Review: Burt’s Bees Lip Balms

Lip balms are my best friend when I was in middle school. I wasn’t exposed to make up before and I actually don’t put so much on my face. I remember a friend of mine told me that balms are okay for lips because it moisturizes the lips and I should not be afraid in using them. That’s the start of my lip balm adventure. I always try using different brands one after the other. My favorite before was the EOS line because of its really cute packaging.

Suddenly, I got the chance to receive Burt’s Bees line of different lip balms. I actually got this from its first release but since I already have too much balms the time I got these, I put these on hold because I can’t use too much products. I think I have more than 10 balms open and using them alternately so this was put in stock. Now, I finally opened these for a month now and tried using each.

Each variant differs in color. The Soothing variant caught my attention the most because of its cool color. Or am I just into the blue hue? The Kokum Butter variant, I can say is a little special because of its packaging. It is inside a box unlike the others. I actually got 7 variants of this, but I remember giving away the other one to my friend before. I hope she used it well. J

Most balms aren't tinted so it isn't pigmented but it really is moisturizing. 

I got all of these items for free using my Sampleroom VIP points. But as what was stated in the site, each balm retails differently. The regular balms retails at P325.00 while the special one, the Kokum Butter which is packaged differently retails at P375.00.

Each balm has different effect for me. Despite the almost the same effects, let me still break down each.

SOOTHING – I like this variant because it’s really cool on the lips. It is also very lightweight like you’re not putting anything at all. I also like the minty smell of it. This is my most favorite among the regular balms.

ISLAND – This variant tastes like passion fruit. It feels medium-weight on the lips and perfect for outdoor activity because it look and taste-like summery fresh. This is perfect for everyday use. 

REPLENISHING – This smells great and the only tinted variant among the group. It has pomegranate oil and smells nice. It heavily moisturizes the lips and the smell lingers for quite a long time.

REFRESHING – This is my quick me-upper whenever I want my lips to feel moisturized because it has an awakening type of smell. It smells great and even perfect for summer. 

HONEY – This variant feels like I have eaten honey. It has a strong smell. I also think this is heavy on the lips. I tried using this at night and my lips feels extra moisturizing the next day. 

KOKUM BUTTER- For me, this is the most easy to apply because it glides really smoothly on the lips. When I am busy or in rush, I always pick this up because it’s easy to bring and to use. I also feel that the effect on my lips were better than those regular ones. No strong smell present but the effect was just awesome.

What I do now is I use all of these alternatively because I opened everything. I am planning to give the other to my husband and some to my sisters since I do not want to keep everything on my own because it’s too much for me. I also think they won't mind that I opened and already used some on each. 

Yay for me! (◕‿  
  • Got everything for FREE at Sample Room. I just paid shipping! Great, eh?
  • It really moisturizes my lips and smells nice.
  • Very handy and can be brought anywhere.
  • The color per variant helps since you know what variant you are getting.
  • Available in many variants.
Nay! ()
  • A little pricey when bought individually
  • Not easily available at beauty stores.

Price: FREE
Bought from: Sample Room
Size: 4.25g

With all these, I can finally achieve my moisturized lips again. I still remember that one of my suitors before said that I have pretty lips and it’s one of my best asset. I also think I have beautiful lips before. Admittedly though, I often time forgets to exfoliate my lips making it dry and rough. I also got addicted to matte lippies which makes my lips drier than ever.

With the help of Burt’s Bees lip balms, I know I’m on the right track in getting my soft and smooth lips back.                                                                                               

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