NOTD: Think and Look Green

Hi everyone. Last weekend, I was so busy playing with my nails. I got a new shade from Uniqso which I posted here. I want to thank Uniqso for this awesome gift. 

This review is a bit delayed since I do not have a nail polish remover in case I would have problems in applying the polish but glad that got one from The Face Shop last week from my haul.

I do not have any idea about the color they sent. Lee Lee just asked me if I can make a review of their product and I said yes. She sent this AQmore's Alice Shade. It's good that they sent this green one because I just run out of green polish. Also, it's the color of the year so I would love to try it on. 

To achieve the shade on the photo above, you need to triple the coat. I tried coating it twice and the shade looks like the avocado color. I prefer this one so I stick with it. However, the sad part is, it peels off very fast. The day after I put on the polish, the shade in my pinkie already disappeared. You know when you peel from the sides and all the shade is taken off, that's how it's remove. It's actually easy to remove. When it dries, you can just peel it off. No need for polish remover and the stuff. So better stuck on your last coating heavily to avoid it from peeling.

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。)
  • Got it for FREE!
  • They had it gift-wrap and it includes a gift. (Uniqso gives extra gift with the purchase)
  • Very fast drying.
  • No harmful chemical.
Nay! ()
  • A bit expensive for the quality. It costs $9.90
  • Peels off easily.
  • Had a strong smell. 
  • Not longer lasting. Mine last for only a day. :(
I suggest you use this for one-day event or some social gatherings. It's really nice and I can attest to it. I just don't like that it's not for longer use. I always make it a point that my polishes will last over a week or two. Now, mine is in day-off. haha. :)

Good thing I managed to squeeze in on some shots. You can also try this one and go straight to Uniqso to order here. Uniqso is so generous and I am giving away 10% DISCOUNT if you will purchase anything at their store. The code is TETS. ^_^

Feel free to comment below for any reaction, suggestion, and the like. I would love to hear anything. Just be less rude, okay? hihi.. 'Till my next post everyone. Stay happy! Cheers! ♥


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