Review: AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream

Last month, I received my first order from Sample Room and it includes three products; shampoo & conditioner, mineral eyeshadow and a hand cream. I posted all products here. My most favorite item among the three is the Ahava Mineral Hand Cream.

I basically do every household chore you know: laundry, dishes, floors, name it. The main reason why I need a hand cream is because my hands need some serious and I mean very serious TLC. I admit, I always skipped hand creams since I am using lotion and/or body butter on my hands. Now, I finally made up my mind to ALWAYS include hand creams on my shopping list!

What I love about Ahava is that it is lightweight and doesn't leave a greasy feeling after application. That's what I also hate about lotions. The scent is JUST okay since it is not too overwhelming for me but the smell reminds me of my grandma's perfume. Skin texture after usage is okay since it moisturizes my hands and lasts for an hour. The downfall of it is that it does not improve the appearance of lines. I have so many 'not fine' lines on  my hands and how I wish that hand creams can deliver the solution to that kind of problem. The full tube is worth P650.00 for 100 ml and I think it's kinda expensive. Though a pea size amount covers the whole hands already.

I am not very detailed when it comes to ingredients. For as long as the product is doing it's job, I'm fine with it. However, it is still consider a bonus if the product is a 'MINERAL' product. For more information regarding mineral makeup, here's an explanation from a professional makeup artist Krissy Ferro.

"Real mineral makeup uses only minerals naturally derived from the earth in the entire formula. Common minerals are Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Mica, Calcium, Silica, Iron Oxides and various clays. There are no talcs, artificially manufactured ingredients, dyes, fillers, preservatives or chemicals in real and pure mineral makeup."

"Real mineral makeup is not to be confused with mineral "based" makeup. Mineral based makeup uses some minerals. But it also adds fillers, preservatives, dyes and other non-mineral ingredients to the formula. Unfortunately, to legally call a product mineral makeup, all you need is the presence of some mineral ingredients."


Overall, I like the product since it is a mineral and does moisturizes my hands. However, I don't think I will purchase one because it's expensive for P650.00. T_T

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。)
  • Sample is free at Sample Room!
  • It is a mineral product.
  • It moisturizes my hands effectively.
  • A pea size covers the whole hands already.
  • Last for an hour after application.
Nay! ()
  • Full tube is expensive for P650.00.
  • There's a pungent smell.
  • No improvement for appearance of lines.
Have you subscribed to Sample Room? Do you also have the same sample as mine? Share your review here. :)

NOTD: Pink Accent Nails

It's a new week again and I hope everyone is having a good mood to start their week. Schools were close today because it's a holiday and it means I can't process my documents so I have to skip that for tomorrow. As I've mentioned on my previous posts, I am preparing for the ranking on public high schools for the next school year that's why I'm processing some papers. Wish me well! Anyways, going back, I managed to paint my nails for an NOTD for the day! ♥

My sister and I were so engrossed on nail art hunting last weekend and so I came up with this simple and a little change on my normal dose of nail posts. I put an accent on my nails. *wink* (^_~)

I don't know if I put in the right combo for this NOTD. Should the accent be darker than the rest? I just boldly took a risk on what I think would look great and I think this is quite nice anyway. Whatchathink? :)

For the other nails, I used Nailtopia Orange #29 and Nature Republic's Pink PK207 for the accent. I both love these two nail polishes. I got the former from a Buy 2 Take 1 Sale at Marquee for P120.00 and the other as a gift?? Hmm, well, I can't remember it anymore. Haha. Signs of aging? :p

What do you think about the combo? My sister actually suggested to put a little twist on the accent so I put a glittery effect on it. I have a Super Shine Naturistics in Galaxy which I got as a prize months ago from a giveaway. I forgot what particular contest it is. Sorry! :(

What do you think? The color of the photo was different because of my low quality camera. T_T. I hope someone would be kind enough to give me an HD camera as a gift! Haha. *wishful thinking*

Feel free to comment on any suggestion. I would love to hear from you guys! 'Till my next post. xoxo ♥

THBoxes Jewelry Giveaway, Open Worldwide! ♥ (CLOSED)

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? I just launched a THBoxes Jewelry Giveaway on my other blog Tet's Little Finds and thought that my readers here might be interested in joining.
This is a giveaway comeback because I was MIA for months on my other blog. The good news about this giveaway is that we don't only have a fix number of winners. The more participants we have, the more winners can be declared. Winners will be 10% of the participants number. Sounds cool right? So without further ado, let's start the giveaway.

