Event: WOMENWILL Pampanga

Since March is Women's Month, Google Business Group (GBG Pampanga) and Pampanga Digital Influencers (PDI) collaborated together to create an event entitled WOMENWILL. The objective of the event is to uplift, empower and celebrate everything awesome about being a woman this International Woman's Month. It was held last March 16 at Newpoint Mall, Angeles City.

The event started upon introducing what GBG was all about. The objective and mission of the group was discussed and the vision was presented to all attendees. After some introduction, the main topics on womenhood which are fashion, makeup and how to start your online business were tackled. 

Basic rules on wardrobe and helpful tips on styling was also discussed by the celebrity fashion stylist Jemi Nicdao who was also the pioneer in prenup styling in Central Luzon. For makeup, the beautiful and sophisticated meg Reyes talked about the basic makeup and how to transform your look from casual to night look. 

The event won’t be a success without the following sponsors: Canva, The Medical City Clark, Happy Beauty Ph, Cindy’s, Nays Ice Candy, Converge. Their small surprises made all the attendees happy.

I also met some followers on my page to give them prizes and also invited them in the event.

Thanks to everyone who supported us in our event of the year. Watch out as PDI will be having more events coming soon.


How To Put Your Hair Bundles on your Head

Installing Brazilian virgin hair may be somewhat difficult especially when you purchased Brazilian Hair Bundles with closure. Brazilian Virgin hair can be styled in a various different way using different methods. Below are few methods for putting your Brazilian Hair Bundles on your head.

Make a horizontal part over the back of your head about 2 to 3 inches from the scruff of your neck. Clip whatever remains of your hair away. Measure the part and cut a weft marginally smaller than the measurement and apply a thin line of paste (glue) along the rough side of the band at the highest point of the weft. Press the glue side of the weft along the part, around 1/4 inch from the roots and gently press your fingers up and down the weave.

Hold the extension in a place for around 30 seconds to enable the glue to dry. Remove the clip from your hair and make another horizontal part about 1/2 inch over the initial segment across the back of your head. Carry out the process again to the point that you reach the underneath crown of your head. Make a horizontal part about 1/2 inch over your left ear. Cut a weft marginally smaller than the part and repeat the applications until the point that you reach just beneath your temple. Repeat this procedure for the right side of your hair.

Wash your hair with shampoo to evacuate any leftover product or deposit. Allow your hair to dry naturally without the utilization of hot blow dryer or any hot materials as this can prompt hair shedding. Use a wide-tooth comb to brush out any tangles or knots.

Use a rat-tail comb to part the hair down the center from the forehead to the scruff of the neck diving the hair into four equal part. Create a second part of the scalp from the base of the right ear to the base of the left ear. Twist every one of the four segments of hair and utilize a hair clip to secure it. Loosen the bottom right of the hair and let it fall uninhibitedly. Comb the segment and smooth out the hair. Grab a little part of the 1/4 inch from a set of hair then pull an equivalent amount of extension hair and divide it by half. Place the 1/4 inch portion between the two extensions.

Braid natural hair strands into the hair extensions, starting at the scalp and braid approximately 1/8 down the length of the hair to protect the extensions. Cut a 3-inch hair extension cord and crease it midway. Hold the folded piece of extension and thread against the base of the braid. At that point wrap two loose ends of hair extension thread around the braid twice. Embed the loose ends through the loop. Fix loose ends to create a tight knot around the base of the braid. Utilize a pair of scissors to remove the overabundance extension thread.

Repeat this procedure for the rest of the hair in the lower right of the scalp. Continuously weave similar 1/4 inch hair to keep the weave look symmetrical. Once the lower right piece of the weave is done, move to the next three sections. At the lower right of the scalp, repeat this procedure weaving the same method to keep the weave look symmetrical.

Hair Extensions for Instant Hair Beauty

If you wish to use a magic formula of adding more volume and length for your hair you are able to choose to buy Remy extensions the very best buy could be hair that originate in South america. These extensions can be found in weft for, or by means of clip ins. Clip in extensions could be glued to your hair or stitched. The brand new Brazilian hair technique is getting used with growing frequency especially to use weaves for brief hair. Within this method extensions are affixed to a woman's hair using small elastic bands. This new technique is less damaging when compared with other ways of extension application.

