SkinfluencersPH Grand Meet Up Event

I didn't know that my once online skincare community will also be like my family.

I've been part of this group called SkinfluencersPh on Instagram around September last year. When Ruby (@marikitbyruby) invited me to join the group, I gladly said yes. Tbh, I got giddy receiving the invitation knowing that I'll be part of a group where we can share the same interests. I've been really hooked with skincare and beauty stuff in general ever since I started my blog and being able to be part of that particular circle somehow excites me. Looking back now, I believe it was one of the greatest things that happened to me on IG.

Actually at first, I thought this group was just a mere engagement group like all other engagement groups I'm part of, (I've been inactive to most of them tbh) but I was wrong because we bonded like family and I noticed when I joined the chatroom that everyone there instantly clicked. I finally had a comfortable place which happened to be my escape with my busy, mom life. There, we talked about almost any topic, not even skincare-related and can still manage a little chismisan here and there. 

So December came and we decided to plan a gathering where we could meet up in flesh and just enjoy each other's company. What started as a simple get-together turned into an event flocked with sponsors we didn't expect to support us. Some showed up at the event day itself and handed the attendees some gifts.

There were a lot of food too!

 Dalisay Medical and Aesthetics Staff

Team from StyleRite

Here are some brands from the loot! We even had a difficult time shooting them at the scene because there's a lot!

... And did I mention Miss Liz Lanuzo of Project Vanity was there?! She casually shared important info on skincare and also left some worthy words on how to sustain ourself in social media.  She's my beauty and life peg, really!

We are truly grateful to all the sponsors for sending us their gifts for all the attendees. Watch out for our teaser pics and videos on our IG feed and stories as we will all share reviews of the items we received that day. Follow @skinfluencersph on IG for more deets.


Again from the bottom of my heart, I wanted to thank all the sponsors who really poured their trust to our group. We hope you will continue supporting us in the future. Big thanks also goes to our Mother PTA President Ruby 😁 for being so hardworking in making the event possible from the planning stage to booking the venue, down to talking to sponsors and arranging the loots (plus a whole lot more!) I truly applaud you dear and with the other girls efforts too. I'm sorry I was not in the metro to help you guys.

To my fellow content creators who were there, for all the effort in putting up a successful event like this, kudos to all of us. But more than that, to everyone who's been our support system in this stressful and toxic world of social media, may we not be blocked again and may we have more PR and winnings to come, thank you! 💗 Instagram has been a better place because of YOU.

My Loot

Love you my #SkinfluencersPh family! 

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