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November & December Collective Haul

Being a new mom took over my social and blogging life, making it harder for me to create blog post. Good thing I am now practicing some time management skills which got me some spare time from work and mommy duties. 

I know it's been long since I last created a blog post. I miss writing and sharing my thoughts but I just couldn't write even though I would want to because every time I open the computer, the baby cries or just needs attention. I always give in! Recently, I've practiced some techniques to handle those  kind of situation. Hopefully I can master it and go back to regular blogging again. Anyway, my hauls for November and December is currently waiting to be published, I took photos of everything I got during those months. From baby stuff to beauty products both purchased and sponsored, let me share with you my two months worth of hauls. 

Maybelline Haul
I just couldn't miss sale items. I know I don't need a lot of lipsticks but holy moly, I've been in the hoarding bandwagon recently. I need help on this matter! 

Nails and Mascara Maybelline Haul
I didn't have too much time for Manicure Monday and I also skipped painting my nails because of pregnancy. Hope to be back in the game and getting ready for it. 

Sampleroom Haul
My (not-so) latest haul from Sampleroom. I totally forgot ordering from them already.

Matte in Detail Haul
I shouldn't have asked the staff in Cosmetix Unlimited for the available shades of their lippies when I was walking in Robinsons Starmills a month ago. I got tempted to buy! They're on BOGO for 225 that time and I can't help but get some. Swatches and review soon!

Skincare Haul
Another impulsive skincare buy. I saw this in a beauty group that promises better skin. Everything I bought here was buy 1 take 1 so I couldn't resist. I need to heal my skin's issues post-pregnancy. 

More Skincare Haul
Another impulsive skincare buy from Dara Beauty Market. Great thing they have Paypal for payment options. I got the Beauty Water for my sister last Christmas. Their products are way cheaper than other online shops. Plus, they're super legit. 

Christmas gift from my sister. I actually asked for this! Thanks a bunch eonnie! Lovelots <3

Eye Cream and Masks 
I requested skincare from my sister and she gave me this for Christmas. Thankieee! Lovelots <3

Nursing Blouses and Pants
I need nursing clothes in my life right now because I am exclusively breastfeeding my little boy. Sad to discover I didn't fit all the blouses. Been thinking of selling them and will just buy another set. Bought the pants from the GC I got from Marquee Mall's event. They're in 50% off. From 1500 to you know. Steal! :)

I've been looking for decent nosetrips to combat my whiteheads and blackheads and can't find any like my favorite. I hope this will work as to how I expect it. Will be trying and reviewing it soon! 

SOPHIE Paper Mask
This was given to me by my co-teacher and I am yet to try it. I found that it's quite expensive than those masks I've tried. Let's see if the price is worth it. 

Baptismal Clothes
Little Railey boy got baptized on the first Sunday of December and I bought this clothes two days before his baptismal day. Good thing Little Blessings at SM Department Store has a wide range of baptismal clothes for baby.

A pouch from Thailand which my sister's friend got. Currently using it as my cellphone bag. 

Baby Clothes
Clothes from my sister for baby. Pambahay blues! So comfy. :)

More Baby Clothes
Mixed gifts for baby. 

... and more baby clothes
Some clothes that mimic his dad's profession given to him by his ninang. 

Got these from our year-ender party. Sad I can't use them since I have a short bob now. 

Bath Towel
Also from our year-end party. 

If you noticed, I got more beauty products again. As I said, I am having this dilemma about hoarding. I just can't help myself. I think this is some kind of disease that needs help. Haha.. However, I got more baby stuff than beauty stuff. I just forgot to photograph my baby's stuff because I usually use them immediately the moment I got them. 

For this month of January, I have great beauty haul again. I think I need to challenge myself to a No-Spend Challenge on the month of February. I need to do it! I need to succeed! (Oh wait, is that on sale?) Haha.. 

Well, I'll update you if I can make it. I am actually saving for something big and the challenge will really help me a lot. I hope people around me will be very supportive. Let's cross fingers on this. 

Will update you on my Jnuary haul next week. Yup, there are a lot of stuff there. Let's start with Feb, ayt?! :)