I need to go back to my skin routine with caution. I still check if the products were safe for me and baby. My skin just feels so dry recently that why I needed to go back little by little. One of the few products I tried is a sunscreen from Dermax which is the Dermax Professional UV Active Water-Burst Sunscreen. I tried it and I feel that it works great for me. 

I got this product last year when I subscribed for a sample at Sample Room. It was sitting tightly in my box unused and I only just used it recently because I needed a sunscreen that would suit my skin needs during this pregnancy. I still have other sunscreen sitting in my shelf though but I wanted to try something else that would be nicer to my skin. I found this.  

What I like about this product is that it's super hydrating. Maybe that's why it's called Water-Burst sunscreen after all. It has SPF 45+ and has a PA +++ which is totally great because it has intense protection. I totally liked it because after application, it sits on the skin automatically after a minute of just for a few seconds. No irritating feeling of putting sticky lotions or sunscreen and no need to wait before it sits comfortably on the skin.

With its gentle sunscreen ingredients that protects against UVA and UVB rays, it provides protection to my skin especially that I’m feeling twice the heat because of my pregnancy.

The product was slim and very handy that you can bring it anywhere. It's also a pump so it's a plus factor since you don't have to  dispense the product by squeezing the bottle. I love pumps! Who isn't? :) 

The consistency was very light that you'll feel you are just putting water. I think this is the lightest sunscreen I have used my entire life. It might be pricey for P720 for a 50 ml. They also have a smaller one for you to try first which is the 30 ml tube for P475. I swear by this product! Highly recommended!

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。) 
  • Love the moisture it gives. 
  • Feeling very light on the skin. 
  • Has high SPF 45 PA +++
  • Perfect for active lifestyle or to those who sweat much! 
  • Dispenses in pump! Winner! 
  • Very handy to carry and to use often. 
  • Got it for free! 

Nay for me! (。◕︵◕。)
  • Regular price is a bit expensive.

Price: Got it for FREE! 
P720.00 - 50 ml.
P475.00 - 30 ml.

Bought from: Sample Room
Size: 50 ml.

Overall, this is a product I would love to use again! Might take a little sacrifice though for it's price because it's almost 50% higher than my normal sunscreen. Still, I would love to get this over and over again. If you're looking for the perfect sunscreen for you, this might fit in your lifestyle. Give it a try and see the results! :)

Recommended Prom Dresses for 2017

Do you agree with the saying that the most memorable part of school life was the part during your junior high school? I definitely agree! That's the time that most students are very interested with just about anything in life. Most of the happiest, the most memorable and the most unforgettable memories I remember were the ones when I was still in junior high. From my first crush to my first prom date, who happens to be my gay classmate! I don't have any love link that time so being with him is a nice choice. Who would have thought he would dance me anyway? Haha. 

Being a teacher now to junior high school students also makes me enjoy those prom moments. I still get to dress even if it's the student's night. I like the vibe that everyone brings and their excitement on that particular occasion. I sometimes feel that the students feelings were also exactly the same feelings I had before. Oh, the joy of those times! 

Speaking of dressing up for the prom, I will be suggesting a lot of different prom dresses from Hebeos which are great for anyone. I discovered this site recently and they offer wonderful and extravagant dresses fir for the prom. 

Ball Gown High Neck Short Sleeves Beading Long Chiffon Dresses

This dress is so unique. The beadings are gorgeous!! The price is lower than the prices of the similar dresses in local stores. It is also available in many colors and the this dress is made-to-order so you are sure if the dress will fit your size. 
A-Line/Princess Scoop Beading 3/4 Sleeves Long Chiffon Dresses

This dress is stunning and the quality looks superb. It also exudes a classy look vibe to it.

A-line/Princess Scoop Beading Sleeveless Long Chiffon Dresses

The dress was exceptionally well-made and the craftsmanship in the details is fantastic. Available in different colors! 

A-Line/Princess Sweetheart Beading Sleeveless Long Chiffon Dresses

This dress looks amazing. It's shiny and sexy. If this will be made in pink or red, it will be absolutely gorgeous! 

