How To Put Your Hair Bundles on your Head

Installing Brazilian virgin hair may be somewhat difficult especially when you purchased Brazilian Hair Bundles with closure. Brazilian Virgin hair can be styled in a various different way using different methods. Below are few methods for putting your Brazilian Hair Bundles on your head.

Make a horizontal part over the back of your head about 2 to 3 inches from the scruff of your neck. Clip whatever remains of your hair away. Measure the part and cut a weft marginally smaller than the measurement and apply a thin line of paste (glue) along the rough side of the band at the highest point of the weft. Press the glue side of the weft along the part, around 1/4 inch from the roots and gently press your fingers up and down the weave.

Hold the extension in a place for around 30 seconds to enable the glue to dry. Remove the clip from your hair and make another horizontal part about 1/2 inch over the initial segment across the back of your head. Carry out the process again to the point that you reach the underneath crown of your head. Make a horizontal part about 1/2 inch over your left ear. Cut a weft marginally smaller than the part and repeat the applications until the point that you reach just beneath your temple. Repeat this procedure for the right side of your hair.

Wash your hair with shampoo to evacuate any leftover product or deposit. Allow your hair to dry naturally without the utilization of hot blow dryer or any hot materials as this can prompt hair shedding. Use a wide-tooth comb to brush out any tangles or knots.

Use a rat-tail comb to part the hair down the center from the forehead to the scruff of the neck diving the hair into four equal part. Create a second part of the scalp from the base of the right ear to the base of the left ear. Twist every one of the four segments of hair and utilize a hair clip to secure it. Loosen the bottom right of the hair and let it fall uninhibitedly. Comb the segment and smooth out the hair. Grab a little part of the 1/4 inch from a set of hair then pull an equivalent amount of extension hair and divide it by half. Place the 1/4 inch portion between the two extensions.

Braid natural hair strands into the hair extensions, starting at the scalp and braid approximately 1/8 down the length of the hair to protect the extensions. Cut a 3-inch hair extension cord and crease it midway. Hold the folded piece of extension and thread against the base of the braid. At that point wrap two loose ends of hair extension thread around the braid twice. Embed the loose ends through the loop. Fix loose ends to create a tight knot around the base of the braid. Utilize a pair of scissors to remove the overabundance extension thread.

Repeat this procedure for the rest of the hair in the lower right of the scalp. Continuously weave similar 1/4 inch hair to keep the weave look symmetrical. Once the lower right piece of the weave is done, move to the next three sections. At the lower right of the scalp, repeat this procedure weaving the same method to keep the weave look symmetrical.

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