Colourpop Cosmetics Haul

It's been forever since I last purchased these Colourpop goodies and I totally forgot to share my haul. When I was cleaning my camera's phone, I found the photos and wanted to share them here.

Long time ago, I found out from a beauty group that Colourpop was having a sale. That time, they have a freebie on their website for every $50 purchase plus free worldwide shipping. Some lip products were also on sale individually so I grabbed the chance to meet the $50 mark.

Candy Dollz The Magic Tour 2020

I almost cannot remember signing up on this event on one of the blogger groups I am part of on Facebook. Good thing,  a few days before the event I was reminded when an invitation was sent to me by Candy Dollz. The event was held at Robinsons, Angeles last January 18, 2020. My work schedule was only until noon that day so I confirmed my presence. I discovered that it's a beauty product event, and as I am always open in discovering new beauty products in the market, I'm glad that I was chosen to experience it. I always get giddy how these companies can develop these beauty products which somehow helps consumers feel great about themselves by using such items. 

Anyway, a little side story. I actually went at Robinsons Starmills first that day only to find out that there's no event on that particular mall branch. Upon rechecking, I saw that the event poster stated its at the Angeles branch. (This is why reading is very crucial!) Perhaps I was so bombarded with other things when I read the poster that's why my focus was missing that time! 😜

SkinfluencersPH Grand Meet Up Event

I didn't know that my once online skincare community will also be like my family.

I've been part of this group called SkinfluencersPh on Instagram around September last year. When Ruby (@marikitbyruby) invited me to join the group, I gladly said yes. Tbh, I got giddy receiving the invitation knowing that I'll be part of a group where we can share the same interests. I've been really hooked with skincare and beauty stuff in general ever since I started my blog and being able to be part of that particular circle somehow excites me. Looking back now, I believe it was one of the greatest things that happened to me on IG.

A Proactiv for Every You!