Back To School Skincare Essentials

Vacation just passed by easily here in PH and June is already near and so it is back to school time once again! Students will be cramming with deadlines and will once again work hard to top their exams and school activities. Mommies will surely be busy as well. They will be waking up early to prepare their child/ren for school. It is another stressful time it is. To be prepared with that, here are some products at Wishtrend which you can use to prep your skin before the school year start. 

Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner
Super love this product. It is easily absorbed by the skin and I got the glow that I want when I used this. 

Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream
Perfect to use for night time when you want your skin to take some rest and be repaired from the harsh elements of the environment. 
Aloe Soothing Sun Cream
It is always a must to use sun cream, especially now that the heat in the country is killing us. Make sure you ar protected with high SPF. 

Acne Pimple Master Patch
I am currently drafting a post for this. This works like magic. It easily helps diminish obvious-looking acne or pimple just after use. Totally recommending this to everyone! 

What's great with the products mentioned is that these are cruelty-free products which is totally safe for the skin. You will also not feel guilty in using these because you know that these brands really care about their environment. 

Speaking of cruelty-free products, this week is Cruelty-Free Brand Week and Wishtrend has a lot of cruelty-free brands you can choose from. Not only they care about your skin, they care about the animals and the environment too!

Even if you are a student, or a mommy, taking care of our skin is a must. Whatever we do with it, will reflect in the future. And if we also care for our future, let's support cruelty-free products from Wishtrend

Choosing the best hybrid bike and accessories

Lately, we have heard so much about hybrid cars and hybrid bikes. So, what is a hybrid bike? A hybrid bike is a combination of the best of both the standard road bike and the mountain bike to create a hybrid bike to handle all terrain surfaces.

Features of a hybrid bike:
  • It has tyres that are wider than a standard road bike and narrower than a mountain bike.
  • The handlebars are flat and the rider sitting position is more relaxed with straight back.
  • It has disc brakes that enable quicker stopping. 
  • It has eyelets for pannier racks and mud guards.
Choosing a hybrid bike depends on how well it copes with uneven off road terrains or how fast it will ride on the smooth tarmac. If you are mainly using the bike for your everyday use plus the occasional recreational rides on weekends and holidays, then a hybrid bike will be the best option.

Some tips on choosing the best hybrid bikes and what to look for:

  • The bike should be light weight, fast, and sporty.
  • The sitting position should be relaxed and almost upright position. The sitting position should be nice and comfortable without putting any strain on the rider’s neck and shoulders.
  • The flat handlebars will provide a more upright riding position.
  • The brakes are able to handle all terrain riding.
  • The tyres vary between 28 mm and 42 mm to enable better grip when the roads are wet and provide more comfortable rides over rough surfaces.

You can choose to check out the hybrid bikes at your local bike shop or online where you can enjoy better discounts for older models during their sales. There are also hybrid bikes designed for women which are smaller in size compared to the unisex versions. Women’s bikes will have narrower handlebars to accommodate women’s narrower shoulders.

The choice of your bike type will depends on the type of rides you will be making. If you are planning some leisurely weekend rides, the occasional rides in the parks and picnics with friends, running of errands or commuting to and from work, then a hybrid bike will be the best choice.

Besides the hybrid bikes, there are also cruiser bikes which have a vintage appeal for more comfortable rides. Whatever your choice, you might want to add extra features to your new bike such as cruiser bike accessories, plus other add-ons to better equip your bike for all types of rides on all types of terrains. Accessories such as racks, fenders, lights, bells, kickstands, and even riding apparel such as reflective pants and jackets will add convenience and safety to your rides.

How Does Say It With A Sock's Affiliate Program Work?

Everyone should have warm socks on his or her feet, and even better if they are fun, colorful socks in bold patterns and graphics. That is the belief of Say It With A Sock, which offers monthly club sock programs for sock aficionados and other sock fans. The company’s affiliate program seeks to partner with groups, bloggers, social media mavens and others who share this goal. 
How It Works

The basics of the affiliate program are simple and straightforward. The essentials include five simple features:

1.     It’s free to join
2.     Members will be compensated
3.     Members earn $5 a referral
4.     Signup is easy on the affiliate page
5.     Approval is required

Once you are approved you will be contacted and given more details about the program. You will be part of the mission to make sure all people have nice socks to keep feet warm and cozy. The radical idea is that everyone in the word deserves a good pair of socks.

