My Top 10 Products from Althea for Christmas

Few days before Christmas and I am still not buying any Christmas gifts for friends and families. Maybe being pregnant kept me from shopping at the mall, but I always have the option to purchase online. And it's awesome to think that I have Althea with me whenever I wanted to purchase skincare and makeup. 

Below are my to 10 finds from their website. 

I love how functional beauty products are and this in particular is what I need to save space from my beauty kit. Foundation + lip and cheek tint in one is the bomb! Who wouldn't love this! 

I love my Moonshot products and I love this product because I can use this daily. I love matte lippies but still has the moisturizing feel. 
I love my Innisfree setting powder and heard great news about their primer so this is one of my Christmas wishlist. 
If you're following me on IG, you know how much I love cream with beautiful textures and I always join #TextureTuesday post. The texture of this product is so lovely that I can't pass it off. 

Apart from skincare, one Korean product I love is cushion. Now in my pregnancy, I sometimes skip skincare but I always make it a point to hide my imperfections with the cushion. And I'm a sucker for cushions with beautiful packaging! 

 To be honest, I don't own a Laneige lippie yet, but I love their skincare line. I was so attached with the packaging of this one and that's the reason why I added it to my wishlist. 
Limited edition products tend to catch my attention because I know it might not be released again. Aside from the lovely packaging, I want to try a Laneige palette. 
limited edition cushion, need I say more? Two things I want in a product is in this release! 

I've tried this before and I want another stock with an add-on. Just the perfect Christmas gift! 

Earlier I mentioned that I love functional products and this one already has 7 prepared colors and glitters that will perfect your Christmas look. 

I have more on my list that I want to receive this Christmas. On top of these beautiful products, I also want to get shoes for myself. But of course, as a mom, m family always comes first. I wanted to get all the best for them, especially for my son. After all, this is the perfect time for giving and sharing! 

Happy Christmas! 

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