Review: FS Powder Blush in Warm Chiffon

Little by little, I got accustomed with blushes. Right now, my Etude House blush which I always bring in my beauty kit was about to be used up. I have opened more blushes from brands like Palgantong, Revlon, among others and now this one from FS. I received an FS loot from BDJ as my winning from their contest before. I actually started joining contests and giveaways a long time ago before I got hooked with blogging. I would love to go back in joining once I have more time in my hands. But since being a mom is my priority, I will suspend the former. 

Since I have this addition on my blush collection, let me share another review on this. I have other products from FS and I like its quality. I am loving their concealer right now. They are really affordable too.  

The packaging is totally simple. It’s inside a black box and the product inside is a shiny black container with a logo of FS in front. There’s a mirror and a blush brush. The brush though isn’t as sturdy because there were a lot of falling hairs whenever I used it. It already became thinner by time.

At first, it looks dark. I think it might actually work as a contour for fair skin if you build it up. The product is a bit difficult to use because at first, I thought the color is not showing up even after I did a lot swatches. I realized after a few swipes, it actually building up on my fingers and there were a lot of product already. The color isn't so much visible. The texture is chalky. There were a lot of fall-out when applying and the product fall-out was also building up on the part of the mirror.

Since I got this as my winning, I am not sure of the price but based on my research, it is P395.00. I n my opinion, this was expensive for it's quality. Color wise though, I still like it. I believe I can get other blushes for a little less than the price of this one and works even greater.

My first impression isn’t so good. I like the packaging because the black color makes it sophisticated but it’s disappointing because of the chalky texture of the product. Whenever I open it, it’s really messy because of all the fall-out of the product. The mirror always looks dirty.

However, the effect of the color is nice on my skin. I use it as a blush and sometimes to contour because it looks somehow dark on my skin. I feel that it oxidizes after quite some time. I am not sure if blush oxidizes because it turns dark over time.

Yay for me! (◕‿  
  • Got it for free as a winning.
  •  I like the shiny packaging because it somehow gives a sophisticated look.
  • Mirror and brush is included which is great for on-the-go application.
  • Might work as a contour for some.

Nay! ()
  • It makes the skin look dark.   .
  • Not really pigmented. Need to build up the product before the color shows.
  • Tends to be really messy. It leaves marks on the mirror and everywhere.
  • Lots of fall-out from the brush.
  • Chalky texture.
PriceFREE from my BDJ Winning
Bought from: BDJ
 Size: 6.2g

I am having a love and hate relationship with this product. If only it isn’t as chalky as it gets, I might really love it even more. I hope that FS will consider making something on their formula to make this like a creamy type blush. At least there's no fall-off. 

More product review soon. I'm back! 

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