Take a Bite on a CupKate ^o^

Hello dearies! How was your week? It's Friday and it's raining here in our place. How about yours? It's just so good to sit back, chat and bond with the little children here. What's even better is to partner it with a cup of hot choco and some cupcakes. 

Speaking of cupcakes, last week, I posted a cupcake article here which is actually a gift from Ate Jen. Then yesterday, I received another box from Ate Kate which is also my sister's friend. No doubt indeed the pastries industry are booming nowadays! 

Photo Courtesy of CupKate

Ate Kate's small biz which she named after herself CupKate, was recently created out of her hobby in making cupcakes and pastries. She gave me a box of 6 different pieces which includes 5 cupcakes and a brownie. The cupcakes are of different varieties namely the Strawberry Overload, Classic Cheese Cupcakes, Triple Chocolate Cupcake, Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcake and even the Vodka Mudslide Brownies.^_^

The brownie is my fave! Since there's vodka in it, there's this distinct taste that you will surely like. Not too sweet and not too strong. Just the right blend. I like how it's not too soft nor too heavy to chew. 

I like how the Classic Cheese Cupcake is different from other cheese cupcakes I tried before. I am used to in eating cheese cupcakes advertised on TV and those are way too cheesier and thicker unlike this one. This just have the correct amount of cheese.

I like how it is soft and not too sweet considering that she uses real fruits on this. There are no artificial flavors added so you will really feel strawberry bits with your first bite. This is included on my 2nd fave list. 

I am a huge lover of chocolates; anything about chocolate. Triple Chocolate Cupcake is not really a hit for me maybe because I expected it to be like the taste of Triple Chocolate Boom from Country Style or Triple Chocolate Cake from Red Ribbon hence the name. I know, I know, I expected too much. Still, the taste was great!

Not a fan of anything with Peanut Butter in it, but tasting a Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcake for the first time makes me think twice. Of course, the Peanut Butter taste was definitely there but it's great that the taste of the peanut butter incorporates well with the bread. Definitely a must-try!

I recommend Ate Kate's cupcakes if you want to have different varieties of cupcakes to try. She's also creating different pastries every now and then. I also tasted her Mint Chocolate Cupcakes once and I loved it. Try to check her Facebook Page which I linked below.

For questions and orders, you may text or message her on the details provided below. She can also do meet-ups around Eastwood City and Project 4.

Facebook Page: CupKate  
 Contact number: 09224181466 
Email: k8michelle@gmail.com


  1. Those cheese cupcakes made me drool. Nagdessert nko but after this, I think imma grab something sweet from the kitvhen.

  2. Your post makes me crave for cupcake. ^^; But I'm on a diet!

    - Rozeh

  3. yummy cupcakes.. but i think the mudlide brownies are for the win

  4. I love the photo of the Peanut Butter Chocolate cupcakes. I'm imagining how they must taste. They make me crave for Reese's!

  5. Lovely cupcakes. I too prefer the chocolate one.

  6. those cupcakes are mouth-watering just by looking at your pics. :) i am a dessert person. i can pass up dinner for sweets. hehe.

  7. The brownies look so yummy and different from other regular brownie. :)

  8. now i want to eat a cuppy cake. :-) looks so delicious.

  9. The pictures look great and the decorations/designs are elegant. Lucky you to get some free. ;-)

  10. pleasing to the eyes and tummy I bet...delicious!

  11. Wow! Looks yummy!

  12. wah . nakakatakam yung mga cupcakes pramis :)

  13. They all look so yummy. I want to taste those mudslide brownies.

    1. They're indeed yummy. Cupcakes is a craze nowadays!


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