Last Haul for January! ♥

Hi everyone! Last Tuesday, Jaycee and I had a quick mini-pampering date in celebration for our 53rd monthsary tomorrow which I posted here. We had it in advance. That's also the time we had a mini-haul from The Face Shop. 

My samples from Sample Room also arrived. All samples are FREE. You just have to pay for the shipping fee. I paid P130.00 for this. Now, I have few new products to review. I'll introduce first the products inside those bags posted above. :)

Here are the contents from The Face Shop.
Real Nature Rice Mask - P65.00
Lovely ME:EX Nail Polish Remover - P95.00
Soul Essential for Men Perfume - P895.00
 Lovely ME:EX Eyeshadow - FREE

SOUL perfume is for Jaycee. It's actually a good alternative for other perfume that he had. He's a sucker for imported perfumes and it's kind of expensive really. This one's around P800 only and it's oil-based as well. Talking about having long-lasting smell! 

Next is the nail polish remover from Lovely Me-ex. I really can't start an NOTD because I run out of nail polish remover. It's actually my first time to use this since I'm a user of that green one from Watsons since it's way cheaper. Let's see what's this has to offer.

This is a new product from The Face Shop. I'm a lover of masks. I put them on the fridge first before using them. That coolness, ooh! Plus the moisturizing effect. ^_^

Most Korean shops like TFS and EH has an offer that if you exceeded such amount like P1000 and above, you'll receive some freebies. Here's what I got from all the products mentioned above. It's a Brown Shimmer eyeshadow. ♥

Reviews and feedback for these products are to follow, except for Jaycee's perfume. He has it and I can't review it, but I can guarantee that the perfume smells nice and it last long according to him.

Now for the Sample Room products.
shampoo and conditioner, eyeshadow, hand cream

Their logo is really cute indeed! I want to get it and paste on my planner. haha.. So dainty! :) 

These are samples I chose from their site. I missed the first few batches that they had. Good thing I made it with this one. My first time to have V&M Minerals! Of course, I don't want to miss the chance so I grabbed their Halo eyeshadow which is included in the samples. 

Another hit is their hand cream. My hands seriously needs a lot of TLC right now. I hope this would do great wonders on my hands.

Last but definitely not the least are the shampoo and conditioner samples. I'm suffering from dandruff right now with Sunsilk (T_T) so having these samples will help me in choosing what's the right product for my hair. 

I also got this hardbound book from Laura Bowers for P60.00 and a Word Search Puzzle for P50.00. All from Booksale. The Word Search Puzzle is my bestfriend when commuting. I honestly want to buy the Sudoku but I think I will just have a hard time solving it. I'm still struggling with that game anyway. :p

That's it for my haul! Huge thanks to Jaycee for the date! Love him to bits!! ♥  Do you have any hauls to share?  Comment down. ^_^


  1. This sounds wonderfully relaxing... I'm glad I checked back again to make sure I didn't miss any blog posts.

  2. so many products... I like the freeby, the brown shimmer eyeshadow

  3. Those hair proucts look great. I'm constantly looking for good products for my dandruff which shows up in the winter months. It sucks!


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