The Rise of Wood Tiles

It isn't new that I've always talked about upgrading our home and how I finished each area when we got some extra cash to spend. Just recently I talked about here in the blog that we had a home renovation and we put extra effort on deciding what flooring to use. 

We may have used basic tiles on our living room and kitchen but if money permits, I would go for engineered hardwood floors for home. I just feel that a house looks more classic and polished with woods. Especially if you have white walls and basically with stuff at home, I like the wood flooring to accentuate the entire household. Actually, it was originally our plan to go with wood but I didn't know how to start in choosing the right kind of wood. 

So I did a little research and these factors might be handy when you're looking for a high-quality wood. 

1. Confirm the quality of the wood. - It is necessary that before you start, you confirm the quality of the wood being used. Some things to check are the endgrain, or if it's veneered or just painted. 

2. Check on the color - Look at the color if it looks natural or if it looks like it was stained. One basic thing when identifying wood when it is in a freshly sanded state. 

3. Identify the woodgrain - Checking the texture of the wood grain can help big in identifying if the wood is high-quality.

4. Observe the weight and hardness of the wood -  I remember that the people in our province can easily identify if the wood is solid or just a man-made composite by picking up a piece of wood and 

With a lot of man-made wood composites now, one must be keen in looking for real, high-quality wood. It isn't easy. You may also need to ask help from the experts if you are not sure about it.

If you don't know where to start with your search for quality engineered hardwood floors, you might want to check a site that is reliable and credible with their product and services that would surely fir your needs. In that way, you know that you are asking for the right professionals for the job. 

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  1. Ganito po talaga ang gusto ko sa floor ng room ko. For the meantime I'm using wood design linoleum pero goal ko na palitan nito. I'm glad that you've listed guides para di ako magkamali sa pagpili later. this is very informative.


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