Unboxing my Project Vanity 2020 Loot Bag

I can't remember how many years I've been a Project Vanity fan. Ever since I started discovering my niche on beauty around '13 or '14, I've been a reader of the site since then. I am a huge Liz Lanuzo fan. I've been watching almost all her GRWM videos every time I catch them online. Though I only just started joining their anniversary celebration 4 years ago but every year after then, I did not missed any gathering. (Oh I think I missed last year because I was almost on my 39th week then!)

Anyway, one of the most awaited part of the anniversary aren't the talks but the loots. Right?! PV fans would agree! Why? The sponsors are far more worth than the reg fee. I mean this is the bonus part of the celebration. it's like receiving your own gift too because you're part of the party. 

Review: My Bare Skin Specialist Max Perfect Blend Beauty Soap

My love for soaps is never ending. The reason is because we got so much soaps on our SkinfluencersPh MeetUp loot and My Bare Skin Specialist Max Perfect Blend Beauty Soap is one of those. I love how pretty and lightening this on my skin. 

Kocostar Unboxing

Just in time for my special day, Kocostar messaged me about some PR kit. If you aren't familiar, Kocostar is a Korean head to toe mask expert. They are a professional mask pack brand that creates unique products for hair, face, hands and feet.

Imagine my excitement when I received their message. If you follow me on IG, you know that in skincare products, I love sheet masking. This is like Christmas for me because they asked me to choose from their line of different mask. I can't wait to try 'em soon.