A-Line/Princess Spaghetti Straps Beading Sleeveless Long Chiffon Dresses

This is an elegant looking dress that accentuates your bust and curves. I think this is also great if it's in grape or royal blue color. 

The 2017 prom season is near and you can visit the website now and begin shopping. All dresses mentioned are made-to-order and if you will order now, you'll probably get it around mid August so that's about roughly a month when they do it. I just don't know how the process for international shipping. I bet it will be a little longer so you can start shopping now then. 

Looking through all this collection, the prom dresses are so glamorous and very beautiful. If you want to look great, you might want to start browsing now on Hebeos website for more dresses. They also have great dresses for different occasions like parties, wedding and the like. They also cater shoes and accessories that will match and amplify any outfit. 

They also have a lot of payment options from Visa, Mastercard to Paypal among others. They also have size and color chart so you can pick the best size and color in the outfit that you want. Sign up now and enjoy $5 coupon and get a discount of $10 for orders over $149. 

Overall, Hebeos is a great website for prom and evening dresses. I've read a lot of comments from their site and most of their buyers and customers were totally satisfied with the service, the price and the quality of the item they bought from the site. Hope you can visit and get one for yourself. 

Review: Etude House Every Month Cleansing Foam #9 (Rice)

It's been a while since I last reviewed beauty products. I've been on hiatus for so long and been pregnant and all so I wasn't able to use just any products I wish to try. I always first read the labels and always prefer ditching away those with paraben and other harmful ingredient. 

During my first trimester, I wasn't used to into putting products on my body. I just felt tired and lazy. As gross as it may seem, I sometimes don't use shampoo or conditioner on my hair nor use facial wash or soaps rather. Talking about hormonal changes! I actually thought I'll be a neat freak during those times but believe me, that's the time that I just feel not doing anything. Plus the smell of just any product stresses me out! Even the smell of coffee makes me want to throw up. 

Everything changed during my second trimester and that's where I started to begin using products again. For my facial wash, I started using the one I kept from Etude House months ago. My sister bought it for me and upon checking the label, it contains rice. Rice has been used in some beauty products, especially in Asian countries as it is know to cleanse and moisturize. 

Notice that Korean products has that cover before the product itself. They're very hygienic and this only proves that the product you get is new because nobody surely opened it and dispensed some from it because of the inner covering.

Since what I got is a foam, I tried testing it with a BB cream to see if it can be removed immediately. I'm thinking if I can lather it up without water. Of course I would still use this with water for better cleansing. :)

I admit that my skin has been dry and dirty because of my current pregnancy and good thing I already surpassed the stage where I dreadfully dislike beauty products. Thankful for the little help I got from Etude House Every Month Cleansing Foam. I hope I can recover my skin's glow again.

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。) 
  • It has an inner covering for sanitary purposes.
  • Cleanses and moisturizes my skin for a couple of hours.
  • Lathers really well.
  • Lightweight feel.
  • No strong scent.
  • A little goes a long way!
  • Wide range of variety to choose from which will target your skin's problem. Choose from 1-12 (January- December) 

Nay for me! (。◕︵◕。)
  • It stings the eyes horribly so shut your eyes first. 
  • The effect isn't permanent when it comes to moisturizing. 

Price: P198.00
Bought from: Etude House Eastwood Branch
Size: 100 ml.

Admittedly, my skin right now needs a lot of moisture. I just can't get the courage to post my skin like this! Haha. It was just so dry. I think I need to get my skin's moisture back first before parading my face again in public. LOL

I think I'll be changing my facial foam after I emptied this tube and will try to look for a product that will suit my skin's needs especially now after post pregnancy. I'm eyeing the one from The Body Shop. I'm hoping that it will suit my skin type.

You? What facial wash or foam are you using lately? Share your experience with it!