The caliber of hair is an essential step to consider, much more important compared to way your hair extensions are affixed to the mind of the lady. Brazilian curly hair are typically the most popular form if you wish to buy Remi extensions. For those who have bought Brazilian curly hair but want straight hair for any day then you need to simply hair straightener your brand-new tresses to offer the look you would like with no need to apply heat for your natural hair. These extensions are available for sale in 2 variations: virgin Brazilian tresses and standard Brazilian Remy tresses. Celebrities and ladies generally are crazy in love with virgin Brazilian hair.

Virgin Brazilian Remy hair haven't been chemically treated or processed by any means whatsoever. It may be dyed or chemically processed much like other real hair extensions are, but it's highly prized especially by hairstylists, because it features a natural shine along with a slight wave. Furthermore, the making of curly Remy extensions employs using prominent material. It��s smart to buy Remi extensions, because the cuticle is undamaged and unidirectional thus minimizing the quantity of abrading, tangling and frizzing.

As pointed out earlier, the conventional form may be the second kind of Brazilian Remy extensions. This really is different when compared with virgin hair since they're processed to create curly Remy extensions and may also be color treated. Furthermore, they're frequently dyed to complement your hair colors of European or Caucasian women. Within their natural form, you can purchase Remi extensions within their standard form in colors of black and brownish. These extensions can endure being dyed, blow dried, curled or flat ironed. Regardless of which type of Brazilian extensions you select, lengthy hair with bounce, body, luster volume and sweetness is guaranteed.

Review: Purederm Cleansing Towelettes (Argan Oil, Q-10, Collagen and Vitamin)

Do you experience being so tired at night that you tend to forget washing off your makeup before you sleep? That’s definitely the story of my life. Since I became a mom, falling asleep without cleansing my face has become a normal scenario already. Good thing that face wipes were invented. I should thank the heavens for bringing this on Earth. These Purederm Wipes in Argan Oil, Q-10, Collagen and Vitamin has been helpful for me in this situation.

Whenever my laziness or tiredness strikes, I always grab these wipes and easily use it. I enjoy using these because for one, they are affordable when they’re on sale, two, they’re rich in essence and three, they are paraben-free. They are also available in different kinds, targeting each concern on your face.

The product is in an easy, plastic pack which consists of 30 easy pulls. They come in different colors indicating which type it is. 

Original price is P109.00 but I got this on its 50% sale price for only P54.50. I think it’s affordable with its sale price and not with its original price. I bought some from Watsons and some I got from Purederm as a gift. Thanks! 

I like it because for one, it doesn’t have strong alcohol-scent, is paraben-free and it is rich in essence. Not too mention that it’s super effective in removing the makeup and cleansing the face. 

Yay for me! (。◕‿  ◕。) 
  • Effective in removing makeup and cleansing the face.
  •  Got the other products for FREE from Purederm.
  • Available in different variants.
  • It usually go on sale for 50% off.
  • Paraben-free.
  • No strong alcohol-scent.  
  • Extremely rich in essence
  • Great quality. It doesn’t tear easily unlike other wipes.
  • A little costly if you’ll purchase it in its original price.
  • No negative impression on its quality.

Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  •  A little costly if you’ll purchase it in its original price.
  • No negative impression on its quality.

PriceP54.50 each when on sale
Bought from: Watsons / Gifts
Size: 30 pulls

Overall, I love the product. My personal fave was the Collagen and Argan Oil. Almost each type have the same effect and differs only on its target concern. The product was very sturdy as well, it doesn't tear easily. The effect also was undeniably nice. I almost mentioned all of its strong qualities in this post and I stand by it. For me, this is one of the facial wipes that I love, in terms of price, quality and effectiveness. There are a lot of this in the market but this is one of the great buy for face wipes. 

Hope you can chance a sale on these Purederm wipes. I know you will like it. You, what face wipes are you using? Care to share on the comments below.


Review: The Saem’s Healing Tea Garden Cleansing Water

It is really tough to juggle time when you are a mom. You’ll know the experience when you are one. I often times experience it myself, forgetting to cleanse my face after the day because of tiredness. My son nurses at night and most of the time I always fell asleep while he breastfeeds.

Trying to put up with my skin care routine has now become a challenge for me. I can’t leave my son lurking around while I’m having some pamper time because I always need to keep full attention on him. Sometimes, if he was asleep, instead of taking advantage of the time that he is resting so I can take care of myself, I also end up sleeping too. It was just too difficult. So keeping my Cleansing Water from The Saem beside our bed was very helpful for me. We also have some cotton pads available around and even facial wipes for easy cleansing. I will be blogging about those facial wipes soon as they’ve helped me greatly in cleansing my face at my most lazy and tiring times.

