Unboxing my Project Vanity 2020 Loot Bag

I can't remember how many years I've been a Project Vanity fan. Ever since I started discovering my niche on beauty around '13 or '14, I've been a reader of the site since then. I am a huge Liz Lanuzo fan. I've been watching almost all her GRWM videos every time I catch them online. Though I only just started joining their anniversary celebration 4 years ago but every year after then, I did not missed any gathering. (Oh I think I missed last year because I was almost on my 39th week then!)

Anyway, one of the most awaited part of the anniversary aren't the talks but the loots. Right?! PV fans would agree! Why? The sponsors are far more worth than the reg fee. I mean this is the bonus part of the celebration. it's like receiving your own gift too because you're part of the party. 

For this year's part, it's an online event where talks were made and the loots were shipped because pandemic happened and no physical gatherings are allowed. I think I am one of the last who received this loot and boy, I am so delighted with all these. For a fee of P1595, you will get a P7000-8000 worth of goodies from sponsors. Isn't that a sweet deal already? 

So for this year, here are the sponsors gifts and everything were full size. I love that there are two great skincare products - the one from Neogen and Cosrx. Reviewing them soon since I still have a lot in line. 

Congratulations again Project Vanity for being our online source on the latest trends on beauty. You are, and always will be a part of my blogging journey on beauty. 

All the best! 💓


  1. The fee of P1595 is super sulit! Ang bongga ng mga sponsors nila! Looking forward to attend their events in the future :)

  2. Wow this looks super worth the price!! My eyes glowed at the sight of Cosrx. Been supporting their brand for two years now and i always love their products <3

  3. I am curious about those Revlon lipsticks! Swatch and review na sis!


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