Review: Tupperware's White Result Skin Line

I was ecstatic when I received the whole White Result Skin Line from Tupperware when I was just about to post a press release on Tupperware's latest product that time Suncelle's Sunscreen Body Lotion and Facial Moisturizer. Miss Alexa of Tupperware PH was so kind enough to send me these gifts for review. 

I'm very particular with skin care more than beauty care because I believe that you have to splurge on something you put directly on your skin. The White Result Line is something that fits any budget and yet very effective on each of it's target areas. Read more to find out! 

I was first introduced to Tupperware's line of beauty products long before I started blogging. I like that they also included beauty products on their brand. I am lucky to have received these items and let me start my review with these items one by one. 

I always prefer washing with facial wash/ facial foams everyday rather than using the traditional water and soap. When I was introduced to skin care, I made sure that whatever I put on my skin would benefit me later. This facial foam from White Result is something nice to try. First, I like it's scent. It's mild and not overpowering like what you'll feel when you put some alcohol on your skin. My skin also feels fresh and smooth afterwards. 

Then after using the facial foam, I often use toner to fight acne and blemishes. It also keeps the skin clear, fair and looking young. I can say I'm a little lucky because I have clear skin. I don't usually have acne or pimples sprouting on my face. I am maintaining my skin with this toner because this prevents age spots and that's what I want to avoid. 

Whenever I'm stressed-out, sure there are little of something that pops out of nowhere on my face. Getting rid of  brown spots and drying out pimples is easy with this Spot Corrector Cream. It helps fight the production of acne and those little pesky spots will be removed in no time. 

Finishing my skin care routine with moisturizer. Always! This helps making my skin clear and it has Pea Extracts which is an effective whitening ingredient that inhibits melanin production. I like that this moisturizer is thick and yet it doesn't feel heavy at all when I applied on the skin. It's non-greasy as well plus it has sunscreen so you know you're always protected.

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。) 
  • I like the packaging! I like the blue and gold color combine!
  • I love the scent!
  • Makes the hair soft and smooth. 
  • It can be used for a long period of time. 
Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • Doesn't deliver it's promise. My hair is still falling flat!  
Price: Got it for FREE. (Sponsored)
Bought from: (Sponsored) 
 Size: Facial Foam: 50ml
Facial Toner: 100 ml
Spot Corrector Cream: 20ml
Moisturizer: 50g

Overall, I like the whole line because everything is wearable and applicable on my skin. Everything in this line is dermatologist and clinically tested. I like that this made my skin some difference. It made my skin fairer and smoother. 

Skin care may be expensive for some but there are great products that will fit your skin needs. You just need to find out if it will work out for you. This did it for me. You might want to try it and tell me what's your feedback about it!

Stay happy and beautiful! XOXO ♥

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