Review: Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar

It's true! All of the raves and reviews on this amazing soap were true! I recently got this Cetaphil deluxe samples on my BDJ Box and started using it because of curiosity with the craze. I was in the middle of using my facial wash and switched with this. It's so gentle my skin loves it. I felt the glow on my face. I used them primarily on my face since the deluxe sample were just small. 

My co-teacher saw my post on the unboxing of my BDJ box and he asked if he can have one. He said that he really like it and also want to dig in in the craze. I gave him one and the other to my fiance. In just a matter of days, the three bar soap were gone. 

I love how this soap cleanses the face without hurting the skin. I tried using it leaving my eyes open while washing my face with the soap in it and my eyes didn't hurt at all. It's so mild and it moisturizes the skin so well. Jaycee once said that he feels like his skin was getting dry so I recommended this to him and he liked it! Guess I should start saving soon if this will be our home soap in the future! Weeee ~

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。) 
  • It's so gentle and mild that it doesn't sting your eyes. 
  • Non-comedogenic and non-irritating
  • Hypoallergenic. 
  • Moisturizes the skin so well. 
  • Has a mild and delicate scent.
  • It's milky rather than soapy.
Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • SOME local department stores don't have it. I hope it will be easily available.
  • The regular size costs P441.00 which is really expensive for full size! I hope they will make this in small sizes so it can cater to masses. 
I truly like this product. Watsons in our area though don't have this and said they're out of stock. I want to purchase the whole bar but it's really expensive so I wish for Cetaphil to make a smaller version of this for real and hopefully that's what they will sell in the stores. 

Anyway, I will be reviewing more products soon so please watch out for more finds! Stay in touch! XOXO♥

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