A Social Conscious

Because socks are the most requested item from the homeless community, the affiliate program is important in meeting this need. It just one of several programs that Say It With A Sock is involved with to help those who have unmet clothing issues. Participants in the monthly club sock program are encouraged to donate their unwanted or unused socks to a homeless shelter.

The company also partners with Lava Mae, a nonprofit practitioner of radical hospitality that delivers mobile showers and other essentials to the homeless. New socks and clean showers make for a better world.

A Sock Movement

The monthly sock box program is a great way to get good-looking, stylish socks on the feet of the billions of    people on the planet. Sign up on the Say It With A Sock Home Page to send or receive a unique pair of socks at an affordable price.

My Nailaholics Pampering Sesh

Pampering is one of my favorite things to do if I have spare time for myself or if I just wanted to make use of my free time. That was me before I became a mom. Now, pampering is the last on my list when it comes to spending for myself because often times, I put my baby and husband's' needs first before me. My spare time from work is also dedicated to my baby. Even now that it's vacation time at work (since I'm a teacher), this time also belongs to my baby and my baby alone. We don't have any helper and my MIL is on a vacation so I am all alone with my little one. That's why right now, no vacation goals for me yet  but that's okay. I wouldn't want it the other way!

Last weekend though, I was able to leave my baby to my elder sister who's always able to pacify him whenever I'm not around. She loves him so much that I am really comfortable of leaving baby to her. I can actually attend to my blog events during the weekend because she always permits me and she loves spending time with my baby. That's why I was so thankful to my sister because she makes everything easier for me. That's why I took advantage of the time to pamper myself.

I have a Nailaholics GC that was about to expire on the 30th and I had my service on the 29th. You see now how busy I am. I had the GC almost a year.

Anyway, i called Nailaholics to booked a schedule but to no avail. Perhaps their number was different now or maybe it was down. Despite that, I rushed over to see if I can book their through walk-in. They happily serviced me and offered me their Lush Lagoon service which is almost close to the amount of the GC. It includes a foot spa, foot massage, manicure ad pedicure.

I honestly love the experience because I was able to sleep for a good couple of minutes during the massage. I was a little disappointed however on the nail polish because the morning of the next day, it was already chipping. The stuff used Color Club on me. Even so, the whole service was incredible.

The Worst Advice to Give Someone Traveling to Singapore

According to reports released by the Singapore’s immigration department, people are coming here in large numbers either seeking employment, business opportunities or as tourists. While in Singapore, visitors are expected to mingle with the locals at different levels. If you are planning to travel here, a singapore consultancy firm will come in handy in processing your travel documents and giving some guidelines. They will also tell you to be cautious of getting bad advice from people and some websites. Just to be on the safe side, we have highlighted the worst advice to receive.

Not to Bring Jackets and Coats Because Singapore Is Always Hot

Yes, it is true that Singapore has hot and humid weather. However, you will quickly notice that all premises use strong air conditioners to lower the temperature. Imagine being in a vast shopping mall with freezing temperatures everywhere you turn. Most foreigners will find themselves cold with ease especially since they are not used to these temperatures. Bring a jacket or a coat to combat this.

Wildlife Is Only Enjoyed During the Night Safari or at the Zoo

Out of all the Asian states, Singapore is number one in urbanization. This has forced the state to try and protect some wildlife in zoos and man-made parks. But, this does not mean that you will not enjoy flora and fauna in their natural habitat. You can visit any of the nature reserves in different parts of Singapore and enjoy interacting with wildlife. All you need is some research to know the one that is best for your interests.

Add the Word ‘’Lah’’ to Every English Sentence

While in Singapore, you will realize that the locals have their Singlish pidgin. Notably, they use the word ‘’lah’’ at the end of every sentence. But, do not be mistaken that the same thing is always meant. A simple change of the stress in the word will mean something different. It is, therefore, not advisable to pick the word and place it on every occasion without knowing the meaning when you speak. Take your time to learn!

Stay Indoors to Avoid Heat and Humidity

Even though staying indoors will keep you cool and fresh, the outdoors in Singapore has more to offer than you can imagine. You are only denying yourself the opportunity to experience street food and souvenirs if not the vast malls and shopping complexes. Singapore also offers a great experience if you visit the beach or the Marina Bay area. This is not to mention the theme parks and the Universal Studios for kids. If you do not mind sweating under the heat and humidity, these are just a few of the things you will enjoy.

