Quick Relief from Opiate Withdrawal

Nowadays, taking medicines have been easier for people if they are experiencing pain and want to alleviate it. Over the counter drugs are easily accessible just around the corner. Because of the easy access, people sometimes tend to just take whatever they think they need that will suffice them. There are also those who needs more resistant and needs to have more dosage than prescribed. This act may lead to addiction and eventually overdose which can cause more damage in their health. 

Now, Science shows that Elimidrol which is a scientifically formulated detox support supplement provides people with the strength and comfort to successfully overcome opiate withdrawal by alleviating the intense mental and physical discomfort during the entire process. This was designed for effectiveness and simplicity to make this process as easy as possible while alleviating the negative symptoms and promoting a positive mood.

This product is guaranteed to work  This product has gotten several reviews that it's rated as the #1 Opiate Withdrawal Supplement. You can visit their site and check some of the people who attested it's effectivity! 
Thank you Elimidrol! I was in the worst possible place and was taking over 10 pills a day with no end in sight. I worried every day that I was stuck here and would never know what it felt like to live again.
Elimidrol changed that. It worked so well that I’m now off them and proud of where my life is today.
-Samantha from New York

It also claims as non-addictive and non-habit forming. Elimidrol provides a one-of-a-kind effectiveness and potency that is unmatched by any product in the industry. 

It comes in both daytime and nighttime formulas, to provide 24 hour relief. Reviews so far are overwhelmingly positive, with many people reporting that this was the one product that finally worked for them.

Elimidrol also have a money-back guarantee so you are assured that if didn't worked out for yo, you can just return it back. Don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself why Elimidrol is rated #1 and get the relief you need for a successful recovery—from the first dose! 

Try now and see for yourself! Cheers! :)

Workout to Work and Win a GoPro Hero 4!

Commuting daily has been my everyday way going to work. I'm lucky enough that sometimes my fiance would send me to the office and pick me up as well. Most of the time though, I commute. It would be nice though if the place where I work was just near or if I can travel with just a bicycle. Apparently not. 

Vehicles sure are pretty convenient but driving for long hours, especially with a heavy traffic on your way to work is more of a hassle than a convenience. Not only that, the extra time you exert in commuting and waiting in vain because of the heavy traffic can be surely exhausting. So when arriving home after a long day, the last thing you might want to do is to get back outside and squeeze a workout. That can be surely tiring! 

So what if we combine your daily commute in your workout? 

Paragon Sports who is a well-known online shop for being the front-runner for sports equipment and clothing is currently having a Workout-to-Work Contest and challenging you to #workouttowork! They are also an innovator in the sporting goods industry since 1908.

For this contest, they are giving their readers a chance to win the newest, smallest, and lightest GoPro Hero4 Session!

Here's what you need to do:
  • Just snap or upload a picture of your commute on Instagram or Twitter with #workouttowork and tag @paragonsports
  • Write a brief description of your commute.
  • Paragon Sports will select the top 5 favorites and post them on their Facebook voting page.
  • Voters decide who will take home the newest, smallest and lightest GoPro Hero4 Session
  • So start your #workouttowork today and enter your chance to win the newest GoPro! Paragon Sports is taking submissions now until July 31st. Good luck!
So what are you waiting for? Join now and snag that GoPro and  take it away! I will also try my best if I can #workouttowork even with my teacher uniform on. I think that will be cool. Extra cool! Haha. 

Tag your relatives and friends to join the giveaway! Cheers. Goodluck! XOXO ♥

Review: Cow Beauty Soap

Did the title caught your attention? Sounds interesting right? I'm more familiar with goat's milk on body scrubs and creams and even on bar soap but not cows! What's the difference? Check it out! 

I recently saw an ad from my friend Marce Ynez who owns the online shop Dress Icon. She sells authentic cosmetics there and a lot of different items so please go over to her shop and check her out. When  I saw on one of her post that she's promoting this Cow Soap, this immediately grabbed my attention and made me order 3 pieces of this together with other items I am eyeing that time! I'll be reviewing some of her products that I've been using recently and loving as of the moment. 

