Review: Purederm Cleansing Towelettes (Argan Oil, Q-10, Collagen and Vitamin)

Do you experience being so tired at night that you tend to forget washing off your makeup before you sleep? That’s definitely the story of my life. Since I became a mom, falling asleep without cleansing my face has become a normal scenario already. Good thing that face wipes were invented. I should thank the heavens for bringing this on Earth. These Purederm Wipes in Argan Oil, Q-10, Collagen and Vitamin has been helpful for me in this situation.

Whenever my laziness or tiredness strikes, I always grab these wipes and easily use it. I enjoy using these because for one, they are affordable when they’re on sale, two, they’re rich in essence and three, they are paraben-free. They are also available in different kinds, targeting each concern on your face.

The product is in an easy, plastic pack which consists of 30 easy pulls. They come in different colors indicating which type it is. 

Original price is P109.00 but I got this on its 50% sale price for only P54.50. I think it’s affordable with its sale price and not with its original price. I bought some from Watsons and some I got from Purederm as a gift. Thanks! 

I like it because for one, it doesn’t have strong alcohol-scent, is paraben-free and it is rich in essence. Not too mention that it’s super effective in removing the makeup and cleansing the face. 

Yay for me! (。◕‿  ◕。) 
  • Effective in removing makeup and cleansing the face.
  •  Got the other products for FREE from Purederm.
  • Available in different variants.
  • It usually go on sale for 50% off.
  • Paraben-free.
  • No strong alcohol-scent.  
  • Extremely rich in essence
  • Great quality. It doesn’t tear easily unlike other wipes.
  • A little costly if you’ll purchase it in its original price.
  • No negative impression on its quality.

Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  •  A little costly if you’ll purchase it in its original price.
  • No negative impression on its quality.

PriceP54.50 each when on sale
Bought from: Watsons / Gifts
Size: 30 pulls

Overall, I love the product. My personal fave was the Collagen and Argan Oil. Almost each type have the same effect and differs only on its target concern. The product was very sturdy as well, it doesn't tear easily. The effect also was undeniably nice. I almost mentioned all of its strong qualities in this post and I stand by it. For me, this is one of the facial wipes that I love, in terms of price, quality and effectiveness. There are a lot of this in the market but this is one of the great buy for face wipes. 

Hope you can chance a sale on these Purederm wipes. I know you will like it. You, what face wipes are you using? Care to share on the comments below.


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