Orchard Road Is the Best Shopping Area

If you are departing from any part of the globe, you will probably see information about this tourist shopping area. However, this is not the only shopping haven you will enjoy while in Singapore. You need to explore Chinatown, Little India, Bugis Street and other shopping areas. They have a variety of goods and service, which you will definitely enjoy.

With the above information, you already know what not to believe. Even when people tell you some of these things, you already have an answer for them.

Pamper this Summer with Skin Reveae

Summer is one of the most favorite season here in the country as it is the time for vacation of most students and the perfect weather for beach trippin'. However, summer is also the time that we stress our skin a lot because of its exposure to sun's rays, making it dull and dry. 

Good thing, pampering our skin is just one visit away to our favorite skincare clinic. Just like what we did when we visited Skin Reveae at Vista Mall, Pampanga. 

My skin surely needs a lot of pampering so to deeply cleanse it, I paid them a visit. Skin Reveae gave me a deep cleansing facial with a diamond peel and PDT mask. Their facial was very thorough compared to other facials I tried on other salon. I feel that my skin was deeply cleansed and dead skin cells were removed. Their diamond peel makes my skin glows and smooth. 

PDT mask session for me is always love. I am addicted to mask for the fact that I like the feeling that some pampering product or equipment is on top of my skin. That;s why this is my fave part in any cleansing treatment ritual. I chose the anti-aging for this session because I noticed fine lines already near my mouth. 

The whole experience was great. I felt that they are really taking care of my skin, not because of the fee but because they are really concern on  the areas that I want to improve on my skin. They have different services in the clinic so you should pay them a visit. 

Their location is on the 3rd floor of Vista Mall, Pampanga.  

Review: Althea Bare Essentials

More than a month ago, I received Althea's newest product line which made a noise in the beauty industry. It is their newest skincare line which is called Bare Essentials. They break down the long Korean skincare method into three easy steps. It includes a contour cleanser, primer water and a fixer cream. 

CONTOUR CLEANSER - This cleanser lathers up in a rich and creamy foam. It has micro beads that effectively removes dead skin cells. It's acting like an exfoliate and cleanser in one. I feel that there's a slight cooling sensation while continuously cleansing the face. I like the beads effect because after the process, I feel like my face was squeaky clean but not drying.

PRIMER WATER - I like how lightweight this primer. It is easily absorbed by the skin. I also like this line's scent because it is not too overpowering. It has a very mild, soft scent that you wouldn't notice. 

FIXER CREAM - It is a water-based-like cream which is very light on the skin. I was amazed how lightly it was when applied but sadly, there's just no applicator for hygienic purposes but I already got a lot of spatulas so it's okay. I like how it makes my skin plump and hydrated all throughout the day. 

I think this is perfect for everyone or for those who are really rushing their time doing skincare. Actually, I am using this set this summer because aside that its lightweight which is easy on the summer skin, I am also very busy with my baby because most of the time, I am left with my baby and we are just playing and bonding all the time.

So if you're looking for the best skincare this summer yet in a very affordable price, you might wanna try this set. I swear you will like it! 

March - April 2018 Collective Haul

I do not know what had happened to me lately but I just recently realized that I was so bombarded blessed with so many products these past two months. I think it is because of the beauty workshops I have attended and my other self who's obsessing with online shopping to compensate for my lost of "me" time.  The end of the school year might be a factor also because I have lesser things in my hands, meaning my focus now is on my products and not at work. Teachers deserve some pampering too, didn't we? :) 

I need to stop shelling off my moolah on products and focus on my own clothes and shoes next. Don't get me wrong, I save for my son and the biggest portion of my earnings aside from keeping something for the house and savings is for him, for the family. But support me when there's this need that I can't resist. (Me babbling while contemplating on the next upcoming workshop) Huhuhu

So below are a lot of stuff for two months. Products were placed randomly on this post and aren't arranged according to the date of purchase nor type of products. Please don't judge me after reading this, Hahaha.

Project Vanity Kit
Love this pink bag I got from Project Vanity and all the contents inside. 