This cow soap is just an ordinary bar soap. However, since it's cow's milk, I supposed it would be related to milk and I love milk products. They're just totally great on the skin. Since this is a Japan product, the box container was full of Japanese characters which I don't understand. That didn't stop me from getting a box. I remember seeing this brand of soap at Zalora before and I've been reading at some sites that this is the most sought bar soap in Japan. What's not to try! 

Upon opening the package, it revealed a white bar soap in a plastic that states COW. I have related that cows are into milks and perhaps this soap is into milk as well. As I've mentioned, milks are just waaay better for the skin. It just makes the skin so soft, smooth, clean and all that jazz! 

I love that a little swipe of this on the hand lathers really well. It's so nice and white and soft that you would want to repeat the entire process again and again. It doesn't give a super smooth after-bath feel like what Dove does on your skin. Not that level. It only just cleanse the skin to the next level and just gives a pretty amount of bubbles. The scent also gives a nice jasmine vibe as well. 

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。)  
  • A little swipe will lathers so well.
  • Makes the skin soft and smooth and clean after using. 
Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • I actually thought it will be at par with Dove when it comes to smoothness but it wasn't.
  • I want it to have longer moisturizing effect.
  •  Not much of a fan of the scent. 
Price: P200 (3 cow soap in one big box)
Bought from:  Dress Icon
 Size: 1 bar (Not sure of the size since it's written in Jap characters.)

Overall, it didn't give any drastic change on my skin but it really does moisturizes and softens the skin after using it! I think I need to try the one in red after this since I have 2 blues and 1 red. The red has a red rose fragrance. I hope it will have great results too! :) 

Repurchase? Hmmm, maybe! Still undecided. There are still a lot of different brands out there to discover which might be 'the one'. Haha. Anyway, you can purchase this one and try it yourself and be the judge. Remember, some things may not work for me but it might work for you. Cheers! XOXO ♥

Manicure Monday: Perfect Plum

Finally! Finally! Finally! My long awaited Manicure Monday posts is finally back on track. I've been MIA with my Monday concept because I'm battling with nail breakage which was just so hateful to death! I felt that I forgot to take care of myself, especially with my nails which were affected the most because I was too stressed the past few weeks. It can sense stress and it broke down! T_T

Now that I'm going back with my series of NOTDs (orshould I say NOTW), I've decided to polish it with one color only. I actually wanted to go all out and create nail art but I feel that it will give too much stress on my nails as early as now. It was just recently healed so I can't just do it.. That would mean mixing different chemicals on my nails and I want my nails to relax for a while before going out on a big show. Haha. So there, I've painted it with Perfect Plum from L.A. Colors which I got from my previous Zalora haul. 

I've been a fan of L.A. Colors when I first used them. I have actually bought my first few bottles of this brand from a friend's shop long before which is quite expensive than the price at Zalora. Trying it once again made me reallize how nice the brush is and how delicate it coats the nail bed. It's way affordable than the high-end brands but it gives much better result. This also doesn't chip off easily. I'm thinking of hoarding this brand at Zalora soon. 

Currently, I just have so little time in my hands that even painting my own nails requires sacrifices. I hope I can manage my time to work more on other things apart from the important ones. Tight schedule shouldn't be a hindrance when I really want to learn different things. For an instance, this nail art thingy. I have always promised myself to start practicing on nail arts and other designs but I always found myself reasoning the lack of time. I should need to change that way of thinking. I want to learn more things and I don't want to waste time so I need to achieve those goals soon. Hope you will support me all the way!

Watch out for a nail art soon! I'm claiming it! XOXO ♥

Review: The Face Shop Nature Mask in Kelp

It's been a while since I last reviewed some mask because I've been using the same variant which I have reviewed somewhere here. I got a lot of the honey variant mask which is what I've used up on my last mask post. I also have used Green Tea, Pomegranate among others lately. Luckily this time, I pulled out a new mask from the shelf which is Kelp.

Since it's my first time to use it, I immediately grabbed my camera and clicked away. Haha. 

