Manicure Monday: Distorted Lines

I think I just made a huge mistake creating this nail art few days ago. I actually ended up removing it after just taking few shots of it. When I first saw the tutorial on this type of nail art, I thought it's just easy. Guess I was wrong! Oh so wrong! 

I thought I was in the right track when I painted my nails half white and half baby pink.It actually looked better this way than the finish product. I made horizontal lines on the coated nails then to create the effect I was eyeing but I think I made a mistake. I think the lines are too thick and maybe the color wasn't appropriate. 

Here's my inspiration for the supposedly nail art but I failed! I need more and more practice!  :( 

I don't know why it turned out like this! It's sad. However, this only means that I need to persevere in achieving my goal which is to get this exact design. Perhaps I need to switch the baby pink and red one's location. I also think I need to work on thinning the lines so it would close likely as the photo of Miss Jen. I need to practice more and practice hard. I was inspired my Miss Jen's tutorials for beginners and she's totally my nail art inspiration. Thanks! 

I need more positive vibes to create more nail art and not to surrender. Haha. I wish you'll still support me on my future NOTDs. XOXO ♥

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