Shawill Makeup
I saw from a beauty group that this brand was on tremendous sale and I thought of getting some for myself. This is my first of the brand though. But I decided to hold an IG giveaway for this. Hopefully I can post it tomorrow. 

Random Miniso Haul
Whenever I enter the store, I always have something when I go out even if I didn't need it much. This is the example of it. Haha. 

Suzanne's Emporium
I kind of forced myself to purchase here because I have a pending order which wasn't shipped way back which is the lipstick organizer. I just feel that I needed it already because I was organizing our room that time. So in order to get it, I got some items to add to the order. 

Laptop Cleaner
My laptop needs badly cleaning. Good thing I got this from CD-R King for P70 or P80 I think. 

This is a gift from my student teacher. Thanks Kim!

I heard good news about this and I wanted to try them. As far as I know, I remember Kris A. endorsing this. 

Lootbag from Womenwill
This and the other photos are all loots from our event Womenwill. We've got a lot of remaining goodies so we had some to keep. 

Human Heart Nature Products
When baby got hospitalized, it was very traumatizing for me and I became paranoid. Once we went out, we immediately passed by Human Heart Nature store to purchase these. I need to stock on more repellent for my little one. 

Watsons Haul
I needed a new color and I planned on DIYing mine so got these from Watsons. I also added some masks in between. 

Saeliyuri Haul
The obssessive in me strikes again. I think I need to unfollow all beauty groups 'cause they're the one at fault at this. Hahaha. Got these loot from a beauty group and since marketing game is strong, I wanted to try all of this. 

Sample Room Haul
It's summer and of course, I need these! The wipes is for baby. 

More masks from Watsons
I've been obsessing in collecting masks lately. Admittedly though, I wasn't able to religiously follow the daily application of even 3-4x a week because of mommy duties. Most of the times, I doze off with baby while he's nursing so no choice. Ahaha.

Bambini Colognes
I attended the Bambini launch when I went in Manila last time. It is the event in the morning before I went to Project Vanity's 10th anniversary! Got all their cologne variants. All of these smells nice! 

Happy Days Box
If you're a woman, you know! PMS is not easy and it's making our red days horrible. So to ease that, there's Happy days Box that you can try. They will surprise you with different stuff that will make you happy. 

Althea Bare Essentials
Althea sent me their newest products to date. This simplifies my skin care routine in 3 steps only. Review on the blog soon.

Baby's Summer Essentials
I bought my little one some clothes for summer. These are cute so I think he'll like these. I also bought him shoes but forgot to take a photo of it because he used it right away the moment we paid for it. 

Random Buy
Shorts for hot days. 

Tiny Buds Haul
I won 1k GC from them and these were the products I bought from the site. 

If there is one product that i use for my underarms, it would be this. I only ordered them online so I am hauling around 3-4 pieces which will last us for 4-6 months. 

More Masks from Watsons
Saw these cute Pororo characters so I thought of impulsively buying them again. 

My blogger friend Arms gave me these for she got these in an event where she attended. 

Althea Masks
My sister ordered something from Althea and I thought of buying something also. Of course, it would be masks again! 

Shoes from Payless
They had sale last time so I got these shoes and that one for baby which I forgot to shoot. 

These are what's inside the GCDC loot I received last time I attended their event. Since I was busy with baby, I forgot to purchase more CDs on the venue. Yes! I am cloth diapering my baby now. 

My latest Sample Room haul. I am so curious with the limited edition Creamsilk. Lovin' the Belo products too! I am really a Belo fan! 

Sample Room Gift
I am Sample Room's Roommate of the Month for March. As a treat, they sent me these. Thank you SR for the gift and for ackowledging me. 

To be honest, I got more products for the month but I always forget taking photos of them. I feel that I have a lot in here but actually, it looks like there were plenty of masks. Haha. Anyway, items here were gift, PR kits, loots and random stuff I buy with my own money. I control my money though. I buy products on sale or those very affordable one. The short is just P99. I also had a dress bought which is not in photo for only P99 too and it looked great. I am saving now for I have a plan of opening insurances and investments soon. Hoping I can do it before the new school year opens again. Wish me luck!

Again, I want to extend my gratitude to those people who keep on sending me PR kits, despite not being active on the blog lately. You know, mommy matters. You can follow me on IG instead @thecuteanddainty. :)

Have a great week everyone! Cheers!