Althea x Get It Beauty Skin Detoxer Feat Jeonghwa of EXID

Althea has been blazin' its way up before the end of the season and another great news is that they keep on expanding their network. Remember their product collab with Korea's top TV programme, Get It Beauty? It's the Real Fresh Skin Detoxer which is a 10-second mask-to-cleanser skincare product. It's been a successful collaboration! And did you know that K-pop star Jeonghwa from the group EXID is also a fan of the product? Check out the video below! 🤩

Isn't Jeonghwa such a cutie/! Her very flawless skin love the Skin Detoxer. She even uses it on her elbows too! Now, I that's a tip I should do too!

So here's a great news before the year ends, if you want to get one of your own, you can purchase the Althea Real Fresh Skin Detoxer Set for 10% off with a FREE SHIPPING at a limited time! Now that's really a bang for your buck and before the year ends. 

Review: Milk Peel Cream Mask

Mom would always said that we have to take our mil if we want strong bones and good skin. Good thing I listened to her because I am now paying the result of it. Since then, I've been a fan of milk , especially if it's something about skin care products. Just like Althea's newest product, the Milk Peel Cream Mask. 

The Milk Peel Cream Mask is a refreshing peel mask that gently strips away dead skin cells. It has an active ingredient which are AHA & BHA which helps peel off dead skin cells for smoother skin.

PACKAGING- I like the simplicity of the packaging with its minimalist color. I loved it more because it's in a pump container and who doesn't love pumps. My only issue though is that it dispenses a very little amount every time I tried to pump it.  

SCENT - It has a powdery scent and being pregnant, that kind of scent is pretty doable for me. I honestly dislike strong scents now even when I'm on my second trimester. 

PRICE - You can purchase this Milk Peel Cream Mask for P490.00 at Althea website You can also avail of the free shipping for a limited time. Just visit their website for more details.

EFFECT - It moisturizes and refreshes the skin because it's packed with vitamins for a healthy complexion. It also remove dead skin cells, clogged sebum and impurities from the skin. 

Yay for me! (。◕‿  ◕。) 
  • It's in a pump container
  • I like that it cleanses my skin gently
  • I also like the bubble type/ whipped cream feeling on my face
  • Great for all skin types. 
  • Doesn't leave my skin dry.
Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • I dislike that there's only a little amount when I try to dispense the product from the container. 
  • Can be a little messy when removing the product off! 

Price: P490.00
Bought from: Althea
Size: 50 ml.

Overall, I like this product because it's my option when I like very gentle cleaning on my face without sacrificing its performance. I tried different masks and of different kind and I must say that this one cleans very well.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below and I would appreciate if we can exchange ideas about this. 

Review: Althea's Petal Velvet Sunaway

There's another new addition to the Althea exclusive family, it's the Petal Velvet Sunaway. It's a sunscreen with SPF50 and claims to help control sebum while maintaining skin moisture. 

It has Damask rose extract which is use to moisturize and soothe the skin. While the Micro Particle Technology creates a Micro Powder Barrier. This barrier is described to absorb sebum and excess oil from the skin to give a light and velvety finish.

PACKAGING- It's in a simple baby pink box which has Hangul for info and instructions. I hope it has English translation though but no worries since you can view more info on the Althea website. 

SCENT - For a pregnant mom like me, I think this has a strong rose scent which isn't really to my liking. But I can manage with it.  

PRICE - You can purchase the Petal Velvet at Althea website for only P480 a piece but if you wish to get the Petal Velvet Set, it's only for P621. It comes with Petal Velvet Powder of your choice which is a perfect combo of the two. You can also avail of the free shipping for a limited time. Just visit Althea website for details.

EFFECT The skin feels smoother and no white casts detected after use. It also helps to control excess oil on the skin and it feels very light even after a long day out in the sun. The Petal Velvet Sunaway can also be used if you would like a no-makeup look as it somehow covers flaws on the skin.

Yay for me! (。◕‿  ◕。) 
  • Has high SPF
  • No white cast
  • Absorbed by the skin easily
  • Great for all skin types. 
  • Doesn't leave the skin dry.
Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • I sometimes can't take the strong scent. i'm pregnant so most mothers will know that this is part of motherhood, right? :)

Price: P480/piece - P621/set
Bought from: Althea
Size: 55 ml.

