NOTD: Tiger Stripes

Hi everyone. I've been MIA for days now because I've been terribly busy for my public school ranking. I am preparing all documents needed and at the same time, it's demo fest this week. I just actually had my turn this morning so it's a little bit lighter for me to make a post. I know I owe my blog a LOT anyway! haha.

So I am re-writing this article from my other blog with a little twist. This is actually a gift from a sponsor before that I still have now and what better way to promote it more than to blog it again. :)

I received these products from Born Pretty store last quarter of last year. It was so great that sponsors and blessings are pouring in up to this time. Thank you all so much! *blushing*

Born Pretty Store is well known for nail art products that provides the best price and the best service.  Echo from Born Pretty was so kind introducing their shop to me and offered me a $10 gift where I can choose from any of their products. First, he said that I can get a single product worth $10 dollars but then he made an exception and I can choose two products so I chose their New Nail Art Lovely Hello Kitty Stamp Template DIY Kit  and Magic Magnetic Nail Art Polish w/ Magnet Plate #10. 

At first, I totally don't know how to use the magnet plate. I even peeled off the paper in the magnet plate only to find out that it is the reason why it will leave a mark on your nails. Yes, I am aware of the magnetic polish but not with the plate so I practiced first to get the gist of using it.

Unlike following the steps I usually do when applying regular nail polish, (starts with the base coat first), I immediately applied a single and a half coat of the magnetic polish. Why? After practicing, I observed that if it's too little or too much, it will not leave a mark on your nails. So if I will still put the base coat, it will thicken the polishes on my nails. It's more of a no-no.

After coating it, put the magnet plate quickly on top of your nails because the polish dries fast. Hold on until 10-15 seconds. Well, I guess, the longer and the nearer you hold it, the better.

I looked like a child who was really amazed in doing this and same with my boyfriend because he was the one who volunteered to do this with my left hand. Funny thing he became interested in girly things. haha. Love him to bits!

Tiger stripes came to mind when I saw this nails, hence the title. How did you find it? If you happen to have the same nail art tool, send me your link. I want to view what you did. Cheers! ^o^

You can also visit Born Pretty Store platforms here:
Youtube: Born Pretty Store 

Any reviews about their product and service? Comment down below. Have a great weekend guys! Lots of love! ♥ xoxo... ^o^


  1. Nail art has been in demand nowadays. By the way, nice design.

  2. I used to be really into nail art before... Your nails look really pretty btw!

    Oh, and if you're interested in exchanging links and following each other on GFC, please let me know through my blog.

    Take care. :D

  3. been searching of kind of nail polish at the local store but to no avail..Singlemom Reviews

  4. I've seen a lot of innovations now with Nail Art. It's more of diy thingy. Just like the one you got at Born Pretty Store. Simple to do and yet design is pretty good.

    -anne lei

  5. I think the concept is cool. I wonder if you can control the pattern or it's just stripes you can come up with.

    1. sadly i cannot. :( i actually hope there's a magnet with a different patter.

  6. I love to do nail art but my finger nails are not cooperating with me. Awwweee~~

  7. I envy people who can wear nail lacquer on their nails! I love your nails..


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