I loved The Saem’s Cleansing Water and I’ve been using it for more than 3 months now and it’s now half-full. This is one of the gentlest cleansing water I’ve encountered. No alcohol-sting sensation and it’s too lightweight that it is just like you are cleansing with water.

The packaging is a simple plastic container in light green. The packaging is very soothing to see. It’s just an open-type kind of cover where you just pour the content in a cotton ball or cotton pad to use.

I bought this when Althea gave me credits so I am not sure how much it was. But upon checking from their website though, it retails at P420 but I got it for only P270.00. I think the price is pretty affordable given that it’s really effective and mild to use.

Upon using it, at first I thought that it’s strong and harsh on the skin because there’s a tiniest bit of an alcohol smell, but upon using it daily, it is not too obvious anymore and I just can’t feel it on my skin. It cleanses really well. It is also lightweight just like cleansing with water and it has no harsh effect. It also made my skin glow after use.

Yay for me! (◕‿  
  • Got it for FREE from Althea Ph.
  • Very mild to use.
  • It has Boseong Green Tea which aids in moisturizing
  •  It has an English translation making application easier because you know what to do.
  • Cleanses really well.
  • Big packaging and can last for a long period of time.

Nay! ()
  • I just wish that it’s slimmer even with the same amount so I can easily grab it by hand.

Price: P270.00 each
Bought from: Althea Ph
Size: 7g.

I don’t have much to say with its effectiveness. I like the simplicity of the product. Bloggers also rave about this and I now know why. You can try using it for yourself and see the difference.


Tips On Choosing the Right Length of Hair Extensions

With regards to selecting some stylish extensions, whether natural or artificial, there are many items to consider, such as the colour, the feel as well as the duration of your extensions. Many of these creates a massive difference to the outcome that you simply that you'll be in a position to achieve together with your look.

When you're thinking particularly regarding your period of your extensions, the factor that's essential to complete is measure properly, so you don't finish track of not enough or an excessive amount of hair. It's also vital that you make certain that you simply measure hair from that right place in your mind too, to become in a position to calculate the size of the extension that you'll require.

This is particularly important if you're buying artificial or natural clip in extensions, because these are products that you're going to make use of over and over. For individuals people getting extensions glued in that'll be removed after several several weeks this isn't a lot of an issue, just like you go wrong the very first time then you'll know better for the next time around.

However, natural clip-in extensions can be very pricey due to the top quality they frequently are, so calculating hair properly is of top importance to make certain you don't finish up costing you money.

The very first factor to complete when calculating for clip-in extensions particularly would be to measure where they'll be clipped in. This relies on the kind of clip-in extension used, because there are extensions which is worn near to your natural parting and you will find some that are simple ponytail attachments that you could clip to the rear of your mind.

If you have considered the kind of human hair extensions you would like you will then be in a far greater position to begin calculating hair. For normal artificial or natural clip-in extensions you will need to start calculating downwards from that area where these extensions are meant to clip in.

This can be done simply by going for a tape-measure and calculating hair out of this particular place. By moving out a tape-measure downwards you'll be able to look for the length that you simply aspire to achieve.

Following this you'll have a rough concept of the space that'll be good for you. Remember that should you holding your tape-measure taut, you won't be comprising any natural 'bounce' from the hair. This is often particularly true for those who have very curly or wavy hair or wish to fasten in curly or wavy extensions.

If you're searching to possess curly or wavy extensions with bounce, consider because you will have to possibly add an additional handful of inches for your measurement. For straight hair this isn't a lot of an issue, but make sure to think about the style that you're going to put on hair in when you're creating a measurement.

You should realize that all kinds of extensions, including clip-in ones and glued ones, are available in standard lengths, and a few typical lengths twelve to 14 inches, 16 to 18 inches, twenty to twenty-2 ", as well as twenty-six inches.

These are merely a couple of strategies for obtaining the right length extensions for you personally. Make sure to know which extension that you would like to begin with, and also the style that you'll put on hair, after which measure from where the hair extension is made to be fixed. This gives you valuable information for when you are getting around to purchasing your gorgeous new extensions.

Project Vanity's 10th Year Anniversary

On it’s 10th year, Project Vanity once again made the whole beauty community come alive as we witness another milestone of it's beautiful and fruitful years. PV celebrated the occasion with its loyal readers and partners and I can say I was glad to be able to get a slot on the event because I’ve been a silent reader for the longest time and been wanting to see Miss Liz in person. Good thing that time, money and situation permitted me to attend. I badly wanted to go for the last couple of years whenever PV celebrated it's anniversary, but whenever I wanted to, I just couldn't do so because a lot of things are happening. This time, I was able to go and I am definitely . 