I like the scent of this mask. I feel like it gives an aloe vera vibe in it. It doesn't give much essence though compare to other variants like pomegranate but it sure has it's ups. The scent is nice but I smelled the alcohol content in it. I remembered, this brand of face mask from TFS has paraben unlike in some shops. I still like it's scent though despite the alcohol phenomena haha.  

Another thing I actually don't like with this is the size. It's just too big on my face. I was actually eating chips when I had this on and I just can't put the food on my mouth properly because the mask keeps on moving in it's place. Not a fan of mask that won't fit perfectly.

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。)  
  • I like the scent. 
  • Provides moisture and gives off the baby-face feel. 
Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • Too big for my face. It's just moving into different place. Nah! Bummer!
  • The essence is just enough. When I say enough I just didn't get extra unlike other variants. 
  • The scent is nice, however, the alcohol scent lingers much which I don't like. 
Price: Gift (from my sister)
Bought from:  The Face Shop SM Pampanga
 Size:  20 g.

Overall, not totally a fan of Kelp. Aside from the scent and some moisture, I don't think this variant is for me. I prefer pomegranate than this one. Or I can go with honey as well. Good thing I only got one piece of this from my sister and I have tried purchasing masks from different brands now. I'll be trying more from Etude, Dermal, Klairs, Leaders and hoping for more! Will be posting a review of those soon! :)

Always keep your skin hydrated and moisturize. XOXO ♥

PickedDresses for your Wedding Day!

I am still in awe whenever I see couples tying the knot. I have always dream of getting married in a gorgeous white dress with the motif of my own liking. Whenever I see wedding events, I always look forward on how they style the bride's hair as well as the bridesmaids and also the great dresses they will wear on the event day. It's always a lovely thing to get married!!! 

If you're an upcoming bride, this shop will surely help you to find your perfect fit at the best price. They have great styles that will suit all body shapes and as well as the budget. They also  have in-house designers who creates the exclusive lines of beautiful bridal gowns for your big day! Browse and search on their creations. i bet you will find all to your liking. I like their exquisite fabrics and very intricate details on their dresses, all designed to exude timeless elegance, beauty and style.

If I'll get to choose my own dress, I want a tiffany blue motif on my big day! I was inspired with the dresses I saw at PickedDresses. I linked the photo below. This is just what I visualize on my wedding day. I hope we could afford the expenses though. But with PickedDresses affordable items, you'll surely find a piece that you want your own and for your bridesmaid dresses too. 

Even getting your bridesmaids gowns is no sweat! They have a wide selection of bridesmaid dresses, which have very stunning dress styles. They also have flower girl dresses too! Their gowns can also be personalized with many unique offerings, including three skirt lengths, a longer train, a zipper or lace-up back and other special customizationLace, satin, taffeta and organza silhouettes are designed to flatter the shape and priced to keep you on budget. Styles can be customized with a longer train or a sash to make it uniquely yours.

This also have a great color combination of the dresses which is really lovely and great for sophisticated gatherings. This set would be really lovely for your bridesmaids. PickedDresses is a one-stop bridal shopping experience which offers it all. It's the largest selection of stunning wedding dresses and modest bridesmaid dresses under one roof, anywhere in Canada. They offer collections at up to 80% off the retail prices for unbelievable savings! They are dedicated to provide the optimum in selection, price, and customer service.

If luxury and exclusivity is what you crave, you will love PickedDresses selection. Dramatic styling and sparkling embellishments transform luxe fabrics into breathtaking gowns – your dream wedding is nothing short of extraordinary. So if I were you, I'll get my own wedding dress here. :)

Review: Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner

The hype for this 3-Minute Miracle may have been off already but I still want to post a shout out to this amazing product from Pantene. Even if I just started digging in the craze recently, I can say that I too, is a witness to Pantene's 3 Minute Miracle.

I was lucky to try the craze and join the bandwagon when EverydayMe sent me 2 samples more than  a month ago! From then on, I've been buying this particular product now as my conditioner. I just felt so treated with this item.

I've been having problems on how to tame my disoriented hair. My hair has a mind and body of it's own. It just goes the way it pleases. I like how this conditioner tamed my hair and made it more manageable. I also noticed I had less hair fall than before. Split-ends were eliminated as well.

