Review: My Bare Skin Specialist Max Perfect Blend Beauty Soap

My love for soaps is never ending. The reason is because we got so much soaps on our SkinfluencersPh MeetUp loot and My Bare Skin Specialist Max Perfect Blend Beauty Soap is one of those. I love how pretty and lightening this on my skin. 

Taking care of two kids made my skin dull because I haven't been taking care of it lately, no body scrubs nor putting lotion anymore and the like, especially on my body. I got a lot of bruises and scars to take care of because one would hit me accidentally or the other would scratch me. I know the kids are just playing and are unaware of what they did so I can't blame it to them. Now my skin, especially my arms and legs has those proof of happiness from the kids. But it made me conscious because people would look at them and I also used to have good skin on my legs and arms before and it kinda makes me sad.

Good thing I was able to use this soap as it helps diminish dark spots and those unwanted scars on my skin. Plus I tried to use it on my kids too because it claims to be safe to kids, pregnant and lactating moms so yaas to that! 

A beauty soap which helps lighten the skin and helps diminish unwanted skin concerns. 

PACKAGING - This soap has a box (first photo above) which was also covered in plastic after getting it from the box. I like that I felt special because the packaging is extra but I hope they can remove the plastic or just change it to other material like brown paper or something alike so we can save on plastic.

For the soap, it has the name embossed in it which is cute for me and I like the color combo of orange and black. It gives the vibe that I will clean you (black) then whiten you (orange). 

KEY INGREDIENTS - The box shows the ingredients and one of their key ingredients are Kojic, Alpha Arbutin and plant extracts. Kojic which is a known ingredients focuses on lightening the skin and improving dark spots. Alpha Arbutin on the other hand helps on the redness so I think this will also work out on acne-prone skin. I have dry-normal but it works great on me too! 

CLAIMS - As stated in the box, it claims to whiten the skin through micropeeling (which I honestly didn't noticed), moisturizing, helps in removing blackheads and whiteheads, lightens melasma, pekas, scars and strethcmarks. It also controls pimples too. Well, for all the claims I can say it helps on lightening dark spots and scars. It didn't disappear but it really helped a lot in improving my skin.

SCENT - It has that milky vanilla scent which is lovely but it doesn't linger for long which is sad. 

PRICE - This is part of the loot and I have no idea how much. because I asked the page on IG but I didn't got a reply. Btw, My Bare Skin Specialist caters different soaps. You may want to check their soaps IG (@mybareskinspecialistmain). 

TEXTURE - The soap was smooth and gentle on the skin. I actually thought it's rough at first since it has some particles inside but it glides on the skin easily. It also bubbles up easily too. 

EFFECT - I love how this lightened my dark spots both on the face and the body. As you can see, I actually cut it in pieces so I can save and use it for a long time but even after doing so, we used them all up because it's just so good we keep on reaching out on those pieces. 

Overall, I like this soap because it really helped with my skin's current concern. Though purchasing it online for a soap might be a little extra but I say it's worth a try. Now, I am more curious on the brand's other soaps because I know they have a lot of different kinds. 

You, are you using soap on your face or only on your body? What's your current soap or most fave one? I'm curious to know. Let me know by sharing in the comments below! 

Stay gorgeous loves! 💓

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