How To Build Healthy Online Gaming Habits

With the pandemic on the rise, it's difficult to send the kids out to play. You may or may not agree with me when I say that online games are sometimes helpful in keeping our children engaged in online activities. Kids can have fun and enjoy in the safety of our homes as long as they have good gaming habits and good choices of online games. 

Any type of activity is good as long as you know how to balance using them for you and your child's development. You can help your child develop good gaming habits as soon as they start playing video games. 

How Covid-19 Affected My Spending Habits

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically made a huge impact on everyone. Who would have thought that we will experience this in our lifetime? Actions became limited as we cannot go far from our homes, jobs were decreased, savings went down the drain and lifestyles have changed. I remember before the pandemic, my son can still attend his therapy sessions but it was halted because of the situation since kids cannot go out. Eventually, we decided to stop sending him at the center because of shortage of funds. Some of my extra gigs were stopped as well so our extra income was reduced.

I am a huge spender on both skincare and makeup products; yet mostly on skincare. I am confident to spend money on these items because I know I am earning extra from my blogging. I always find myself buying the latest product release from the industry. Most of the time my cabinet would be just full of skincare stuff of different kinds. I even have a year's worth of sheet masks, as if I use a sheet mask daily. I was such a huge hoarder and spender way back before the pandemic.

How To Achieve a Luxurious Looking Home

I'm always a fan of anything beautiful, be it skincare, makeup and even beautiful homes and designs. If given the chance, I would love to incorporate it on my own home. I want to design it with something dainty that would provide a beautiful and luxurious feel into it. Then I noticed that a home with beautiful flooring makes a huge difference in one's home.