To be honest, this is not love at first sight but I liked it over time. Maybe it's just me and my pregnant mood swings at times. But overall, I would recommend this to anyone who's looking for a good sunscreen. 

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below and I would appreciate if we can exchange ideas about this. 

My Top 10 Products from Althea for Christmas

Few days before Christmas and I am still not buying any Christmas gifts for friends and families. Maybe being pregnant kept me from shopping at the mall, but I always have the option to purchase online. And it's awesome to think that I have Althea with me whenever I wanted to purchase skincare and makeup. 

Below are my to 10 finds from their website. 

I love how functional beauty products are and this in particular is what I need to save space from my beauty kit. Foundation + lip and cheek tint in one is the bomb! Who wouldn't love this! 

I love my Moonshot products and I love this product because I can use this daily. I love matte lippies but still has the moisturizing feel. 
I love my Innisfree setting powder and heard great news about their primer so this is one of my Christmas wishlist. 
If you're following me on IG, you know how much I love cream with beautiful textures and I always join #TextureTuesday post. The texture of this product is so lovely that I can't pass it off. 

Apart from skincare, one Korean product I love is cushion. Now in my pregnancy, I sometimes skip skincare but I always make it a point to hide my imperfections with the cushion. And I'm a sucker for cushions with beautiful packaging! 

 To be honest, I don't own a Laneige lippie yet, but I love their skincare line. I was so attached with the packaging of this one and that's the reason why I added it to my wishlist. 
Limited edition products tend to catch my attention because I know it might not be released again. Aside from the lovely packaging, I want to try a Laneige palette. 
limited edition cushion, need I say more? Two things I want in a product is in this release! 

I've tried this before and I want another stock with an add-on. Just the perfect Christmas gift! 

Earlier I mentioned that I love functional products and this one already has 7 prepared colors and glitters that will perfect your Christmas look. 

I have more on my list that I want to receive this Christmas. On top of these beautiful products, I also want to get shoes for myself. But of course, as a mom, m family always comes first. I wanted to get all the best for them, especially for my son. After all, this is the perfect time for giving and sharing! 

Happy Christmas! 

How To Spend Your Weekends Wisely

There are days in our lives that are really tedious, especially weekends – no work and no school. So, what do you usually do during idle times?  I bet you want to kill the boredom, more so, make the most out of your break. It can get quite mind-boggling to figure out what to do, but we’ve rounded up some ideas on how you can spend your weekend after all the seemingly unending hectic week of school or work.

Binge watch your favorite TV series
Haven’t finished that Korea drama you’re watching for two weeks? Well, weekends provide you all the time in the world to catch up and binge watch your favorite TV series. However, watching too much can cause eye strains and back pains, so don’t forget to have breaks in between.

Hold a garage sale
De-clutter your closet and earn extra cash by selling stuff you don’t use anymore. More than just an
activity to bond with your friends, you can even do it for a good cause by raising funds for a foundation.

Go to the beach
Hit the beach with your squad and try surfing or take a swimming lesson. Have fun while under the sun but don’t forget to protect your skin and even your eyes. Make sure to put on a sunscreen and bring with you a quintessential summer accessory such as polarized sunglasses.

Take driving lessons
Weekends are the perfect time to learn something new! Sign up for a driving lesson and start learning
how to drive.

Mediate yourself through yoga
Take your usual exercise routine a notch by joining a yoga class. Not just it improves your mind and
body, but it also reduces stress and increases your concentration. This workout is something new and
different but is totally worth it to try!

Learn how to cook
How many times have you promised yourself that you'll give cooking lessons a shot? There has a lot of cooking schools offering short courses for cooking, so unlock this new skill and start preparing your own meal.

Make the most of your weekend by spending it wisely and productively to feel fresh and pleasant to get back to work or school.

Go Wild with Buffalo Wild Wings

Whoever wants wings, beer and is into sports will definitely go to Buffalo Wild Wings! This is a great go-to place for dining and for watching sports – for sports enthusiasts out there. For others who just want to hang-out with his friends or with his family, this will also be a suitable place for them.

Buffalo Wild Wings is open every 11:00am to 11:00pm at Uptown Mall in Taguig City. It is big and the interior is well designed. LED televisions showing games and also Gaming Wall are apparent to the said restaurant. 

