Review: Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear Black Head 3 – Step Kit

Whiteheads and blackheads are always my main concern when it comes to skin care. As much as I can, I always find time in using nose strips so that those little icky yucky particles will be removed. Actually, I feel that my skin already improved a lot compared before. Thanks to all my sponsors and myself for all those effective skin care products which I'm currently using. I will draft a separate skin care post soon.

Anyway, it is the time again to put on those nose pack which I usually do once every week or twice or whenever I feel like doing it. Now I have a new product to try. It is this Pig Nose from Holika, Holika. It is something new to me so let me go on with the review.

It is a cute packaging of a 3-in-1 product. I like that the photo is catchy and it attracts customers. Actually, it’s the packaging that made me decide to get this because I really think that it’s so cute. The downside though is that it doesn't have any translation so it's difficult to understand how to use it. I just relied on the digits shown per area. 

This was also included from the Althea loot I got using a coupon. If bought individually, it is sold at P 160.00 but got it for a discounted price of P80.00.

The kit includes a 3-step process. The first one is a nose sheet which has a little moist in it. It's like a cleansing sheet for me. It's like a preparation for the pull-off. The second is a dry nose sheet and I used it just like the other individual nose sheets I bought. It is for the pull-off but I really didn't see any whiteheads/blackheads removed. I feel that it isn't effective in pulling those yucky particles. The last one is a heavy moisturized nose sheet for post-application. It soothes the nose for the second process. 

Yay for me! (◕‿  )

  • Got it using coupon
  • Very cute packaging
  • I like the 3rd nose sheet since it is heavy moisturized for post-application process. 
Nay! ()

  • Doesn’t have English translation in it. I tried putting it based on how much time it was indicated on the package.
  • It’s a 3-step process making application really long.  
Price: P80.00 each
Bought from: Althea Ph
Size: 7g.

It is something new and I liked using new products to discover if they will be effective for me. However, I felt that the process was really long and it took so much of my time. The pull-off sheet isn't as effective as other nose sheets I tried. I encountered so many nose sheets and one after another is effective. This just doesn't pull off anything. The whole kit would be great for me if the 2nd sheet is effective in pulling whiteheads and blackheads.

Overall, I felt great in trying the product but to be honest, I won't repeat using it. Aside from it took much of my time, I didn't feel it's effectiveness in targeting my skin care concern. 

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