Review: AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream

Last month, I received my first order from Sample Room and it includes three products; shampoo & conditioner, mineral eyeshadow and a hand cream. I posted all products here. My most favorite item among the three is the Ahava Mineral Hand Cream.

I basically do every household chore you know: laundry, dishes, floors, name it. The main reason why I need a hand cream is because my hands need some serious and I mean very serious TLC. I admit, I always skipped hand creams since I am using lotion and/or body butter on my hands. Now, I finally made up my mind to ALWAYS include hand creams on my shopping list!

What I love about Ahava is that it is lightweight and doesn't leave a greasy feeling after application. That's what I also hate about lotions. The scent is JUST okay since it is not too overwhelming for me but the smell reminds me of my grandma's perfume. Skin texture after usage is okay since it moisturizes my hands and lasts for an hour. The downfall of it is that it does not improve the appearance of lines. I have so many 'not fine' lines on  my hands and how I wish that hand creams can deliver the solution to that kind of problem. The full tube is worth P650.00 for 100 ml and I think it's kinda expensive. Though a pea size amount covers the whole hands already.

I am not very detailed when it comes to ingredients. For as long as the product is doing it's job, I'm fine with it. However, it is still consider a bonus if the product is a 'MINERAL' product. For more information regarding mineral makeup, here's an explanation from a professional makeup artist Krissy Ferro.

"Real mineral makeup uses only minerals naturally derived from the earth in the entire formula. Common minerals are Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Mica, Calcium, Silica, Iron Oxides and various clays. There are no talcs, artificially manufactured ingredients, dyes, fillers, preservatives or chemicals in real and pure mineral makeup."

"Real mineral makeup is not to be confused with mineral "based" makeup. Mineral based makeup uses some minerals. But it also adds fillers, preservatives, dyes and other non-mineral ingredients to the formula. Unfortunately, to legally call a product mineral makeup, all you need is the presence of some mineral ingredients."


Overall, I like the product since it is a mineral and does moisturizes my hands. However, I don't think I will purchase one because it's expensive for P650.00. T_T

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。)
  • Sample is free at Sample Room!
  • It is a mineral product.
  • It moisturizes my hands effectively.
  • A pea size covers the whole hands already.
  • Last for an hour after application.
Nay! ()
  • Full tube is expensive for P650.00.
  • There's a pungent smell.
  • No improvement for appearance of lines.
Have you subscribed to Sample Room? Do you also have the same sample as mine? Share your review here. :)


  1. Haven't tried this brand much difference between sample size and full size.. so I guess this is a no-no for you after you finish using the full tube.

  2. Hi there! Thanks for the review. Hmm, I've read two reviews about Sample room already. Really makes me want to try and register. Wehe. Anyway, I like mineral and organic products myself, but you're right, I think Ph650 for a small tube is quite expensive. There are a lot of organic products out there which are way more affordable than that. And smells nicer too. Wink! :-)

    1. yep. Heard that Human Nature products is way affordable than this. I'll try it some other time :)

  3. I can sure relate with the super dry hands when doing household chores, especially washing the dishes, like it's nonstop and there's always something to wash.

  4. I think I wanted to get this at Sample Room too but dint push through because of the shipping (150. kuripot much hehe). D

  5. Heard of this brand! During Luxasia sale here in SG 60-80 percent of yan girl!=)

  6. No improvement on the appearance of lines is a big nay, sis. toinks.

  7. i too am sort of complacent about hand/skin care, but i use human heart nature's moisturizers... :)

  8. this is a great review. you can try other products. is giving away 40% off on ahava, wow this is very cheap. levels of discovery is the best for those with kids. is giving away 10% on their products.

  9. how can i get this through sample room?


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