DCG Fashion and Lifestyle Grand Launch

Finally, I had the chance to meet some Pampanga bloggers during our first event together at BIF's food tasting event. Days after that, we had the chance to attend DCG Fashion and Lifestyle Grand Launch last September 19. Luckily, I was the winner of their Free Styling Session because I kept on promoting it on my IG. I had an instant celebrity moment this day! Haha. 

DCG Fashion and Lifestyle is a boutique in San Fernando, Pampanga that caters different clothing, footwear, accessories and makeup from the collaboration of different brands. When I arrived with my blogger friends Donna and Marrien, we were greeted my Miss Christine (owner) and Khai who's also a blogger and a stylist. Khai was the one who styled me that day. 

Since the reporter of GNN 44 was already there before we arrived (it's a provincial TV station btw), we were advised to start the styling session so they could cover it. Since Khai and I already met during BIF's food event, it was already comfortable talking to her. She's down-to-earth and very kind. 


I had so much  fun during the styling session. It was my first that someone will style me. I like that Khai was very open to my suggestions on what I usually wear because of my work and she always ask me if I like the item she's picking for me. Here's my overall look. 

Obviously, I'm looking at different cameras here because a lot of people were asking me to pose for the camera. I felt like an instant celebrity! Haha. I would like to give a shout out to sis Donna for taking the shots on my camera. You're very supportive friend. Thank you!  

I had a little camera exposure here and there and I did  more poses for a segment on some show before I finally changed back to my outfit that day. After doing so, I only had the time to get some shots of the area for blog post purposes. Blogger duties as others may say. I'm not complaining though. :) 

They had some chips, chocolates and cookies for snack. I only got to eat snack after the styling and after getting some shots of the place. 

As I mentioned earlier, DCG Fashion and Lifestyle is a collaboration of  different brands and here you'll see that they are labeled per area and whatever the shop was selling. Since it's their Grand Launch, items are on SALE!

As much as I want to shop here, I didn't have cash that day because I came from my own itinerary regarding the wedding and I forgot to withdraw before going here. They do not accept cards yet. However, Miss Christine said they are already working on it so they can accept cashless transactions soon. Besides, I get the chance to take home the outfit I wore from the styling session so it's like I already shopped there. 

Thank you for the experience @dcgfashion and the whole team! I know what to wear on my next hosting gig, courtesy of course by DCG Fashion and Lifestyle. See you again soon! 

Manicure Monday: Distorted Lines

I think I just made a huge mistake creating this nail art few days ago. I actually ended up removing it after just taking few shots of it. When I first saw the tutorial on this type of nail art, I thought it's just easy. Guess I was wrong! Oh so wrong! 

I thought I was in the right track when I painted my nails half white and half baby pink.It actually looked better this way than the finish product. I made horizontal lines on the coated nails then to create the effect I was eyeing but I think I made a mistake. I think the lines are too thick and maybe the color wasn't appropriate. 

Here's my inspiration for the supposedly nail art but I failed! I need more and more practice!  :( 

I don't know why it turned out like this! It's sad. However, this only means that I need to persevere in achieving my goal which is to get this exact design. Perhaps I need to switch the baby pink and red one's location. I also think I need to work on thinning the lines so it would close likely as the photo of Miss Jen. I need to practice more and practice hard. I was inspired my Miss Jen's tutorials for beginners and she's totally my nail art inspiration. Thanks! 

I need more positive vibes to create more nail art and not to surrender. Haha. I wish you'll still support me on my future NOTDs. XOXO ♥

Food Getaway: SAB Bistro

It's a holiday last Friday and it was also Jaycee's off from work so finally we had an official time together. Ever since his day off from work was moved, we barely had time to talk to each other. Our wedding plans were arranged through chat, text and call. At least for a day we got to have out time together, right? 

So before watching Heneral Luna, we dined at SAB Bistro. He had a workmate who brought some food in their office before and mentioned that he bought it at SAB. Due to Jaycee's curiosity (and I as well), we agreed to have lunch at SAB that day. 

The place looks so cozy with the chalkboard menu, the dainty chairs and even the frames with cute messages on it! Just one of the types of restaurants I want to dine and chill in. You will also notice that they have some budget-friendly meals.

Jaycee wanted to have some Mushroom Soup instead of appetizer so we got one of the  soup. I just felt like it's just an ordinary soup. Nothing fancy on their mushroom soup. I've tried so many mushroom soups before and this is just way ordinary. 