The venue was in Shang and finding the event area wasn't so difficult because majority of the attendees wore pretty pink blouses and dresses. Good thing I was able to follow the motif too! At the registration booth, we were given the pink pretty loot bag with product items from sponsors in it. The cost of the contents of the lootbag costs more than the fee of the event which is P1250. The lootbag products cost more than 4k I believe.

Together with the lootbag, human bingo card was also given to us so that we can play and get to know other beautiful people at the event. I'm proud to say that I was able to finish early and got to talk to other pretty girls during the event. Got myself some friends here and there too. I also joined contests like the one with Prince Charming Mr. Omurice himself. I fit the glass slipper so I got a box of baby foot and he gave me a rose as well. Oh, if only I'm single! Tsk tsk. Haha

As I was roaming around to complete my bingo card, I happened to chance on with Miss Liz and asked for a photo op which she gladly obliged. She's just so down to earth and I love her! *fangirling mode on*

The event was hosted by the very bubbly Tita K of Mellow947 and the first speaker was Rosario Juan. After the first speaker, there was a panel discussion and the guests were business owners of beauty brands such as Tony Moly, Ellana Minerals and Pink Sugar. They were asked how they started their biz and what challenges did they encounter and if there were times that they were being pulled down. It was a very inspiring talk and there were a lot of thoughts to ponder on.

After that, the Project Vanity Team also had an open discussion regarding skin care and beauty. I like how smart and beautiful they all were. Too bad I needed to go because I will be going home to Pampanga and traffic is bad like uughh in the metro.  Bye-bye Prince Charming!

Overall, the very first Project Vanity I attended on didn't fail me. I would love to be back again next year. Happy anniversary Miss Liz and to the whole PV team! Thanks to all the sponsors as well in making us happy. Cheers!

Review: Happy Skin Sealed With a Kiss (Limited Edition) and Valentine’s Kiss

After being swayed with the matte line of lippies, I refrained from using the ordinary kind. However, I recently opened my heart again to these regular ones and this time, it was with Happy Skin.

I have heard about Happy Skin couple of years ago and bought myself one from my Zalora credits a little late last year but since I got a whole bunch of lipsticks in line, I only used them recently.

Happy Skin is one of the few local lipstick brand that has very cute and dainty packaging. Their team really put hard work on their design. I love each design on their products, not only on their lipstick line but with their other items as well. 

I got the Sealed With a Kiss lipstick inside a tin cute box with this very pretty design and the Valentine's Kiss in a separate lipstick box. The latter was endorsed by Kris Aquino and it was a limited edition. 

The color pay off of each lipstick was great. One swipe and you'll get good color. It is highly pigmented and has rich moisture too. My only issue though was about it's longevity. I hope it lasts more on the lips.  

I got all of these lippies at a very good discount. I bought it for only a total of P1373.60. I got the Sealed with a Kiss for P909.30 and the Valentine’s Kiss shade for only P384.30. I paid P80 for shipping. Actually, it’s already a pretty good deal because the Sealed With a Kiss kit comes at P1299.00  and Kris' fave is at P549.00. I think I already got a good deal with that. 

These lipsticks are the moisturizing type. I am not afraid that it will dry my lips compared to the matte I am using. However, I found it difficult to use because it is transfer-proof and easily removed. For my lifestyle, I need lippies that lasts really long because I always talk everyday in front of my class. Reapplying will take much of my time. But it is nice to take a break from the matte lippies once in a while. 

Summer Fling

Crushing On You

First Kiss

Valentine Kiss
Yay for me! (◕‿  

  • Bought it at Zalora using my shopping credits.
  • Very cute and dainty packaging.
  • The lipsticks has intense moisture.
  • Got it on SALE.
  • Comes in great colors.
  • Easy to buy now because most malls have kiosks of Happy Skin.
Nay! ()
  • It isn't long wearing and transfer-proof. 
  • A little pricey compared to other drug store lippies. (This is good quality though.)
I don’t have much to say with its effectiveness. I like the simplicity of the product. Bloggers also rave about this and I think I now know why. You can try using it for yourself and see the difference.

Price: P384.30 for Valentine’s Kiss
P909.30 for Sealed With a Kiss
Bought from: Zalora
Size: 7g.

My love for lippies will still stand through. Good thing I was able to try Happy Skin and I know I love the brand. Hoping to experience and get more shades from their line soon.