Food Getaway: Nathaniel's

Last Friday, Jaycee and I went to the Municipal Hall to have our Pre-Marriage Counselling and to retrieve our Marriage License. I guess, this is it!  Haha. We both went to work earlier that day and we both didn't had lunch so we were as hungry as animals when we finished the talk so we rushed to dine at Nathaniel's. 

We've always loved Nathaniel's since time in memorial. I just didn't had the chance to blog about it because I wasn't as active blogging before. I love all their dishes and they're very affordable as well! 

We both had Siomai first. We love their siomai so much! The flavor was so flavorful especially when dipped with their soy sauce and chili paste combined. It was so siksik and meaty, you would want to get more! We only had 5 because I want to eat a lot of the different food in their menu.  

Pork Siomai - P50.00
Next is the main dish. I opted for Lasagna and Jaycee got Beef Mami. I added Sago Gulaman for the two of us. We actually both want their infamous Buco Pandan but it was not available that time so we got Gulaman instead! Their Sago Gulaman was so yummy with the gulaman and soya combined. I feel that I'm drinking healthy! Haha.

Lasagna - P110.00

Beef Mami - P85.00

Black Gulaman - P45.00
We got Puto Pao for dessert. think I'm eating much? Well, I just want to feast for two celebrations - getting our Marriage License done and having the chance to eat lunch! Yahoooo! 

Puto Pao - P17.00 each
Puto Pao was undeniably one of my favorites at the store. We even had to take out some knick-knacks on their counter for future use. Haha. 

I highly recommend that you visit the place and try Nathaniel's if you haven't yet. Celebrities are coming back and fourth to this place because of their delicious menu and very affordable dishes. We will definitely be back and will edit this post again for other future orders that we will have. 

Hit me a message if you want to chill out with me in this place! Let's dine in! 


  1. You got me hungry at this hour! Haha! Been meaning to try Nathaniel's. Hopefully soon :)

    1. Drop me an email or message if you want us to meet. :)


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