Mushroom Soup - P85.00
I skipped the appetizer so we proceed with the main dish. Since it's lunch time I had RoastBeef belly because I'm missing the Roastbeef Belly at BIF's which is so soft and tender it literally melts in your mouth. I think my expectations were too high with this because I find their Roastbeef belly difficult to chew. 

Roastbeef Belly - P170.00
Jaycee had Salisbury Steak. He didn't finished his plate so I get to finish it off for him. You know how I don't like to have remaining food on the plate. However, the patty was so heavy and it's so thick that I feel like it's kinda raw inside. I recently observed it when I was about to finish off the meal. I left a spoonful of this dish as well. I don't like it as much! 

Salisbury Steak - P145.00
We chose not to have dessert anymore because we know we'll go to the mall and I'm thinking of getting myself a DQ but failed to do so when we arrived at the mall. 

We watched Heneral Luna afterwards. I encouraged you all to watch the film guys and gals. It's truly a story of the heart. Wonderful piece! I hope we have more of that kind of movie instead of those adultery stories. 

Oh, back to the food post. I'm totally a fan of the place but not much of the food. I'm still thinking of going back though and I want to try other dish too. If I'm satisfied, then I think I will become a regular customer of their branch. 

Have you tried SAB? What do you think about it? Comment below. Would love to read your thoughts. 

Review: Celeteque Advanced Anti-Aging Cleansing Oil

You know I'm a fan of subscription boxes if you have visited my blog for the past couple of years. I may not be a regular subscriber but I always enjoy getting those boxes. July BDJ Box contents are really worth sharing and reviewing! I use one of the products inside and I love this to bits! Do you know how effective this Celeteque Cleansing Oil? 

I was really amazed when I first opened and used this as a makeup remover. It removed the most stubborn eye liner I had in my waterline. This was SO EFFECTIVE amongst all my makeup remover and in just one swipe, every makeup I had was almost removed. Of course, there were still little marks on some areas of the face but with just one swipe with a few drops of this oil created some magic! 

It's a bonus that this Cleansing Oil has an Advanced Anti-Aging feat that is a hit among women who are concern with lines and the like. My laugh lines are already showing and I hope with continued use, they will disappear. 

I just started using this and I love how it moisturizes and cleanses my face. You can do anything that this cleansing oil has to offer. It cleanses well and after cleansing it works it's way on moisturizing your skin, helping you with your anti-aging dilemma and all. 

I recently did some lippie swatches for a blog post and I like that they were removed with just one swipe of this oil. I have been seeing this product for so long in blog reviews and ads but I didn't paid much attention to it. Now that I have it and using it first-hand, I can attest to it's effectiveness! I love it even more because it removes the very stubborn eye makeup I have for the day! It isn't greasy as much as other oils and you know that it's goal is not to greasify (haha) your face but rather to moisturize it! 

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。) 
  • I like the small hole. You can limit the product you want to use. I prefer this packaging that those dropper when it comes to oil. 
  • I like the mild scent it gives! 
  • Not too oily. 
  • Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.
  • It EFFECTIVELY cleanses and moisturizes the skin. 
  • Affordable than other cleansing counterparts.
  • Removes stubborn  eye makeup EASILY!
Nay for me! (。◕︵◕。)
  • I do not know any negative for this one. 
Price: Got it from July BDJ Box
Bought from: Got it from July BDJ Box.
 Size: 50 ml.

I totally fell in love with this cleanser and I know I will be getting more of this in the future. I had a makeup remover before but I need to order it online and ship it so I'm paying extra charges. This however, can be easily bought at Watsons. So I encourage you to try it for yourself. I swear you'll like it! 

Hopefully I'll get to try more cleansing product in the future which will surpass this one. I doubt that there's one of that currently in the market. Most of them are waaaaay too expensive that you'll think twice about getting it. This is effective and budget-friendly so go ahead and get one! 

More reviews soon! XOXO ♥

Review: Tupperware's White Result Skin Line

I was ecstatic when I received the whole White Result Skin Line from Tupperware when I was just about to post a press release on Tupperware's latest product that time Suncelle's Sunscreen Body Lotion and Facial Moisturizer. Miss Alexa of Tupperware PH was so kind enough to send me these gifts for review. 

I'm very particular with skin care more than beauty care because I believe that you have to splurge on something you put directly on your skin. The White Result Line is something that fits any budget and yet very effective on each of it's target areas. Read more to find out! 

I was first introduced to Tupperware's line of beauty products long before I started blogging. I like that they also included beauty products on their brand. I am lucky to have received these items and let me start my review with these items one by one. 

