Review: BYS Contour Trio

When I first saw Angelina Jolie in Maleficent on the big screen, I know that there’s something different with her. That is the moment I discovered contour. She was wonderfully contoured to be her character on the said movie. From then on, I tried contouring my face but failed. I admit, I do not know how to do it. But just like about anything, practice makes perfect.

Good thing I got this Contour Trio by BYS when I ordered my Glamourbox about a year ago. Sadly, I didn’t use it and kept it in stock. Recently, I tried practicing contouring and I am not sure if it’s a pass or a fail.

What I like about this BYS Contour Kit is that it is perfect for beginners. It has labels on how to use it. It is consists of three parts: the blush, the highlight and the contour. Until now, I am still practicing contouring and I just hope I am mastering it even without formal training. Hello Youtube. Yes, Youtube has helped me with almost everything. 

I like that the packaging carries 3 products already. The convenience it brings is already a nice factor. No built-in mirror and brushes though which makes the application a little hassle. You can use your fingers though but it would probably be difficult to blend. 

All colors are matte and quite pigmented. There’s a hint that it looks shimmery at first but it’s actually matte. The blush has a very nice warm tone which is really pretty. The contour is just perfect with the color I like. I think it contours my face beautifully. The highlight is lighter than I thought though. 

This product retails for P449.00 I don’t know if it’s expensive but for me, I think the price is just okay. The quality of the product is good which makes it worth every peso.

This trio helped me a lot in practicing contour. All shades were also really pretty shades. It actually became my habit to always do contour whenever I can. At first, I thought that it makes me thin. Since I am thin, it somehow made me look thinner so I make sure to just blend it away. 

Yay for me! (。◕‿ ◕。) 
  • It’s a 3-in-1 product which make it convenient to bring. 
  •  The colors are really pretty matte. Lakas maka-gorgeous.
  • There are labels in each product making it easier to newbies.
  • They are also pigmented but in a lighter shade.                       

Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  •  A little expensive but you pay for the quality.
  • I think it’s better if there’s a mirror but of course, it depends on every individual. But I would like it if there’s one.
PriceGot it from Glamourbox
Bought from: Glamourbox Curated Box Subscription
 Size: 8g.

I recently became addicted in contouring and loving it. I also wear full makeup when I go to work lately because I feel that it makes me practice this craft more. I admit that I am not fully genius in it but this thing makes me confident even more. J

To more sharing and reviews soon!

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