Buffalo Wild Wings offers different American dishes to its customers. Starting from appetizers to main dishes, this restaurant is a place if one wants to relax and watch an ongoing game. It has Sharables, where appetizers are presented, Wings and also the signature sauces and seasonings, Burgers and Sandwiches, Wraps and More, Local Flavors where Crispy Fried Chicken, Honey BBQ Ribs, Herbed Pork Chop and Grilled Chipotle Salmon – which is labeled as favorite on the menu – is offered, Greens for those who want salads, Kids’ Meals, some beverages and Beer – for those who want to chill. 

If you want to enjoy your day while eating and watching, then go now to Buffalo Wild Wings! 

For more info visit their website:

First Havaianas Outlet Opens in SM Pampanga

The ever-trusted footwear brand of Filipinos has finally offers its doors to Kapampangans as they recently opened their first Havaianas concept-store at SM City Pampanga. This outlet is different among 'All Flip-Flops' store as they also sell accessories and other trusty items such as purse, keychains, scarves, caps and more! 

They offer the newest collections available here and other design release for fans such as Harry Potter, Star Wars and so much more! They also have sizes perfect for toddlers and kids.

Even if the summer season is still few months away, you have every reason to grab your own pair of the brand. After all, summer wouldn't be perfect if you don't have your flip flop.

So grab your own pair now at your favorite Havaianas branch! 

Cardinal Scene Grad Squad - A Joint Project of Photographers and Student Leaders

CARDINAL SCENE, a commercial and event photography studio in Angeles City established in 2009 by Mr. Cardinal Delos Reyes recently achieved another milestone in their company - the addition of their Grad Squad. 

The company has three main areas which are the Cardinal Scene (for Studio Coverage) , CSP by Cardinal Scene (for Events Coverage, Standard Packages) and of course, the Grad Squad by Cardinal Scene (focuses mainly on graduation coverage). 

Grad Squad is a joint project of photographers and student leaders.They had their soft launch months ago doing the coverage of the graduating students. 

Last October 29, 2018 was their formal launch where they presented their newest ambassadors and ambassadress at the Lewis Grand Hotel in Angeles City. Together in the event were their former partners, the entire Cardinal Scene team and their friends and families. 

Before Grad Squad, Mr. Cardinal was used to the commercial photography setup with all the lighting and everything. Then he came to realize that graduating students also need to look good and feel good so why not offer the same quality to them in a very affordable package. 

So on the next graduation of one of your family members, or friends, recommend Grad Squad to them. Surely they would love to treasure one of the most memorable moments in their life. 

For more details, visit Cardinal Scene on their social media platforms. 


Gorda Redefines Fil-Mex Cuisine

This family-owned Fil-Mex restaurant in BGC beautifully marries Filipino and Mexican food. Its hip, plays a great selection of music and is all about serving fusion cuisine that was inspired by their mother’s homey recipes and exotic cocktails. 

As soon as you walk into Gorda, you’ll notice the exposed brick and contemporary design with high ceilings, a cantina, and the eye-catching wall art. The name literally translates to Fat Lady, which we’ll take as an indication that this is the perfect place to get stuffed. And trust me, it’s hard not to when everything from the appetizers to the desserts are loaded with flavors that are worth trying. 

The Mama’s Nachos is a popular starter that’s loaded and comes in two serving sizes. This Spiced Beef Estofado, Trio Local Keso Sauce, Ensalada, and Jalapeno Atchara combined creates a balance between the different textures that will keep you occupied as you wait for the main course. You could also opt for the Breakfast Taquito Sampler that gives your typical taquitos a Pinoy twist with Beef Tapa, Pork Tocino, and Vigan Longanisa used as fillings. 

Gorda also offers Tacos, Quesadillas, Burritos, and Fajitas, but we understand if you’re eager to get straight to the mains. If there’s anything you should order first, it should be the Pollo Inasal Skillet, a Mexican-spiced Marinated Chicken Inasal that comes with Cilantro Sinangag, Roasted Pimiento and Onion, and Homemade Crema. Another unique dish is the Pork a La Parilla that features Grilled Tender Pork Chops, Pineapple Que, and Homemade Refried Beans, with a Kapeng Barako Demi-glace. 

A definite must-visit within BGC, Gorda is located at the 2/F of Uptown Parade. 

For more info visit their website:

Review: Benton Tea Tree Mist

I am always grateful whenever I am picked in review events or whenever I got lucky in a giveaway. This time, I got the chance to review one of Benton's newest launch, their Benton Tea Tree Mist. I am really a sucker for mists so this is great because I am also almost running low on my mist stash. I read good reviews on this so let's see what are my honest thoughts on the product. 