Now, I'm saying that I believe that this conditioner makes wonders. It made my hair vibrant and gave chance to my lifeless hair. I actually just bought two full size tube in color care variant since I only got a limited ml from this sample I'm reviewing. I am definitely promoting this to everyone and try it!

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。)  
  • Got it for FREE. 
  • Makes the hair more manageable. 
  • Eliminates split ends. 
  • It gives life to dull and dry hair. 
Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • Nah! I think it's price is a little higher than regular conditioner but it's only for a little difference. This is way more effective treating hair problems than other conditioner. 
Price: Got it for FREE.
Bought from:  EverydayMe
 Size: 50 ml.

Will definitely repurchase. I actually stock on this and will be getting more. This is definitely one of my most favorite items this 2015. Will be posting on product favorites soon! :) 

All the love. Sorry I'm a little busy in teaching so I blog less. But I'll be back on regular programming again soon!. Cheers! XOXO ♥

Enhance an Athlete's Performance with RPM2

When I was in my elementary years, my sports WERE badminton, volleyball and table tennis. I forgot to bring home the bacon. Every time! From then on, I ditched sports. I forgot to run, play and even do the things I once loved. Oh if only I just knew about RPM2 before, I think I would stand a chance!

If you want to enhance your performance as an athlete or if you want your relatives or friends who are athletes to increase theirs then, you should know about RPM2. It is a brand new technology engineered to enhance an athlete's performance by providing data related to gait, range of motion, force, and power. RPM2 is a remote force-measuring shoe insole used to help correct mechanics and form for athletes potentially reducing injury. RPM² is the first footbed power meter in the world.

I remember recently, I attended an event where you can check your foot's problem and I remember I am flat-footed. I think it's the reason why I always feel that I'm hurt whenever I stroll in the mall. I always wear flats that's why. 

Upon checking their site, I think I need to wear this RPM2 Every Day Insert because it helps to cushion the weight and reduce the stress we put on our joints and bones. In this way, the RPM2 Every Day Insert can help my workouts by wearing the same high quality, Medical Grade insert as RPM2 or RPM2 Triathlete system every single day.

I think I have to invest with this so it will help me with my feet problem and also to help me on my workouts as well. I always complain that I am hurting my feet. This will really help me a lot!

Click here to learn more about the RPM² ™(Remote Performance Measurement/Monitoring)!

Education Starts at Home

Children lack access to decent education when they lack access to decent home. Access to proper education has recently been hampered due to various socio-economic factors, such as lack of proper healthcare, job opportunities for parents and notably, adequate housing.

In the Philippines, more than four million families live in unsafe, unsanitary and unhealthy places which they call ‘home’, hindering the learning environment of the children living in these conditions.

The Urban Institute (2012) states, “High-quality, affordable housing, located in safe neighbourhoods can go beyond providing basic shelter and stability, and can help provide a stable environment where children access high-performing schools, learn, and succeed academically.”

According to Rothstein (2013), a child who lives in inadequate housing, has limited ability to enrich themselves, stunting their growth and development in their crucial formative years. It takes a direct toll on the child’s capacity to develop and fully realize the skill sets and potential they possess.

Consequently, these children are more likely to become exposed to violence, crime and drug abuse, further postponing their development (Urban Institute, 2012). 

The case of youth offenders has increased and continues to as the Philippine National Police found an 18% increase in juvenile crimes reported, in 2008. 

“Children have the right to have a healthy home and neighbourhood which provides them a sound learning environment – where learning is easy, and cherished. If we focus on giving children the decent homes they not only deserve, but have the right to, our future will be prosperous,” says Charlie Ayco, Managing Director and CEO of Habitat for Humanity Philippines.

School provides our children the knowledge to equip the next generation, but without the environment to foster that knowledge, they are unable to apply these lessons to their lives.

A home is more than just four walls and a roof. It is where children develop into the best versions of themselves.

“Together, let’s build a world where every child has a decent place to live, and study,” says Ayco.

