January - February 2018 Collective Haul

It’s been a while since I last posted again on the blog. Motherhood took its toll on me and I was busy as ever. I have a very clingy baby that whenever I arrived home, he always wants to hug and he wants to be cuddled. It is rare that I have solo moments for myself, much more on blogging. But here I am trying to squeeze in as much time as I can to create another post. And by the way, I also created another blog dedicated to motherhood. I named it Much Love, Mommy

Two months has passed and here I am again, trying to build my stash of personal items and a lot more beauty products. I don’t know what happened to me lately but I bought a lot of beauty stuff. Maybe because I feel stressed in dealing with my post pregnancy booboos. Or perhaps it was just the impulsive me. 

Anyway, let me share with you the beauty items I got since January to February. 

This was a splurge. I bought these impulsively when I found out from a beauty group that Colourpop is having a sale. Free palette and free shipping for $50 so OMG, I can’t figure out what to buy! Please don’t judge me LOL!

Sample Room Haul
I got this Sample Room items last January. These are my first products from Cathy Doll and Seoul White. Review soon! 

Your Little Kitchen Token
After being invited in a food review, we were given this as a token of appreciation. Thanks Your Little Kitchen. 

Received this from a company as a thank you gift. Thanks too!  

Ever Bilena Haul
I watched Kris Aquino when she featured Ever Bilena in one of her videos and I got pretty interested with the product and I wanted to try the shades she recommended so I bought these two. Loved both of them! Drafting my post soon. 

Masks from Korea
My sister's friend went to Seoul and hoarded beauty products. She asked my ate if she wanted something and my sister said to get her some masks. She shared some for me. Thanks eonnie! :)

Sample Room
I was so excited to get these items because they are all for baby. Chicco products for him and Belo too! My Sample room loot for the month of February

BDJ Lip Pop
Another impulsive buy! When I saw that the passes for BDJ Women Summit has an option to buy with the Lip Pop box for only 1k which already includes 10 lippies, I immediately decided to buy because the lip products in it are those brands that I still do not have. Plus it's totally a great deal already! 

Hopefully that school year is coming to a close, I would be investing more time in the blog again. I admit that I've been missing in action week after week after week. I hope that I can manage my time more when it comes to blogging and motherhood. Especially now that I am beginning to manage 2 blogs. Please visit my motherhood hoolabaloos here, Much Love, Mommy

I have plenty of reviews in line and will be sharing them with you soon! Please watch out for that and don't leave me okay? Pinky swear?! :) 

More to come. Xoxo. 💓

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