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The last time I was able to visit the dentist was quite long already. The pandemic brought huge fears for us and to be honest, I haven't scheduled my children's dental checkup yet because of being wary in going out. Not to mention that dental fees multiplied after the global crisis. Despite that, I still need to send the kids to the dentist to have our teeth checkup. 

The last time I visited our dentist, I remember she suggested that I need to wear night guard for teeth. My teeth condition is okay but whenever I would show my teeth with the eee gesture, there are spaces on both sides. The dentist told me that because I grind my teeth at night that it might be the cause why the upper front teeth was pushed front so she advised me to wear night guards. I admit that I actually clench my jaw every time I sleep and I even snore loudly (according to my husband). Pandemic happened though and people became wary in meeting dentists' especially they are very close contact so schedule in visiting the dentist got delayed so much. 

But why must one wear night guard for teeth. Here are some reasons. 

To Protect Teeth - Usually when one is advised to wear night guard, it is because teeth grinding happens when you don't have control over it, like when you are sleeping. Teeth grinding makes it loses the teeth's enamel. Once it loses enamel. it is more subject to decay. Other than that, it can even cause misalignment which what happened on my front teeth. 

Prevent Chronic Neck and Headaches - Chronic neck and headaches might be the cause of teeth grinding because you get tensed muscles. shoulder, mouth and jaw with all those grinding. A custom-made night guard will give comfort and removes the headache because you don't have to tense your muscles once you have a teeth guard. 

Saves Money in the Long Run - Before you get your teeth damaged further, getting a tailored teeth guard perfect for your teeth might just be the solution on your teeth worries. 

So yeah, I am going to be back to our dentist this week after the long weekend. Will also be bringing my kids so that they can also be checked. 

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