What is it?!
Benton Tea Tree Mist is a mist that contains Tea Trea Leaf Water, Hyaluronic Acid and various botanical extracts that provide instant hydration while leaving skin refreshed and clear.  It is actually the new name from being Benton Honest Mist. It is the newest and improved version of the product. Same Formula, Larger Volume, Better Spray. 

PACKAGING - The product is in a clear and spray type bottle which releases the mist in a very crisp and fine form. 

SCENT - Unscented. I like that it was really unscented. I am actually expecting it to have like a tea tree scent but I was surprised not to smell anything at all. I kinda feel like having a bit of that scent is okay but unscented is equally okay for me. 

PRICE - The price wasn't indicated at Benton's website but there are shops like StyleKorean which price revolves around P900 for the regular price. Most of the time, it's always on sale so make sure to grab one whenever they have those promos.

EFFECT - First, I like that the bottle is easy to hold for a spritz. I am impressed by how it expels a fine mist. It didn't put too much pressure on my face and didn't feel heavy at all. There are some mists which gives off that big chunk of water in every spritz which didn't felt good. That feels like your face is being splashed with water. Benton really had a better spray on this.

Yay for me! (。◕‿  ◕。) 
  • Got it for FREE.
  • Easy to hold with one hand.
  • Travel-friendly sized but with a lot of content.
  • Has powerful ingredient in moisturizing and hydrating.
  • Excellent spray which emits fine mist 

Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • I am actually thinking what I dislike about this one but I just can't come up with any. Not much of a dislike but I think I'd like to see a miniature version of this. Like a tester perhaps.

Price: P990 @ StyleKorean
Bought from: Got it for FREE
Size: 80 ml.

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried it or planning to purchase one.

Also, let's have a healthy conversation if you also have mist in your skincare routine. What brand and how do you incorporate it. For me, I use it whenever I'm out at work or the weather was extra hot for that day or whenever I just feel like doing so. 

How about you?

Review: Maybelline Creamy Matte

I know these lippies were already released a long time ago but I only had the time to review them now. I had so many lippies and I don't want to just open new ones when I have so many pending to review. That's what happened to me, so for the longest time, I really hold back in using these. I only opened them this year and only had the time to review them now because you know, mom duty calls, as always. 

I got myself 6 of Maybelline's Creamy Matte. I originally wanted to have all nudes but I don't have much pink on my lipstick stash so I got one. 

I noticed that their nudes are the nudes I don't normally use. It looks good when swatched but some looked so different on my lips.

I randomly selected these shades from the counters because I wanted to try and review them but I didn't expected that it would take my review this long. Anyway, here are the swatches I got from that purchase. 

Daringly Nude
This shade is a mid tone taupe which has pink tones. It is patchy on my lips so I suggest you exfoliate before use or better put lip balm before.

Nude Nuance
This shade is a muted dark medium brown with slightly warm undertones. It's rich and creamy and glides easily on the lips. It has a soft velvety finish. 

Divine Wine
This is a bold and deep burgundy red which is great for parties. This can be classy but knowing my personality, I can't really pull it off. I only use this whenever I want to look strict in front of my students and to establish more of the angry-look feel.

Mesmerizing Magenta
This is a velvety pretty floral pink shade. Easy on the lips and is very pigmented. 

Nude Embrace
This one is caramel beige in color. It has the same formula with Daringly Nude which is kinda patchy for me but still blendable. Same thing. Need to put balm underneath. 

I have the clay crush which is a muted dusty peach brown  before but I gave it to my sister because she liked the shade and since I have a lot of lippies, I gave it away. 

Yay for me! (。◕‿  ◕。) 
  • Bought it on sale for P199.00.
  • Available in different shades.
  • Some shades glides easily on the lips. 
  • Maybelline lipsticks can be use for a long period of time. 

Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • There are shades that are patchy.
  • This is personal but I look pale on some.
Price: P199.00
Bought from: SM Department Store
Size: 4.2 g.

Overall, I like the Creamy Matte line of this brand. I also loved the Powder Matte line and will be posting a review also on that. Others may be patchy but it is still blendable and you can still work on it. I love the buttery-soft formula this line has. Above it all, I like that it's comfortable to wear. 

