Are Skincare Fridge Worth It?

If there is one thing I would like to purchase related to my skincare stash, that would be fridge for my items. With the skincare fridge booming few years back, I wanted to get one myself too. However, my dilemma is that they say it is costly and better to invest in nice small fridge, than those dedicated to skincare alone. 

I have a lot of skincare products and how I wish most of my masks can be stored in the fridge. But our fridge already has a lot in store so adding skincare items there would be difficult. Also, I fear that my husband might mistake it into something edible. 😂

Actually, during the lockdown, we were thinking of getting a new refrigerator which is a non-frost type. The old one we had is the opposite which takes forever to clean. Also the freezer cover was broken so I'm actually thinking of getting a new one or sending it to the repair center. Fridge repair experts are now easy to contact because they have online and free consultation so it's the best during this time. But since we really wanted to get a non-frost type, we proceeded in buying a new one. 

Then I thought if I could get the old one repaired and just use it for my skincare products but upon asking randomly to my other skincare enthusiast friends, I ended up deciding not to push it anymore because there's really no reason why I should keep the products in a fridge and I think it's an added cost for the family. While I am trying to cut usage and trying my best to go to a zero-waste lifestyle, additional items like that isn't necessary anymore. 

But the question is, is a skincare fridge necessary? I believe that storing skincare products in a fridge maintain their benefit and prolong it. However, there is no difference in the effect and the properties. It might feel great because the product is cold but that's just about it. So I'll just save the money for a new fridge and will just spend it to more things later on. 


  1. if you have money that you could really spend on one it will be nice. but if not, then it is not necessary to really have it. it means yeah we just need to save our money for much needed things

  2. I think what you just did is really a wise decision. I'm also a person who believe that if doing something will not give me benefits, why would I bother to do it? I really admire your decision.


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