THBoxes is a global online retailer that has been a worldwide business leader in selling blue-ribbon consumer goods since 2008. Their vision is to empower people worldwide in buying and selling online. Thboxes sells only high-quality, made-in-China products at prices lower than what you'll find anywhere else.

There are things you might want to know.
1. This giveaway is open for 15 days. Starts on February 23, 2013 and ends on March 10, 2013
2. The winner will be chosen few days after the deadline. Winner/s will be announced on my blog, facebook and on twitter.
3. There might be more than 1 winner, depends on how many people will join this giveaway.
4. If you win it, choose 1 jewelry item under $8 and you will get it FREE including FREE SHIPPING!
5. If you have question, just email me in
6. You have to follow me PUBLICLY so I can see you.
7. MOST IMPORTANT! You have to do ALL mandatory options or you will lose the chance to win the item. Refer to the Rafflecopter below. a Rafflecopter giveaway Joining is easy. This will only take less than 5 minutes and you are on your chances to win the jewelry of your choice. Please spread the love and promote this giveaway! Goodluck everyone! ♥

Take a Bite on a CupKate ^o^

Hello dearies! How was your week? It's Friday and it's raining here in our place. How about yours? It's just so good to sit back, chat and bond with the little children here. What's even better is to partner it with a cup of hot choco and some cupcakes. 

Speaking of cupcakes, last week, I posted a cupcake article here which is actually a gift from Ate Jen. Then yesterday, I received another box from Ate Kate which is also my sister's friend. No doubt indeed the pastries industry are booming nowadays! 

Photo Courtesy of CupKate

Ate Kate's small biz which she named after herself CupKate, was recently created out of her hobby in making cupcakes and pastries. She gave me a box of 6 different pieces which includes 5 cupcakes and a brownie. The cupcakes are of different varieties namely the Strawberry Overload, Classic Cheese Cupcakes, Triple Chocolate Cupcake, Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcake and even the Vodka Mudslide Brownies.^_^

The brownie is my fave! Since there's vodka in it, there's this distinct taste that you will surely like. Not too sweet and not too strong. Just the right blend. I like how it's not too soft nor too heavy to chew. 

I like how the Classic Cheese Cupcake is different from other cheese cupcakes I tried before. I am used to in eating cheese cupcakes advertised on TV and those are way too cheesier and thicker unlike this one. This just have the correct amount of cheese.

I like how it is soft and not too sweet considering that she uses real fruits on this. There are no artificial flavors added so you will really feel strawberry bits with your first bite. This is included on my 2nd fave list. 

I am a huge lover of chocolates; anything about chocolate. Triple Chocolate Cupcake is not really a hit for me maybe because I expected it to be like the taste of Triple Chocolate Boom from Country Style or Triple Chocolate Cake from Red Ribbon hence the name. I know, I know, I expected too much. Still, the taste was great!

Not a fan of anything with Peanut Butter in it, but tasting a Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcake for the first time makes me think twice. Of course, the Peanut Butter taste was definitely there but it's great that the taste of the peanut butter incorporates well with the bread. Definitely a must-try!

I recommend Ate Kate's cupcakes if you want to have different varieties of cupcakes to try. She's also creating different pastries every now and then. I also tasted her Mint Chocolate Cupcakes once and I loved it. Try to check her Facebook Page which I linked below.

For questions and orders, you may text or message her on the details provided below. She can also do meet-ups around Eastwood City and Project 4.

Facebook Page: CupKate  
 Contact number: 09224181466 

NOTD: Tiger Stripes

Hi everyone. I've been MIA for days now because I've been terribly busy for my public school ranking. I am preparing all documents needed and at the same time, it's demo fest this week. I just actually had my turn this morning so it's a little bit lighter for me to make a post. I know I owe my blog a LOT anyway! haha.

So I am re-writing this article from my other blog with a little twist. This is actually a gift from a sponsor before that I still have now and what better way to promote it more than to blog it again. :)

I received these products from Born Pretty store last quarter of last year. It was so great that sponsors and blessings are pouring in up to this time. Thank you all so much! *blushing*

Born Pretty Store is well known for nail art products that provides the best price and the best service.  Echo from Born Pretty was so kind introducing their shop to me and offered me a $10 gift where I can choose from any of their products. First, he said that I can get a single product worth $10 dollars but then he made an exception and I can choose two products so I chose their New Nail Art Lovely Hello Kitty Stamp Template DIY Kit  and Magic Magnetic Nail Art Polish w/ Magnet Plate #10. 

At first, I totally don't know how to use the magnet plate. I even peeled off the paper in the magnet plate only to find out that it is the reason why it will leave a mark on your nails. Yes, I am aware of the magnetic polish but not with the plate so I practiced first to get the gist of using it.

