The Passion In Maintaining Cars

Car maintenance is like sending a kid in school, it's expensive. So getting into the habit of preparing for the maintenance services is helping you not to spend huge chunks of money in repairs in one go. It is also crucial to prepare auto detailing products in hand, so that whenever you meet unexpected situations, you are ready. 

I always tell my husband to update our tools and products so that even at the comforts of our home, interior or exterior car detailing would be easy. To be honest, we don't have these products ready not until we experienced a lot of troubles on our car, month after month. During that moment, most of our savings were used up because we experienced multiple damages on our car for always sending it to repair shops. I am not really inclined with anything car-related and since we have our own tasks at home, I leave everything to my husband in terms of that. 

Making Your Home Driveway Look Amazing

One thing I wanted to achieve in our house is to have a beautiful driveway since that's the first part of the house where it will leave the impression if the house is a beauty. I am not aware that asphalt sealing can make or break the game in making your driveway a beauty. Since it is one of the first things that people will see, a lot of homeowners want to create their driveway incredible. 

Instead of keeping your driveaway plain and dry, up the game by getting affordable driveaway sealing services from the experts and worry not a thing on how to do it since there are professionals who can manage that at a very affordable cost. 

With A Smile

The last time I was able to visit the dentist was quite long already. The pandemic brought huge fears for us and to be honest, I haven't scheduled my children's dental checkup yet because of being wary in going out. Not to mention that dental fees multiplied after the global crisis. Despite that, I still need to send the kids to the dentist to have our teeth checkup. 

The Rise of Wood Tiles

It isn't new that I've always talked about upgrading our home and how I finished each area when we got some extra cash to spend. Just recently I talked about here in the blog that we had a home renovation and we put extra effort on deciding what flooring to use. 

We may have used basic tiles on our living room and kitchen but if money permits, I would go for engineered hardwood floors for home. I just feel that a house looks more classic and polished with woods. Especially if you have white walls and basically with stuff at home, I like the wood flooring to accentuate the entire household. Actually, it was originally our plan to go with wood but I didn't know how to start in choosing the right kind of wood. 

Schedule Appliance Repair Services in Advance

Christmas is near and it's the time of the year that we need to double check our appliances if they are working well because we don't want them to malfunction especially if it's the time to prepare a feast. 

One of our family's tradition is to spend Christmas with a banquet. Figuratively. We would spend our fortune to prepare a feast because relatives will be surely coming over to celebrate the birth of Jesus. For us, it's the time to be thankful for everything so we kind of giving it all. With that, our pantry and refrigerator will be full of items to celebrate the season. So having broken cooking or storing appliances should be a no-no. 

Sleep Comfortably Under Your Roof

As a homeowner, one must always check on what things are broken in our home. But to be honest, being a hands-on working mom, with some part time jobs and managing all the chores is just too huge already that I sometimes cannot attend to other stuff like broken appliances and other fixtures

My husband is a nurse and because of the pandemic, he work his ass off double time hence he also arrives really tired and need to also study his German language skills since he's planning to go to Germany and work there. So technically, most of his time were used at work and study. He gets too tired already so he mostly don't have time to fix broken items at home, especially those that would require plenty of time to fix. In situations like this, we rely on professionals to do the work for us. 

Get the Best Sleep of Your Life

Last weekend I was able to do a general clean up at home and while deep cleaning some stuff, I realized I have some household stuff I want to change so I list down everything per area. I want to purchase some organizers for the kitchen, some items for the restroom along with furnitures at the living room and bedroom. Since I can't purchase everything at once due to financial constraint, I need to do it per area first and I decided to purchase stuff for our room first. 

Us four, two adults and two kids only use a big mattress for all of us because our bed frame was already old and damaged so it broke down a few months back. This time though, the mattress was also showing signs of spring that's why it needed to be changed because it is as old as the bed frame. 

Perfect timing because there's winter bedroom furniture for sale that's perfect for us. I still co-sleep my kids that's why we are still together in one bed, hence the reason of getting a bigger bed. 

So I just made some research and wanted something similar to our old bed but can be used as storage compartment too since we want to maximize our space. 

Dress Your Way and Feel It Girl!

Lately, I've been a  fan of working out because I recently joined a movement challenge and been kind of addicted to moving out often. I actually wrote about the challenge on my lifestyle blog. While the challenge was ongoing, I just wore the house clothes I have at home. No workout clothes at all. Compare to other participants that wore their best body shaper which looks really good while working out so I thought I might get one for myself. I actually have ample of reasons as to why I don't have any workout clothes at the moment.