The Back-To-School campaign’s aim is to help generate funds in order for Habitat for Humanity Philippines to provide adequate means of living such as a home for families. Children of these families have every right to study in a conducive environment to be able to reach for their hopes and dreams. Give millions of children the opportunity to improve their lives and support Habitat’s Back-To-School campaign.  DONATE NOW!

 Kindly link the “Donate Now” button to this link: http://bit.ly/DonateToHabitat


Review: The Cream Factory Bath Cream in Goat's Milk and Yogurt

After the fab experience I got from using The Cream Factory's Scrub-in-a-Tub, I can't help but be amazed on this cream more than the former. It has the best cream scent I've ever encountered! 

It was love at first bath! That's how I can describe the feeling upon using this product. Since it's made up of goat's milk, it is packed with vitamins, minerals, and probiotics which moisturizes, exfoliates, heals and promote collagen growth. 

This has a very mild yet sweet scent of yogurt. Just really mild. It's not overpowering unlike other creams. I kept on smelling my skin because I love the scent. It also made my skin supple and soft. It just smells so good that I don't wanna go out of the shower. 

THE CREAM FACTORY didn't settle for just any goat’s milk – it uses real Netherlands goat’s milk which is known for its purity and quality. But THE CREAM FACTORY didn’t stop there! It went around the world to find high quality active botanical extracts to add to the creamy goat’s milk. Imagine luxurious Spanish almond oil and exotic Brazilian acai berry. These make each concoction of THE CREAM FACTORY especially delicious.

It also has different flavors so you'll surely love each variant that you feel would suit your skin. I want to try all of the variant. Their flavors are the following: 

           Goat’s Milk & Almond: The Detoxifying Soap
            Goat’s Milk & Jojoba: The Clarifying Soap
            Goat’s Milk & Yogurt: The Soothing Soap
            Goat’s Milk & Seaweed: The Revitalizing Soap
            Goat’s Milk & Cinnamon: The Purifying Soap
            Goat’s Milk & Avocado: The Radiating Soap
            Goat’s Milk & Acai Berry: The Age-Defying Soap
            Goat’s Milk & Witch Hazel: The Rejuvenating Soap
            Goat’s Milk & Honey: The Germ Killing Soap  

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。)  
  • Very creamy and makes my skin soft and smooth. 
  • Smells really really REALLY nice! 
  • The texture was so creamy that a few drops goes a long way
  • Available in different flavors
Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • A little expensive but hey, it's goat's milk! :)
Price: Got it for FREE. P480 for (7.5fl oz)
Bought from:  The Real Deal Company 
 Size: 768 ml.

Overall, I love love love the product. I can saw I like this than the scrub but both product was superb! This product made me feel like having baby smooth skin. I will definitely repurchase. I would love to collect all varieties. Which one is your pick? 

ALL the love! XOXO ♥

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post. I have received the product for free. However, my opinions are all mine based on what I have experienced using the product for review.

Review: Organic Baby Wipes

I've been hooked with wipes recently since I started my haul on those Nivea cleansing wipes last May. I didn't know I would find another brand of wipes as good as the first one but way much cheaper and milder. Meet Organic Baby Wipes

Thanks to Organic Baby Wipes team for scheduling a pickup of this ecobag full of wipes stuff for me. I actually asked my sister to get them in my behalf and their staff has been really friendly and all during the whole process. Great team always leads to success. Thanks!  

The wipes were tightly sealed in a resealable pack. It's 100% biodegradable and it has no paraben, no alcohol, no chlorine and no harsh chemicals. In short, it was so mild, so great that you can use it for yourself and your babies without worrying what harsh ingredient you might get. 

Most of the time, I use wipes to clean my face every evening especially when I'm too tired washing my makeup off. Lately, I've been very busy with school work and I've been very tired and lost all my body energy to cleanse and to do my whole night routine so I just opt for these wipes to save my face and so far, this works wonders for me. My eye makeup has been removed easily without sacrificing on putting alcohol on my face just like what toners and cleansers and all the cleansing stuff has. 

I now believe this is not only for babies but for everyone as well. This is really effective in cleaning the face and at the same time very safe to use. Remember that the eyes have the most sensitive skin in our body, just like babies butt. So always use safe and effective products for them. 