Unlike following the steps I usually do when applying regular nail polish, (starts with the base coat first), I immediately applied a single and a half coat of the magnetic polish. Why? After practicing, I observed that if it's too little or too much, it will not leave a mark on your nails. So if I will still put the base coat, it will thicken the polishes on my nails. It's more of a no-no.

After coating it, put the magnet plate quickly on top of your nails because the polish dries fast. Hold on until 10-15 seconds. Well, I guess, the longer and the nearer you hold it, the better.

I looked like a child who was really amazed in doing this and same with my boyfriend because he was the one who volunteered to do this with my left hand. Funny thing he became interested in girly things. haha. Love him to bits!

Tiger stripes came to mind when I saw this nails, hence the title. How did you find it? If you happen to have the same nail art tool, send me your link. I want to view what you did. Cheers! ^o^

You can also visit Born Pretty Store platforms here:
Youtube: Born Pretty Store 

Any reviews about their product and service? Comment down below. Have a great weekend guys! Lots of love! ♥ xoxo... ^o^

Sweet Treats from Jennifer's Cupcake Creations!

Hello everyone! How was your V-day celeb yesterday? Mine's great after Jaycee took me out for a dinner date and gave me some roses and ice cream. Too much for sweetness! ♥

Another sweet thing that arrived yesterday was a gift from my sister's friend Ate Jen. I know this is not a beauty or fashion related post but I feel the need to share this. She recently started her cupcake biz as a hobby and eventually transforming it into a business. She even took lessons from Chef Heny Sison's team in order for her to learn and master the said craft. Oh how I envy her!

Photo Courtesy of Jennifer's Cupcake Creations

She gave me two boxes of cupcake as a gift this Valentines. She asked my sister to bring these from Manila to Pampanga for me. Awww! How sweet!

Ate Jen was really hands-on with her orders from small number to even a 100 pieces. She really makes sure that the cupcakes are sealed with freshness to meet the customers taste. 

I'm Chocolatey Yours

I love her 'I'm Chocolatey Yours' cupcake the most! She was very good in doing the swirls. It is indeed in line with the month's theme of hearts. As for the taste, the icing is not too sweet and the bread was very soft and intact. You will really know that it's guaranteed fresh because of the taste of the bread. I think she perfected this cupcake. A fave! ♥

Be My Red Velvet Valentine
For the 'Be My Red Velvet Valentine', the bread is red hence the name of the cupcake Red Velvet. It has a very simple design which is really pretty! It is not too sweet making me crave for more! This one has a very nice smell! Another favorite! ♥

Ate Jen's cupcakes are not really sweet unlike other cupcakes I tasted. Honestly, I'm not a fan of cupcakes because I have the notion that they always taste very sweet. I prefer that hers has a balance of taste and that what makes it even more tasty. I would honestly refer her to friends who wants to order for parties and the like. You also have the option if you want your cupcakes to be personalized.  The prices are also way affordable than others I know who's doing the same biz.

She's on the process of creating her Facebook page and also her portfolio. She also had registered her business in the DTI so rest assured that her customers will have safe transactions with her. Way to go Ate Jen! You deserved that success because of your hardwork! :)

For questions and orders, you may text her on the number provided below. She can also do meet-ups around Eastwood City and around Region 4A. ^_^

 Jennifer's Cupcake Creations

March 1 - 3: Canossa Academy Calamba Sch Fair
 March 2: Lyceum Spartans Dance Troupe Concert
 Contact number: 09278304013

Romwe's Valentine Day Sale at 50% OFF!

Happy Hearts Day everyone! Hope everyone will enjoy their day today! Yesterday, I heard a mass for Ash Wednesday together with Jaycee. It's already our date for today's event so no Valentine's date for me but it's okay. We will just have a post-celeb next week. Need to work hard for the future. hihi ^o^

Now for those who are looking for gifts for their loved ones or themselves, you can check Romwe's Valentine Sale at 50% OFF! I just received an email from them and I feel like sharing it to you guys! Oh how I love SALE! 

I will go shop NOW and purchase that blouse and shades I've been eyeing for weeks! I hope they still have my size! :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentines Gift Ideas ♥

It's the love month. What better way to celebrate the month of hearts than to be with our loved ones, right? May it be your partner, family, friends, etc. :)

I am always thrilled with the wonderful moments Valentines day has to offer. Dates, gift-giving, partying and other stuff are abundant on this occasion. I prefer dates and gift-giving so I posted some gift idea photos you can make and give to your loved ones. ♥

Photo Courtesy of

for everyone :)

for the candy lover :)

for the artist :)
for the kids at heart :)
for the tea/coffee lover :)
These are just few of the ideas you can give or make to your loved ones. You can create and make yours as well. As for my case, I am still searching for that perfect heart shape box until tomorrow so I can put my gifts inside. The gift? That's the secret part! ^o^

Happy Valentines everyone! Spread love, peace and happiness! Love y'all. ♥

The 18th Hot Air Baloon Fiesta!

