Valentines Gift Ideas ♥

It's the love month. What better way to celebrate the month of hearts than to be with our loved ones, right? May it be your partner, family, friends, etc. :)

I am always thrilled with the wonderful moments Valentines day has to offer. Dates, gift-giving, partying and other stuff are abundant on this occasion. I prefer dates and gift-giving so I posted some gift idea photos you can make and give to your loved ones. ♥

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for everyone :)

for the candy lover :)

for the artist :)
for the kids at heart :)
for the tea/coffee lover :)
These are just few of the ideas you can give or make to your loved ones. You can create and make yours as well. As for my case, I am still searching for that perfect heart shape box until tomorrow so I can put my gifts inside. The gift? That's the secret part! ^o^

Happy Valentines everyone! Spread love, peace and happiness! Love y'all. ♥


  1. Nice gift ideas. Simple but brings great impact.

  2. I like the Butterfly lollies they look cool and a fun gift to give to your loved one (as part of a bigger gift)

  3. i have no vday gift to hubby except cooking him of a special dish for his tired body.


  4. maganda! I love the butterfly lollies, too!

  5. I like the idea of wrapping a lollipop! Very creative!

  6. everything is cute! happy valentine's day! :)

  7. That tea set is just so lovely! But I'd probably be putting more coffee than tea in there hehehe.

  8. these are all cute stuff, i got a rose from my hubby yesterday
    belated v-day!

  9. i think vday had somehow became our 2nd xmas hehehe... :-) i gave my dude a coffee mug... :D

  10. wow cute! I wished someone will give me one of those before the month ends hehehe.. pahabol sa valentine's..:)

  11. Why didn't I see this blog post before. I'll be doing this so next year~


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