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。)  
  • Very safe to use. It's organic.  
  • Has no harsh chemical like alcohol, paraben, chlorine, etc. 
  • Tightly sealed in a resealable pack.
  • 100% eco-friendly. It's biodegradable. 
  • Has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. 
  • Very affordable. 
Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • None that I can think of. :) 
Price: Got it for FREE
Bought from: Got it for FREE
 Size: 20 wipes and 80 wipes available. Extra large wipes as well.

Organic Baby Wipes 20's (32.93Php per pack)
Organic Baby Wipes XL 30's (69.00Php per pack)
Organic Baby Wipes 80's (90.00Php per pack)

Overall, I would definitely repurchased. It's just that I'm not seeing it yet on stores near our area but you can view the branches where they are selling this.  For other questions, you can visit their FB page here.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post. I have received the product for free. However, my opinions are all mine based on what I have experienced using the product for review.

Review: Sweet Strip Sugar Wax

Recently, I saw an opportunity to review a certain spa product and I tried applying on the invite. I was picked as one of the bloggers to review the product and I immediately used it to see if the product is indeed effective. I was glad with the result. 

They sent me a waxing product from Sweet Strip together with other waxing essentials. I got two sets and I will be giving one away soon on Instagram. What is Sweet Strip by the way? Sweet Strip is a product brand for a 100% ALL Natural Hair Remover. It is made with real lemon and pure honey.    

I'm not new to waxing. Actually, I've been waxing for more than 5 years now. I have this waxing brand which I am really loyal of but when I tried this brand the other day, I was so amazed with the results. It's so easy to use and NO PAIN AT ALL! 

A set includes a tub of wax, a post waxing oil, (which by the way has a great smell), washable strips, wood applicator and an instruction. All contents were inside a brown and pretty ecobag. 

Honestly, without the post waxing oil, it can do great. But I still tried it as well to see the result and I was amazed that the scent of the oil lasted for almost two days. It has a vanilla scent in it and it's really mild and gentle on the skin. You can get an amount first and test on your skin to see if you occur any irritation. 

I'm telling you, this is so great that there's no pain at all!! Not only that, it took out almost ALL hairs at once. No need to reapply or tweeze because no stubborn hairs were left. Unlike to the other brand which I used before, I always do the waxing process twice on my underarms since it doesn't pull out all the hairs and sometimes I still need to pluck the excess hairs. I guess this is my new waxing buddy and I'm thinking of ditching the old brand I used to love. This is way better than the first one! 

I need to warn you that the next photos would be gross but I still need to capture this to prove to you that this product really works best for me. It really took out all the hairs from the roots. Try it to believe it! 

Just save your money from waxing in the salon and get this one for yourself at a very low price. I will also be giving a set on Instagram so watch out for that. Very soon!

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。)  
  • Affordable waxing product.
  • Very effective and removing unwanted hairs.
  • No pain to little pain when used. 
  • Pulled out all the hairs AT ONCE!
  • Post waxing oil is great in removing the pain plus it has a nice scent. 
  • Applicator and the strips are washable. 
  • Securely packed and the set is inside an ecobag. They're environment-friendly. 
Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • It's a little difficult to apply the wax because I chose not to heat it. I think that it's better to apply the wax that way though since it less likely stings the skin. Application may be a little bit annoying then.
Price: Got it for FREE. 
Bought from:  Sweet Strip
 Size: 100 g.

Overall, I love this kit. It has all the necessary items you need for waxing. You can turn your own home into a waxing salon once you experience the joy of waxing your skin. I swear, this is one of the best waxing product I know. You should try it to believe it! 

Please visit my Instagram for the giveaway. Check it out here. XOXO ♥

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post. I have received the product for free. However, my opinions are all mine based on what I have experienced using the product for review.

