Colourpop Cosmetics Haul

It's been forever since I last purchased these Colourpop goodies and I totally forgot to share my haul. When I was cleaning my camera's phone, I found the photos and wanted to share them here.

Long time ago, I found out from a beauty group that Colourpop was having a sale. That time, they have a freebie on their website for every $50 purchase plus free worldwide shipping. Some lip products were also on sale individually so I grabbed the chance to meet the $50 mark.

Months before that, I got to experience the brand first time when I purchased my first three Colourpop lippies on a store online. I loved those lippies in general so when I heard the news about the sale from a beauty group, there's no thinking twice. I immediately bought the lippies directly on their website.

Since I got these products for so long already, I'm dropping here some of the photos of the items remained on my cam's phone and some little impressions on them.

I love these satins! My first Colourpop lippies were all matte and I got interested to try the former. I didn't know that Satins also worked great as well. Plus they have a wide range of beautiful colors to choose from. Sadly I haven't swatched them anymore on the lips and gave some to friends, hence no lip photos.

I also got some eyeshadow and bronzer aside from the lippie collection so I could try how their other makeup products works. Not really a fan of those glitter on my face though I always like looking at their swatches because they look great!

I wanted to try their Lippie Stix even once and because they are very cute. I like how sleek this was though the color looks dark on me. I am still using this until now and it's so pigmented that a little goes a long way. I'm not even halfway of it.

Overall, I love the lippies. Majority of what I got were nudes and there were colors which I dislike so I gave them away to so that they will not be in stock on my vanity for so long.

If asked if I will purchase again on the site, definitely! Though I believe there's a restriction now when purchasing lip products. I don't know how it works though.

Thank you Colourpop for the sale. I hope for more sale and freebies in the future. Also hoping for more money so I can buy more lipstick too! 😁


  1. Your Colourpop Swatches look really amazing! I'm so jealous. Just imagine we can have a Colourpop lippie for about one third of the price of a Kylie lippie considering that both brands are manufactured by the same company- Seed Beauty. :)

  2. I remember I only had one product of colourpop before and I super loved it! Pero I tried to swicthed to skincare products and I have never been able to buy one na. This haul looks ohh sooo pretty! Parang I think it's time to browse for colourpop products ulit :)


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