Is Getting a Dishwasher Beneficial?

If there is one appliance that I would want to get at home, that would be a dishwasher (apart from my fave skincare fridge). It is one of the appliances that I am thinking of getting but I always end up postponing it. To be honest, I am not really familiar on how to use it nor the benefits I'll get once I had it. It's also rare that we have friends and relatives who uses it so I was really contemplating of getting one. So I had to do a little research on how will it be beneficial to me and I took note on some of the advantages of getting a dishwasher. 

Minimalist Flooring Design

During this pandemic, apart from being busy with my work, what I am most busy at was improving our home's interior and exterior. We believe that home improvement is a continuous process. There is always something that we wanted to change or aesthetic to achieve. 

When we had some extra cash, our first project was to add kitchen cabinets and change our entire living room flooring. Before deciding what design to use at home, we had to research different designs at Pinterest and on the web. 

Tips on How to Nail An Audition

Have you tried auditioning for a certain role because you wanted it for your livelihood or maybe for your hobby?

In a situation where you want to achieve your goal by means of auditioning, what does one need to do? Of course, preparation is one of the key factor but what other things that you can do to contribute to your success. 

Well, I've jotted down some tips on how to nail that audition you've been reaching out for. 

1. Practice makes perfect 

The good old line may be old but preparing for your audition and spending more time perfecting it will surely paved your way to success. I read from an article before that most talents and kpop stars spent almost ten thousand hours to hone their craft. So you better know where to spend your good hours and let it speak for your greatest efforts.

2. Be on time and be polite

Whenever you do an audition, one great personality that the judges looked for is attitude. They may not know you personally but letting them see that you have prepared for it by showing up early than the given schedule already speaks a lot. 

Also, try to maintain a friendly and polite attitude with them. Ask them how was their day and wear a smile while greeting them can sometimes do the trick. When you show kindness and politeness, it will reflect back on you. Just imagine if you are being arrogant and being a 'know-it-all' kind of auditionee, then you are opening up everything for them to see. Leave some mystery about yourself so people would think on what you can offer more in the future or once you are accepted. 

3. Attend trainings

Apart from spending time on practicing, you might want to consider getting some trianing. And with that, get the best trainer you know of. It maybe a friend or a colleague. If no one around you is available, there are also actors for hire that can help you with training. Practicing with the same group of people or same passion can be a big help as well.

4. Research

It wouldn't hurt to do some research first before going to your battle. Learn a thing or two about the judges on how they judge auditionees or perhaps you can also research your competitors if you have the chance to know them. Just like in sports, knowing your opponent's weakness can somehow benefit you in the end because you will know how to strategize your piece. 

Getting that role you are eyeing for really requires an incredible amount of time and energy. Auditioning is just the start of it all. Know that once you get the role, you have a bigger responsibility in the craft you choose so take it and embrace it and try to give your best shot.

In the end, love the path you take and enjoy all the hardships along the way. Because it is when you feel the feeling of failure, that you enjoy the true meaning of success. 

Why Is It Better to Rent than to Own a Property?

Owning a home may be a huge goal for some and may be a life goal too but getting a house might not be the solution since owning a home isn't for everyone. 

When I was a student and studied at the downtown metro, I had to rent instead of travelling 3 hours from home. There are many advantages and disadvantages too when renting based from my experiences. I've been renting here and there for several years and from all those experiences I gained, let me share some tips on why is it better to rent.