Candy Dollz The Magic Tour 2020

I almost cannot remember signing up on this event on one of the blogger groups I am part of on Facebook. Good thing,  a few days before the event I was reminded when an invitation was sent to me by Candy Dollz. The event was held at Robinsons, Angeles last January 18, 2020. My work schedule was only until noon that day so I confirmed my presence. I discovered that it's a beauty product event, and as I am always open in discovering new beauty products in the market, I'm glad that I was chosen to experience it. I always get giddy how these companies can develop these beauty products which somehow helps consumers feel great about themselves by using such items. 

Anyway, a little side story. I actually went at Robinsons Starmills first that day only to find out that there's no event on that particular mall branch. Upon rechecking, I saw that the event poster stated its at the Angeles branch. (This is why reading is very crucial!) Perhaps I was so bombarded with other things when I read the poster that's why my focus was missing that time! 😜

It was now a given that I was late for the event. Upon entering the mall's front doors, I felt that the floor's kinda shaking because of the loud scream from the fangirls on the 3rd floor. I know it's normal because I am a fangirl myself and that situation is already normal to me. 

Upon arriving, the program already started. The mains were Daniela Cristofani, a Starstruck Avenger which is also the Candydollz Ambassador together with the Gwapitos namely Mateo Gabriel, Justin Uy, Jeter Evangelista and Joveboy Borromeo. I found out that these celebrities were vloggers which teenagers idolizes nowadays. 

The event were mainly performances from them. There were also interviews, Q and A and games to enjoy the show. 

There were also special guests from Boyz R Back, Urban Boyz Captivated and Supreme Academy Artist Center. 

The venue was packed with teenagers and I really felt such huge excitement from the audience! I am a fangirl myself so I know what it feels like. I like the vibe and the energy. Makes me want to attend more concerts of the kpop idols I am fangirling with. Hello SS9!!! 💕

Anyway, we got a special gift during the event and these consists of some beauty soaps and their main product the Maggie Magic Cream Blush. I am currently testing out the soaps and blush and will edit this post soon for the review or I might create a separate post for it. 


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