Have you tried this line? Any thoughts?

Where to Shop for the Best Deal Online?

If you are following me on Instagram, you know that I've been obsessed with shopping online. I am into skincare a lot and the more I joined this skincare community on IG, the more I wanted to shop, shop and shop. I've been hooked with shopping that I always try my best to score the cheapest deals and I always do research on where to get discount coupons so that I can shop my best. 

Recently, I discovered this online website called Sello. It is an online shopping website where you can be connected to different merchants. On the Sello marketplace, you can also discover amazing discount codes as long as you sign up your email to them. You will receive it straight to your inbox. Not only that. you will also receive related content on your email so every time that there's a new release in the market, you are updated with everything. 

Some of the best internet deals at Sello is that you never pay full price again. Since there are a lot of stores and retailers, you have the access to hundreds of online coupon that can help you save. You can definitely score the hottest and the best deal to a product that you really love. 

The options are endless. Be a wise shopper and consumer at this time and age. Gone were the days that you pay the whole amount to a product. There were lots of deals on the market already, especially online. Just like what I normally do when I purchase or shop online. I make sure that I can score the best deals on whatever product I am loving. 

So if I were you, I would not miss the opportunity to be part of Sello. You can find the best and greatest deal here. Just leave your email at their site and be prepared to love shopping online. 

Review: Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Cleansing the face is not a tedious task, but it becomes one when you are so tired and would just want to sleep already after a long day's work. Just like what always happens to me. Every. Single. Day. 

Being a full time working mom, I'm making sure I'm still hands-on with my son and the household. I even make sure that I still do my advocacies. I also blog whenever I can and do reviews which I am most fond of. So to rescue me with the hectic schedule of life, I have Garnier's Micellar Cleansing Water to help me on my most "lazy" days. 

PACKAGING- It's in a pink packaging and the product inside is transparent. The label claims that this product doesn't have perfume and suitable for sensitive skin. It is tightly covered and the hole where the product is dispensed is just right so everything about the packaging is okay. 

SCENT - This has no scent at all. It's just like you are using water on the face. Not even a hint of an alcohol-smell. 

PRICE - Bought this at Robinsons Dept. Store for P149.00. Sometimes this go on sale online like on Shopee and Lazada so better score those deals.

EFFECT - This cleanses the face really well. It removes stubborn makeup and deep seated dirt on the face. Even my waterproof eyeliner got no power over this.

Yay for me! (。◕‿  ◕。) 
  • No strong scent. 
  • Removes waterproof makeup easily. 
  • Great for sensitive skin. 
  • Doesn't leave the skin dry.
Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • None that I can think of. 

Price: P149.00
Bought from: Robinsons Department Store
Size: 125 ml.

Overall, I like this cleanser because this is my go-to product whenever I wanted to cleanse my face and I don't like to use oil. I often do double cleansing but in times that I feel soooo terribly tired, this is what I use. It feels great on my skin because it didn't make my skin dry.

Have you tried the same product? What's your impression on it? Share your thoughts on the comment box below. STAY BEAUTIFUL! Xoxo 💓

Review: Vue De Pulang Blur Stick

I am here to review a new product in the skincare community which was released recently at the Jolse's website. I got lucky again as I entered their giveaway where I won This Vue De Pulang Blur Stick.

Review: Half Moon Eyes in Pink Fruity

After a long time, I finally sat down and currently writing this review of another product. I do not know how long I have this with me which I got as a freebie after purchasing from Althea using my coupon points long time ago. I love that store so much because I usually get my Korean beauty stuff there. They have very affordable products and they even offer free shipping at a certain amount. All items are from Korea so the shipping is already a good deal! They also have amazing freebies and huge discounts.  What I miss on the site though were their Althea boxes. They discontinued it already and everyone's missing it.

So today, let's talk about this product called Half Moon Eyes in Pink Fruity. If you're following me on Instagram, you already know how I am obsessed with sheet masks. Despite that, I still try different kinds of masks. As I clean my skincare stash, I found this and opened it.

PACKAGING - I like the cutesy packaging of this product. The combination of yellow-green and pink hues is already an eye-catcher. This kind of product is also something that's new to me. A mask in a tiny container. At first I thought, it would be finished in one-time use but I happened to use it twice.

SCENT - I was waiting for that dragonfruit smell but nah, it didn't happened. But there's a slight perfume scent to it which is not too overpowering so it's okay.

