Review: Cow Beauty Soap

Did the title caught your attention? Sounds interesting right? I'm more familiar with goat's milk on body scrubs and creams and even on bar soap but not cows! What's the difference? Check it out! 

I recently saw an ad from my friend Marce Ynez who owns the online shop Dress Icon. She sells authentic cosmetics there and a lot of different items so please go over to her shop and check her out. When  I saw on one of her post that she's promoting this Cow Soap, this immediately grabbed my attention and made me order 3 pieces of this together with other items I am eyeing that time! I'll be reviewing some of her products that I've been using recently and loving as of the moment. 

This cow soap is just an ordinary bar soap. However, since it's cow's milk, I supposed it would be related to milk and I love milk products. They're just totally great on the skin. Since this is a Japan product, the box container was full of Japanese characters which I don't understand. That didn't stop me from getting a box. I remember seeing this brand of soap at Zalora before and I've been reading at some sites that this is the most sought bar soap in Japan. What's not to try! 

Upon opening the package, it revealed a white bar soap in a plastic that states COW. I have related that cows are into milks and perhaps this soap is into milk as well. As I've mentioned, milks are just waaay better for the skin. It just makes the skin so soft, smooth, clean and all that jazz! 

I love that a little swipe of this on the hand lathers really well. It's so nice and white and soft that you would want to repeat the entire process again and again. It doesn't give a super smooth after-bath feel like what Dove does on your skin. Not that level. It only just cleanse the skin to the next level and just gives a pretty amount of bubbles. The scent also gives a nice jasmine vibe as well. 

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。)  
  • A little swipe will lathers so well.
  • Makes the skin soft and smooth and clean after using. 
Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • I actually thought it will be at par with Dove when it comes to smoothness but it wasn't.
  • I want it to have longer moisturizing effect.
  •  Not much of a fan of the scent. 
Price: P200 (3 cow soap in one big box)
Bought from:  Dress Icon
 Size: 1 bar (Not sure of the size since it's written in Jap characters.)

Overall, it didn't give any drastic change on my skin but it really does moisturizes and softens the skin after using it! I think I need to try the one in red after this since I have 2 blues and 1 red. The red has a red rose fragrance. I hope it will have great results too! :) 

Repurchase? Hmmm, maybe! Still undecided. There are still a lot of different brands out there to discover which might be 'the one'. Haha. Anyway, you can purchase this one and try it yourself and be the judge. Remember, some things may not work for me but it might work for you. Cheers! XOXO ♥

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