It's the month of hearts and apart from V-day, another event to celebrate is 'The 18th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta!' Pardon my non-beauty and non-fashion related post, I just feel the need to post this since I'm promoting our place. hihi. (~o^)

For years now, I always fail to watch the show since Clark is kinda far from our house, or maybe I'm just too lazy then, haha, but since my goal this year is to attend, I NEED to do it! I need to put a check on that 2013 goal on my BDJ Planner! ^_^

The event schedule will start on the 21st. You still have a few days to prepare to watch the show! ♥

February 21, 2013

February 22, 2013

February 23, 2013

February 24, 2013

 *This schedule of activities may change without prior notice.

*Disclaimer: The photo and schedule here are from

I really want to see the balloons and the airplanes of different sizes. I really am hoping to be there with Jaycee. I hope even one day out of the schedule will be his off from work. I wish I can ride but I doubt it. It was way so expensive! haha.. 

Will you be watching the balloon fiesta? If you will, comment down and hope to see you there. :)

Join Cute and Dainty V-Day Worldwide Giveaway! ♥ (CLOSED)

V-day is around the corner and what better way to celebrate it than to have a giveaway! After the failed giveaway I had here because this happened, I was even more careful and cautious in accepting giveaway offers. No worries however, this is not sponsored and I will be the one giving you the prizes. 

Without further ado, let's proceed with the giveaway, shall we? :)

I will be giving away $20 ROMWE COUPON EACH to TWO READERS of my blog. Yep! Those were coupons but guess what, you can buy anything worth $20 in Romwe website and they will also ship it to you for FREE. Here are my top picks that are $20 worth! :)

Joining is easy-peasy! Just follow the instruction on the rafflecopter below. Wait for it to load then enter the information needed. ACCOMPLISH ALL THE MANDATORY ENTRIES! Failure to do so will forfeit your chances of winning. After doing it, additional entries will be given. You have the option to do it for more chances of winning. :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Since Romwe ships internationally, THIS IS OPEN WORLDWIDE! There will be TWO WINNERS who will receive $20 each. Anywhere you are, you are free to join! This will end at the end of the month, February 28, 2013. You have options to earn more points for more chances of winning!

That's it! Leave a comment if you join. Include your name, email and location. Goodluck everyone!

Let's spread and celebrate LOVE! Cheers! ♥

Romwe's Valentine Day Promotion

V-day is coming and Romwe's having a V-day Sale which you can view here. The great catch, it is 50% OFF! It's a steal!!!

V-Day Roses & Romantic Heart
Find all these on Romwe dresses
Get up to 50% off, from 02/12/2013 – 02/16/2013
You can always visit their site at Also, I will be having a giveaway with Romwe coupons at stake. You might want to join the fun
Romwe ship anywhere for FREE. I already got my shopping cart full of their stuff for V-day! I got a blouse, accessories and still thinking of getting shades or a bag. Simple gifts for me this V-day! ♥
How will you celebrate your V-day? Any plans? xoxo.. :)

Haul: Kicks from SM Department Store

Holla everybody! I got these super cute flats that I bought from SM department store last Sunday. It has an aztec print which I mistakenly thought of as florals. Gone were the days that I only thought of Solemate as my "solemate". Meet KICKS!

I saw this a week before I purchased it because I was still undecided if I will get cosmetics or shoes. Since I'm such in a hurry then, I skipped on buying any of the two products. However, the latter still won. I went to the mall with that in mind and ended up getting two.

Same with 'SOLEMATE', this is P299.00 each and you can get two for P399. A total savings of P199. Isn't that awesome? Of course, I will go with two then. I had light blue and golden yellow.

I love the print and the price! If you have been a reader of my posts, I am in love with the comfort the flats are giving me. Even if I'm just 5'1, I'd still go for flats on my lazy days. haha.

I gave the blue one to my 'eonnie' (older sister in Korean) since she's size 5. The golden brown run out of size 5 so I opted for size 6. It still fits me well anyway. They might run out of stock so I grabbed the last pair of 6. Still a nice buy! ^_^

How do you find my Kicks haul? Is it thumbs up or thumbs down? :) Hope to post some OOTD with this soon. Any suggestion to pair it up with? ♥

KICKS are available at SM Department Stores Nationwide. :)