Food Getaway: Tsokobin Haus

Jaycee and I have been hopping from one restaurant to another in search of good place and good food. If you have been in this blog, you know that we had a lot of restaurant experiences and so far, there are no worse ones. Not until yesterday which I think we already encountered the first restaurant to have bad reviews for us.

Jaycee has work yesterday and since I have to get something from him, I went to Guagua to meet him. Since it's already lunch time, we decided to eat lunch together. I was about to say that we just eat at Jollibee where I waited for him but he suggested to try Tsokobin Haus. I have been asking him about the place because I am seeing friends who are dining there and even saying they like the food.  I think otherwise. 

When we entered the venue, it's lightly foggy because of the smoke from the kitchen. Their kitchen door was open so I was thinking perhaps it's unavoidable that the staff goes in and out of the kitchen that's why the smoke was at the main area. Then I searched for some exhaust fan and found that they don't have one. I'm not sure though if they have one from the kitchen. The smoke and smell was just all around the place and I don't see any way it can escape without an exhaust. I tried to stay calm and stayed at the resto. 

I noticed also on the other tables that food weren't consumed and there are a lot of leftovers especially the rice. I wonder why the customer did that.

Then we ordered. In fairness with their prices, they're quite affordable so I was thinking it's still a good place to stay. Jaycee ordered his drink which is Four Seasons and I preferred water. When they served the juice, they just gave a mason jar with ice and handed a Del Monte Four Season can. We hoped they have transferred it already in the glass instead of giving the can to make it look presentable. Minus point for that. They put a pitcher of water with no ice. The water also tasted something so I just asked Jaycee to give me half of his drink.

Four Seasons - P35.00
We ordered Mojos and it arrived late than the two main dish. It's still just okay with us but when we started eating it, the oil was just all around our fingers. It's so oily that we need to use the table napkin to fully wipe the oil in it. I wasn't enjoying the meal anymore. Also, the flavor of the gravy was just so-so. I think I can create a better dip than this.

Mojos - P70.00
Jaycee had their Roast Beef as they mentioned that it's their bestseller. It's a little okay but the beef was a little difficult to chew. The sauce was salty. The mashed potato was just fine. When I arrived home, we went to a birthday party and they served Roast Beef there and it was waaaay better than this. 

Roast Beef - P150.00
As per the staff's recommendation, I had their BMeat Lovers. It's mixed veggies with pork and chicken strips. It was so sweet that I think it's too sweet! What made the whole experience worse was their rice. It's so dry that I only had a few spoonful of it. 

BMeat Lovers - P140.00
What I don't like with the experience is that it became a reason why we just can't finish all the food served to us. I am very particular with finishing the food on my plate and I really do that. It's just that the experience was too much that I think I became full with the not-so-good taste, smell and all. I hope this will reach Tsokobin Haus and will be aware how to improve what I mentioned. Everything was based on my own experience. I salute their staffs though for always smiling while taking our order.

I don't think I'll have a second visit to their branch. Sorry!

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