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Style Your Nails Affordably

I started to love painting my nails years and years back. To be honest, I am a gal who's not interested in beauty stuff when I was still in middle high. I am one-of-the-boys type of gal. Who would imagine I now have a beauty blog and page. Not exactly me before. But since I develop the love in beauty and skincare, I also started prettifying my nails.

I found myself upgrading my skill from polishing to creating nail arts whenever I have the leisure of time. Somehow it feels so therapeutic for me. So then, I started to build my stash of nail polishes and tools so I can hone this particular skill more. 

After some time though, I found myself stopping because my once hoby of playing with my nails somehow became a little pricey for a mom who budget household expenses like me. Good quality nail polishes and tools also keep on getting higher and higher in price. 

Good thing I found this shop online called Stylesnails which sells multiple varieties of polishes, tools, equipments and a whole lot of products which are nail-related. 

It's so great to browse and shop at Stylesnails because aside from wide variety of products, they also provide discount on your first purchase on their site. They have lots of beautiful products in different ranges you can choose from. 

As of this writing, I am now waiting for my items to arrive and excited to try some of their nail polishes. Imagine, for only $15, I'll be getting 6 nail polishes that are Semi Permanent Led Nail Gel Lacquer. I can even imagine how that would cost a lot at salon. Now, I am so curious and excited to try them! Will post my reviews of their nail polishes soon! 

If you want to purchase at their site, you can visit and follow their procedure in purchasing. Happy shopping! 

Which Body Shaper is the Best for Weight Loss

All types of shapewear that compress the fat zones of the body increase sweating in those areas to reduce excessive fat. The design of the shapewear s meant to support the weight loss programs as well, but the main focus was to give a slimmer look to the ladies instantly without running to the gym for months.
In this article, you will know about some of the different types of shapewear that supports weight loss.
Open Bust Shapewear
Here, the bust portion is left open to fit in your bra, but the waist portion is tightly clenched and compressed to give an instantly slimmer look. The waist portion is the major fat zone of the body, and the compression due to the shapewear will warm the fats and cut them off in the form of sweat.

Tummy Tucker Shapewear
Tummy Tucker is designed especially to target the waist portion. It tightly compresses the waist and the back fats to give an hourglass figure instantly. It is comfortable to wear for a long time that also works effectively in shedding some weight off your tummy.

High waist shorts shapewear
The best waist trainer shorts control the thigh fats along with waist and tummy fat. It compresses these fat zones making you look slimmer and sexier in just a few minutes. You can wear it on a daily purpose throughout the day without experiencing discomfort.

Waist Trainer shapewear
Waist trainer or Waist cinchers are widely known for targeting the tummy and waist portion for hiding the exposure of excessive fats from outer clothes. People today make use of best waist cincher for women for weight loss as it is giving magical results in actually cutting off extra fats.

Thigh and Waist shapewear
This shapewear starts from the bottom of the bust line and goes down to the thighs compressing the major fat zones. It covers waist, tummy, back, and thighs all in one. It is very comfortable to wear for an entire day that helps release sweat from the covered areas. Hence, weight loss is experienced with this shapewear.

These are a few of the types of shapewear that are widely preferred and known for weight loss. You can go for the feelinGirl brand for the best in class quality of shapewear. Avail the benefits of using shapewear for weight loss. Shapewear becomes the major need of the ladies in today’s era.