Review: Suncelle Sunscreen Body Lotion and Sunscreen Facial Moisturizer

I've been MIA-ing recently because I have series of tasks I need to accomplish. If you have been a reader of my blog, you know that I am preparing for the D-day on December and I have a lot of things in mind that I sometimes stress myself too much. I'm always thinking a lot which I know I should ditch somehow because it's not helping. Good thing I have my blog to keep me sane. 

Miss Alexa of  Tupperware Philippines sent me these gifts when I collaborated with them last month. I am forever thankful to all my sponsors. I hope there will be someone who will also sponsor my wedding. Haha. Anyway, I got a Sunscreen Body and Lotion from Suncelle which I used recently and loved it. 

I'm really into lotions with SPF. This has SPF30 so it's really practical. Sunblock costs more than lotions so having a lotion that has PA++  will save the day (and the skin). I recently used up my lotion so it's just in time that I received this. I like that it's non greasy. You wouldn't feel sticky at all and it also claims to have Vitamin E which helps protect the skin. 

Since this also has a Collagen Protect System, it helps to prevent wrinkles. Still, you don't have to stay under the sun for long because the harmful rays might damage your skin. This is lightweight that you'll love it in your skin. 

Another item I got from the gift bag sent to me was this Suncelle's Facial version. Apart from protecting the body, the face needs protection too, right? This Facial Moisturizer from the same brand will save your face worries. 

Whenever I just stay at home, I ditch using my BB cream and CC cream, (both creams have SPF) so that my skin can also breathe from all the products I use on my face. That's the time that I use this Facial Moisturizer. which also has the same qualities like the lotion, only that it has a matte finish. It gives a powdery finish so it feels just so light and perfect with or without makeup.

Both products has almost the same scent which is light powdery scent. It's so mild that I like the feeling of both products on my skin. I feel that my skin has a healthy finish after applying both products. It really hydrates properly which leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. 

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。) 
  • It has Collagen Protect System that helps to prevent wrinkles. 
  • Non-greasy. It really isn't sticky at all! It's so lightweight you want to reapply it again and again!
  • Water Resistant. 
  • Moisturizes the skin so well. 
  • Has a mild and light scent. 
Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • Isn't available at local beauty stores like Watsons. I hope Tupperware would partner at some stores for easy purchase in the mall.
  • I wish this great lotion has a whitening ingredient too! It would be the perfect package! ♥
Price: Got it for FREE. 
 Size: Lotion (100ml) and Facial Moisturizer (50ml)

I would love to repurchase this product again and again. It's so nice in protecting the skin, moisturizing and preventing damage. Only the whitening factor doesn't apply but I like it regardless of that. Now, I can't wait to try the White Result Skin Line which is also from Tupperware included in the gift bag. Will review those soon! 

What can you say about the product? What Tupperware products do you own and love? I would love to read what you have to say. Share your thoughts by commenting below. 

More reviews soon! XOXO ♥

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