PRICE  - Since this is a freebie, I got no idea how much this cost but upon checking on other reviews on this product, random answers were in between P100-200 or roughly $2-4. If that's the case, I think it's a little costly knowing that I will only use it once (if you have bigger face) or twice. No, don't start me with the pricing of my sheet masks hahaha. 😜

TEXTURE - Upon observation, there are those teeny, tiny particles inside the produce and I think it's like the dragonfruit seeds. But the texture is smooth. You will almost not feel the seeds.

EFFECT - I spent 20 minutes of it on my face and it's easily removed. There's a brightening effect after wash. No visible effect on the pores though. I think this product is all for brightening.

Yay for me! (。◕‿  ◕。) 
  • Got it for FREE! 
  • Gives a brightening effect.
  • Perfect for traveling. 

Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • Unhygienic because no included spatula. You may opt to use if you have one. 
  • If you will use it the 2nd or 3rd time, it turns slightly rock-hard so putting a little water would soften it up. I find this a little hassle though.
  • A little drying after use so follow-up with moisturizer.
  • Maybe this is just me, but I noticed whiteheads suddenly showed up. So not recommended to use before you go out. I made a wrong move. I actually used this one morning before I went out. Good thing my other skin care essentials saved me.

Price: FREE
Bought from: Althea
Size: 35 ml.

So if I will be brutally honest, I do not like it. I thought it will make my skin ready but it did not. It made the matter worse which is sad. Anyway, if it's for brightening, then I'll give it some plus points. 

Have you tried this particular product? Any thoughts to share? 

Review: Benton Snail Bee Ultimate Serum

Benton recently released their newest product, the Benton's Snail Bee Ultimate Serum which is a multitasking serum enriched with Saccharomyces/Snail Secretion Filtrate Ferment Filtrate, Bee Venom, and Tea Tree Leaf Water. This serum helps to nourish, soothe, and keep skin supple than ever.

I am blessed to be one of the few who received this for free in exchange of an honest review. Just in time because I just recently finished my previous serum.

PACKAGING - This product is beautifully contained in a dropper bottle that is easy to handle and the dropper enables hygienic use. The dropper itself isn't really hard to get and dispense product which is a thumbs up.

SCENT - There isn't any particular scent. I actually thought it was gearing towards coconut but it isn't. Totally mild to no scent at all.

PRICE - This is originally priced at 23USD in Style Korean but they recently had Benton's anniversary so it was on sale for only 7.77USD so I had some panic-buying the last minute. I already include it now in my routine. I need to stock because it was so good. Though a little goes a long way for this and I think my current bottle can still last me 2-3 months. 

EFFECT - This Snail Bee Ultimate Serum is made of Saccharomyces/Snail Secretion Filtrate Ferment Filtrate (70%) as a base. Saccharomyces/Snail Secretion Filtrate Ferment Filtrate is obtained by filtering fermented Snail Secretion Filtrate, which has been fermented by yeast derived from grapes. Bee venom in the serum helps to soothe blemishes. The serum is designed to protect skin and add suppleness to skin while helping to clear skin blemishes. Also, the Tea Tree Leaf Water and Camellia Sinensis Leaf Water (green tea leaf water) relieve the skin stress and help with blemishes.
What I like about this is that the formula spreads and absorbs by the skin well. Only a tiny drop goes a long way. It also has natural healthy ingredients and it helps with whitening and anti-aging.

It is also suitable for all skin types. The dropper bottle enables hygienic use. It is also free of fragrance, volatile alcohol, and PEGs. It is mild on the skin, and has a slightly acidic pH of 5.5,which is similar to healthy skin’s pH.
Yay for me! (。◕‿  ◕。) 
  • Got it for FREE! Thanks Benton Cosmetic.
  • Gives instant hydration.
  • It has natural healthy ingredients.
  • It also has dual functionality, brightening and wrinkle care.
  • Small amount can cover broad skin area.
  • Absorbs well by the skin.
Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • For me, it would be a little expensive with the original price but it really does it job so I think splurging in this would still be great! (Just need to check on promos and sales once in a while)
Price: FREE
Bought from: Benton Cosmetics
Size: 35 ml.

To be honest, I'm not putting good words on this because I received it free, but I really am serious that this is one of the best serum I have tried. You can get yourself and be your own judge.