Travel: Experience Canyon Cove at Nasugbu, Batangas

This post might be a little overdue because it's been 8 months since we traveled to Nasugbu and went to Canyon Cove for the first time. It was crazy then because the morning of our wedding, we had an emergency getaway to Baguio with my husband's relatives. At first, I told Jaycee not to agree in joining the Baguio group because it's not included in our budget plan and we just got married on Dec 5 and they want us to leave 5am of Dec 6. We barely had sleep! The feeling was intense tiredness that I just want to lay down on bed all day after our big event! Imagine all the crazy stress during the last few days of the wedding and when you just want to rest all day after it happened, here's one big stress-buster! However, we still decided to join because 1) his relatives will be leaving on the 7th to go back to Leyte, and 2) because I need to adjust to my married life now. 

Anyway, going back to the deal I secured on Canyon Cove. I went through the Metrodeal website and they had an offer at 57% off. It was originally priced at P6999 and it's only for P2999 for 4 persons, 2 adults and 2 kids. We both agree to get it to use it for our honeymoon. We only had a week of work leave for the wedding and we need to make the most out of it. So our schedule happened like this:

December 5 - WEDDING DAY
December 6-7 - Baguio
December 8-9 - CANYON COVE 
December 11 - Jaycee's back to work
December 14 - I'm back to work 

We slept and rested on the 10th and on the 12 and 13, I cleaned the whole house and transferred my things in my new home. Crazy yet fun! 

Let's travel back time last Dec 8. Since we came all the way from Pampanga, we left home at 8am and arrived in Batangas at around 2pm. It's crazy travelling in Manila nowadays. It's been so long since I went to the Metro and once the car or bus set foot around Manila, time is already wasted. 

Bus from Pampanga to Avenida - P102 each
LRT from Avenida - Gil Puyat - P20 each
Bus from Gil Puyat to Nasugbu, Batangas town proper - P155 each
Tricycle from Nasugbu Town Proper - Canyon Cove - P80 for one way

Check-in time at Canyon Cove is 3pm and check-out time is 12 noon the next day. Even if we're a little early, they already accommodated us and let us in. They only have few guests during that time so I think they weren't totally strict regarding the check-in time. 

I was surprised when they told me that I have to deposit P2k before checking in. I don't know why they had to do that. That regulation isn't included with the terms written on their website and even at the Metrodeal site. I know that there's a surcharge of P2k if the date of the reservation becomes a holiday, it will be applied but as far as I know, there's no holiday then even in Batangas. Though the P2k will be refunded upon checking out. Good thing we have money then or else they won't let us in! I hope they will update it so as not to confuse their other guests!

While we were waiting for everything to be processed, we waited at the lobby. Their lobby was spacious and they have free wifi there. Their wifi didn't reach the rooms so we had to go down whenever we want to connect on social media.

When we arrived in our room, I decided to take some shots of the room first. We were just so tired and lazy and all we wanted was to rest but for the sake of blogging, I need to do it! Haha. That's why you will notice that Jaycee was just resting in bed in one of the photos. 

There's also this picturesque view in our room that will take your breath away! It's my favorite part of the room, actually! Good thing we had a welcoming weather when we arrived there.

We're a little hungry when we arrived so we decided to eat some snack first before touring the place and of course before swimming.  They are partnered with Max's Restaurant so expect Max's pricing with a little additional. For me, I think the food was expensive. 

After eating, we toured around the place. We decided to swim later in the evening around 5pm. 

They also have a lot of water sports activities for groups and families. We skipped venturing into those activities because we think it's a little expensive and I honestly just can't cope with everything's that's happening after our wedding. All I want to do during those times is to swim and rest. Now I regret not doing it! Hopefully, I'll have the moolah and energy soon to do those kind of things. 

So after touring and swimming, we decided to have our dinner. When we got back in our room, this is the view that welcomed us. Wonderful sunset in our porch. How I wish I can see a sight like this everyday of my life. 

Overall, we had a great time with our Canyon Cove experience. It might be a little expensive with the trip and all but it's still worth visiting the place. I hope we can have more travel sesh especially with the firstborn coming on the way. 

More travels soon! Ciao!