Review: FS Single Eyeshadow in Citrine Sunshine

Eyeshadow has been my toy for the past few weeks now. I always try to play with it every time I have spare time from my baby. Of course, my priority is to play with my little boy first. I only do it during my spare time when he’s sleeping or playing with the other members of the family. So when he sleeps, I put out my makeup products and tools and start painting away.

Just like my previous post regarding an FS product, I also got this FS Single Eyeshadow in Citrine Sunshine from the same loot – my FS winning loot from BDJ.

Playing with this product seems difficult at first because I do not know what look to create with yellow eyeshadow but let me just share a review on the product itself and how it looks like when swatched.

The package is simple. It’s a square shape container with the product inside. The downside of the packaging is that the box has a different label compared to the shade on the product itself. Maybe they were mistaken during the packaging of the item. (Picture below) Gold Karat or Citrine Sunshine? Seriously? They have a new packaging of FS eyeshadows now so this one is already outdated.

It is a pretty yellow shade that is shimmery. One swatch is pigmented enough but once you blend it, it turns out really light. It looks like you just removed it. Try to consider using an eye primer as it doesn't last long enough. 

PRICE                                                                                                                                                    This is also included in my loot of winnings from FS. The price according to the research I did is P225.00. I am not sure if this is still the exact price now or it might have changed. Hmm, I think it's in between of being okay and not being okay. I think it's expensive when bought individually, but at the same time, I think it's a nice steal already compared to other eyeshadow brands.

When I first received this, to be honest, I am not much happy with it. I do not know how to use this for my daily look. I would prefer nude shades or peach tone. But when I tried it and have used it regularly, I then discovered that I like the shimmery effect of it and I can eventually start using this on a daily basis. It makes my eyes pop and lighter because of the cool tone.

Yay for me! (◕‿  
  • Got it for free as a winning.
  • Pigmented even just with one swipe.
  • Makes my eyes light and pop up.
  • Lightweight to bring

Nay! ()
  • Isn’t long wearing.
  • It was pigmented at first sight but eventually erased after time.
  • Need to build up color.

PriceFREE from my BDJ Winning
Bought from: BDJ
 Size: 4g.

I didn’t know that I would appreciate this yellow eyeshadow even if it sits individually on my eyes. I guess it’s just a matter of confidence if you think you can wear it or not. Now, I think I am gaining more confidence on wearing eyeshadows. It’s just a matter of perspective and I know I can do it anytime I like it. You too. Just try it and work it girl!


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