Food Getaway: SAB Bistro

It's a holiday last Friday and it was also Jaycee's off from work so finally we had an official time together. Ever since his day off from work was moved, we barely had time to talk to each other. Our wedding plans were arranged through chat, text and call. At least for a day we got to have out time together, right? 

So before watching Heneral Luna, we dined at SAB Bistro. He had a workmate who brought some food in their office before and mentioned that he bought it at SAB. Due to Jaycee's curiosity (and I as well), we agreed to have lunch at SAB that day. 

The place looks so cozy with the chalkboard menu, the dainty chairs and even the frames with cute messages on it! Just one of the types of restaurants I want to dine and chill in. You will also notice that they have some budget-friendly meals.

Jaycee wanted to have some Mushroom Soup instead of appetizer so we got one of the  soup. I just felt like it's just an ordinary soup. Nothing fancy on their mushroom soup. I've tried so many mushroom soups before and this is just way ordinary. 

Mushroom Soup - P85.00
I skipped the appetizer so we proceed with the main dish. Since it's lunch time I had RoastBeef belly because I'm missing the Roastbeef Belly at BIF's which is so soft and tender it literally melts in your mouth. I think my expectations were too high with this because I find their Roastbeef belly difficult to chew. 

Roastbeef Belly - P170.00
Jaycee had Salisbury Steak. He didn't finished his plate so I get to finish it off for him. You know how I don't like to have remaining food on the plate. However, the patty was so heavy and it's so thick that I feel like it's kinda raw inside. I recently observed it when I was about to finish off the meal. I left a spoonful of this dish as well. I don't like it as much! 

Salisbury Steak - P145.00
We chose not to have dessert anymore because we know we'll go to the mall and I'm thinking of getting myself a DQ but failed to do so when we arrived at the mall. 

We watched Heneral Luna afterwards. I encouraged you all to watch the film guys and gals. It's truly a story of the heart. Wonderful piece! I hope we have more of that kind of movie instead of those adultery stories. 

Oh, back to the food post. I'm totally a fan of the place but not much of the food. I'm still thinking of going back though and I want to try other dish too. If I'm satisfied, then I think I will become a regular customer of their branch. 

Have you tried SAB? What do you think about it? Comment below. Would love to read your thoughts. 


  1. Haven't tried SAB bistro yet.. The place looks nice. pero the food looks bland. :( Let's schedule our food trip session by 2nd week of October!! :) I miss you :*

    1. MIss you more sis! Yes, a little bland. Let's go to Bap's first or Samgyupsal King perhaps? See you soon! :*


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