I always prefer washing with facial wash/ facial foams everyday rather than using the traditional water and soap. When I was introduced to skin care, I made sure that whatever I put on my skin would benefit me later. This facial foam from White Result is something nice to try. First, I like it's scent. It's mild and not overpowering like what you'll feel when you put some alcohol on your skin. My skin also feels fresh and smooth afterwards. 

Then after using the facial foam, I often use toner to fight acne and blemishes. It also keeps the skin clear, fair and looking young. I can say I'm a little lucky because I have clear skin. I don't usually have acne or pimples sprouting on my face. I am maintaining my skin with this toner because this prevents age spots and that's what I want to avoid. 

Whenever I'm stressed-out, sure there are little of something that pops out of nowhere on my face. Getting rid of  brown spots and drying out pimples is easy with this Spot Corrector Cream. It helps fight the production of acne and those little pesky spots will be removed in no time. 

Finishing my skin care routine with moisturizer. Always! This helps making my skin clear and it has Pea Extracts which is an effective whitening ingredient that inhibits melanin production. I like that this moisturizer is thick and yet it doesn't feel heavy at all when I applied on the skin. It's non-greasy as well plus it has sunscreen so you know you're always protected.

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。) 
  • I like the packaging! I like the blue and gold color combine!
  • I love the scent!
  • Makes the hair soft and smooth. 
  • It can be used for a long period of time. 
Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • Doesn't deliver it's promise. My hair is still falling flat!  
Price: Got it for FREE. (Sponsored)
Bought from: (Sponsored) 
 Size: Facial Foam: 50ml
Facial Toner: 100 ml
Spot Corrector Cream: 20ml
Moisturizer: 50g

Overall, I like the whole line because everything is wearable and applicable on my skin. Everything in this line is dermatologist and clinically tested. I like that this made my skin some difference. It made my skin fairer and smoother. 

Skin care may be expensive for some but there are great products that will fit your skin needs. You just need to find out if it will work out for you. This did it for me. You might want to try it and tell me what's your feedback about it!

Stay happy and beautiful! XOXO ♥

Food Getaway: Nathaniel's

Last Friday, Jaycee and I went to the Municipal Hall to have our Pre-Marriage Counselling and to retrieve our Marriage License. I guess, this is it!  Haha. We both went to work earlier that day and we both didn't had lunch so we were as hungry as animals when we finished the talk so we rushed to dine at Nathaniel's. 

We've always loved Nathaniel's since time in memorial. I just didn't had the chance to blog about it because I wasn't as active blogging before. I love all their dishes and they're very affordable as well! 

We both had Siomai first. We love their siomai so much! The flavor was so flavorful especially when dipped with their soy sauce and chili paste combined. It was so siksik and meaty, you would want to get more! We only had 5 because I want to eat a lot of the different food in their menu.  

Pork Siomai - P50.00
Next is the main dish. I opted for Lasagna and Jaycee got Beef Mami. I added Sago Gulaman for the two of us. We actually both want their infamous Buco Pandan but it was not available that time so we got Gulaman instead! Their Sago Gulaman was so yummy with the gulaman and soya combined. I feel that I'm drinking healthy! Haha.

Lasagna - P110.00

Beef Mami - P85.00

Black Gulaman - P45.00
We got Puto Pao for dessert. think I'm eating much? Well, I just want to feast for two celebrations - getting our Marriage License done and having the chance to eat lunch! Yahoooo! 

Puto Pao - P17.00 each
Puto Pao was undeniably one of my favorites at the store. We even had to take out some knick-knacks on their counter for future use. Haha. 

I highly recommend that you visit the place and try Nathaniel's if you haven't yet. Celebrities are coming back and fourth to this place because of their delicious menu and very affordable dishes. We will definitely be back and will edit this post again for other future orders that we will have. 

Hit me a message if you want to chill out with me in this place! Let's dine in! 

Empties #14

It's been a while since I last posted an empties post  because I just can't find time to photograph it until now. I got so many things in my hands, now that the wedding is less than 3 months to go. I feel really stressed that I don't know what do to first and what to settle first and what to feel! I never felt so lost in my life! Haha..

So here, these were some of the products I've used for the past couple of months which were used up until the last drop! Some were samples and others were full-sized. Even my Elizabeth Arden Green Tea was now empty. I need to get a new scent soon. I'm thinking of Bvlgari actually! :) 

I know I will have more empty products soon because I recently opened new products and some were about to be finished. So watch out for my 15th installment of my empties! Haha.

....... To more products in the future! Cheers! XOXO ♥