Zoomanity Group presents Zootopia Ski Resort Japan

Soon in the market, Zootopia Ski Resort at Nagano, Japan will be launched under the hotel and theme park management of Zoomanity Group, the leader in producing zoo and hotel facilities in the Philippines. True to the vision of the company to expand from 5 theme parks to 24, Zoomanity Group known for managing Zoobic Safari in Subic, Zambales, Zoocobia in Clark, Pampanga, Residence Inn in Tagaytay, Paradizoo in Mendez, Cavite and Zoocolate Thrills in Bohol is preparing to launch 3-4 theme parks before 2018 and headed by Robert Laurel Yupangco, the theme park management guru. 
For Zootopia, the company just purchased 11 rooms and plan to buy the whole facility and prepared to treat the Japan visitors and tourists to an experience they will never forget to try the following activities; Ski (Dragon Slider, Snow Strider, Snow Bike, Snow Tubing, Buggy and Snow Rafting), Snow Monkeys encounter, trip to Zenkoji and Kiyomizudera and Tokyo for as low as $999.00 per head for 5 Days and 4 Nights Itinerary at Dia Palace, Iiyama.

Situated in the far north of Nagano Prefecture, Iiyama city is Japan's eternal home town, where nostalgic scenery depicted in songs like Furusato and Oborozukiyo can still be found. Amidst the region's rich natural landscape, a unique history and culture, sense of tradition, and kindness has flourished. With elegant streets lined with temples, deep forests and highlands, and specialty produce each season, the area is full of charming attractions.

In addition, the Hokuriku Shinkansen (Bullet Train) line between Nagano City and Kanazawa City will begin running in the spring of 2015, and a new train station in Iiyama will be opened. With this launch, it will be easier to get to Iiyama from anywhere in Japan, and we hope to welcome many more travelers.
For more information, email your inquiries to grace@asiadigitalmarketing.ph or text/call 09166299381. TAG Media and Public Relations is the Marketing & Branding arm of Zoomanity Group under the Yupangco Group of Companies.

Review: The Cream Factory's Scrub-in-a-Tub in Goat's Milk & Jojoba

A few weeks ago, I got these baby from The Real Deal Company. They sent me these items for review and I just can't help but be amazed how nice these products are. 

Let's have the Scrub-in-a-Tub in Goat's Milk and Jojoba first. I love body scrubs, especially on days that I want to stay longer in the shower and pamper myself for a little pleasure. Body Scrub moisturizes and scrubs the skin at the same time. I often use this for exfoliation or when I just feel lazy. It's a quick way to cleanse the skin without having to use tedious process on loofah and soap. 

This Scrub-In-A-Tub is the body scrub line of The Cream Factory. It comes in three variants namely Salty (With Rock Salt Crystals, Witch Hazel, and Seaweed; retails at P799.00), Creamy (With Walnut Sprinkles, Honey and Jojoba; retails at P599.00), and Yummy (With Cocoa bits; retails at P699.00). 

The one I got is the Scrub-in-a-Tub in Goat's Milk and Jojoba. I was amazed how pretty the packaging is. I like that the cover's attached to the tub instead of those that you need to fully remove. 

This variant has plenty of scrub beads. It's rich and creamy as well. I like that this product is pretty generous with the sprinkles too! Plus the smell was just so sweet and sumptuous you want to repeat the whole scrubbing process again and again. 

The variant I got is the clarifying cream scrub. It's super concentrated and you only need a little amount to clean the whole part of your body. It exfoliates really well and it turned the scrubbed part a little lighter than before.  Since it's SUPER creamy, you have to rinse it for a little while. 

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。)  
  • It's super creamy and has a lot of exfoliating beads! 
  • Love eco-friendly products. 
  • Has Milk and Jojoba that soothes and softens the skin. 
  • Smells really nice! 
  • Super concentrated so a little goes a long way! 
Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • A little expensive. But I'm telling you it's worth it!!! 
Price: Got it for FREE.
Bought from: The Real Deal Company
 Size: 255 g.

Overall, I so love the product. This product made me feel like I'm bathing in milk. That's how good it it. If it's only available here at Watsons, I would definitely repurchased but I am not seeing it there. This is exclusively distributed by The Real Deal Company. You can visit their site here

I'm going to review their bath cream next so stay tuned for that. ALL the love! XOXO ♥

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post. I have received the product for free. However, my opinions are all mine based on what I have experienced using the product for review.