Must Eat in Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole is a kind of place where you would like to stay back forever. The laid-back vibe and picturesque parks are sure to lure you every year.  Plan a trip to this fabulous place that seems to be straight out of a Western movie. Choose from one of those cabins in Jackson Hole to stay at and get into any kind of action you are looking for. There are miles and miles of beautiful terrain to explore as well as a bustling culinary scene to keep your gastronomical journey appeased. There are plenty of top spots to eat, drink and double-down in Jackson Hole. Enjoy exploring some of the finest bars and great dining options. There’s a wider selection here in Jackson Hole and menus that list out everything from the basic Western fare to Mexican to Thai and more. No matter wherever you dine, you will always get to pick from an impressive wine list, craft cocktails, and local brews.

For Mexican cuisine 
Warm up the chilly days in Jackson Hole with some spicy Mexican food. Merry Piglets and Pica's Taqueria are popular spots for those looking for Mexican fare. Merry Piglets offers more-than-generous portions while Pica's Taqueria is a favorite and serves authentic Mexican dishes at very affordable prices. Enjoy huge wet burritos, fish tacos and delectable chopped salads in their bright and colorful surrounding. The food is fresh while the margaritas are strong. At Merry Piglets, one can savor Mexican cuisine with a range of homemade sauces. Shrimp mango wraps, fajitas, carne asada and Tex-Mex–style seafood chimichanga are a favorite. Enjoy Tortilla Soup, Carnitas Burrito, Chipotle Carnitas Burrito and Shrimp Fajitas. Oscar Ortega’s CocoLove serves Mexican hot chocolate which is a blend of cocoa and spices.

For Italian cuisine 
Head towards Villaggio Osteria and Nani's Ristorante and Bar for some great Italian food with fresh, inventive touches. Sit on an open-air patio under the rustic barn wood timbers and columns at Villaggio Osteria and enjoy the bone-marrow bruschetta or the mozzarella figs stuffed with blue cheese. Do try out the generous slice of gooey lasagna. Nani's Ristorante and Bar is a great favorite with the locals and the tourists. Enjoy several Italian specialties such as braised veal shanks with saffron risotto as well as vegan and gluten-free plates. There is a fine selection of Italian and non-Italian wines. Depending on the locale, the menus focus on a different Italian region each month. Orsetto is a newly opened eatery, which is Italian-inspired and serves Negroni Bianco plus fried olives and gorgonzola cheese. You will love their chicken liver bruschetta and house-made pasta which are simply divine. Genevieve is an Italian-inspired eatery, and one can enjoy chicken liver bruschetta and house-made pasta here. End your meal with a cannoli and glass of Italian white.

Bar-B-Que Restaurants
Bar-B-Que food is an all-time favorite, and it is hard to resist those mouthwatering spareribs. Try out the busy barbecue joint at Jackson Hole, the Bubba's Bar-B-Que Restaurant offers the complete ranch-style meal. You certainly get the best value here in the joint that evokes the Old West ambiance. Enjoy succulent baby back ribs while sitting on the wooden booths and surrounded by antique signs and western paintings. They serve homemade pies and fudge-pecan in the desserts. There can be huge lines during the summer or winter.

For some great Thai food
If you love Thai food, then head straight for Teton Thai, located at the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. It is owned by people of Thai heritage, and the authentic taste reflects in their cuisine. Enjoy the classic Thai fare of noodle, rice and curry dishes that are offered in several vegan and vegetarian options. There are beer and wine served with the food.

For Chinese cuisine 

China Gourmet serves full-fare, Cantonese-style Chinese food. Enjoy the bowl of egg-drop soup as you watch big games on TV. There are more than a hundred things on the menu, and one can savor pork chops, hamburgers, shrimp and fried chicken, mushrooms and barbecue sauce and even spaghetti. The décor is Asian, and there is a Budweiser sign over the door.

For steak dishes at Steakhouse
Jackson's legendary steak dishes and carnivorous delights are slow-cooked. Browse the menus at quintessential steakhouses in Jackson Hole such as White Buffalo Club, Million Dollar Cowboy Steakhouse, and Westbank Grill. The dining atmosphere is rustic, and the service is fast and friendly. There is a wide variety of unique dishes such as velvet elk. Rustic Pine Steakhouse is one of Wyoming's more memorable spots while Svilars' Bar & Dining Room is a small family-owned restaurant that serves the best steaks. The Gun Barrel Steak & Game House and Burke's Chop House offer great dining options in casual elegance. Enjoy those tender medallions cooked in wine and served in sun-dried-tomato, and pepper sauce. Wash down the meat with scotches, bourbons, and wines. Snake River Grill offers innovative mountain cuisine, and its steak tartare pizza with house-made garlic aioli makes for one of the most memorable eating experiences. Other favorites are wild game chorizo–stuffed dates and jalapeño beer-battered onion rings.

For Coffee and Bakery delights
One of the most popular French-style bakery and coffee shop in Jackson Hole is the Persephone Bakery that servers dreamy toast combinations along with pastries and coffee. Pork and egg toast in maple cream and the Kentucky Breakfast are hugely popular. Pearl Street Bagels serves bagels that are so fresh and warm that there is no need to toast them. You can serve them with spicy house-made Mexican cream cheese and tomato herb.

November and December 2017 Collective Haul

Helloooo dear friends! I miss you all! It's been light-years since the last time I published something decent in this blog. Life has taken its toll on me and I am not less regretful about it. Let me share something new about me. 

My husband and I finally decided to get our own house. We used to rent before but now we have something we can call our own. Feels a little surreal but that's how adulting is meant to be you know. Haha. The feeling is different if you know you really worked your ass off to get something you want. Both our salary as government employee isn't really that high as others would think but I am proud to say that we managed to do it with no help from relatives abroad or whoever. 

Next is, I am establishing my own mommy blog. It's in the works and will be launched soon. There, I will be sharing my motherhood journey and experiences. I didn't know that motherhood would changed a lot in me and I want to share all those experiences in the blog. My colleagues would always say that I am a great mom because of all the advocacies I support for my child because they see what and how I do it when I at work. They actually wish I had more haha. If only they know about my difficulties and share of struggles in motherhood. Those and more will be shared soon on the new blog. 

So going back, after all the things we did in building the house and transferring huge furnitures, appliances, cabinets, among other things, finally, I can sit back, and enjoy a cup of hot choco. On the side is working on the blog of course, and getting updated again. I missed on a lot of posts and events but will catch up soon. So for now, let me share all my Nov-Dec haul for last year. I didn't have a lot to share but I am very grateful that despite I am MIA in the blog, there are still a lot of sponsors who are still supportive in sending me products. Thank you so muchos!!! 

Johnson's Haul
A staff from Johnson's & Johnson's messaged me on IG and asked if they can send me their newest products. Of course, I gladly said yes. Thanks J&J :) 

The Barber Club items
A gift from Miss Michelle of TBC when they invited us on the opening. of The Barber Club

Nay's Ice Candy
Nay's sent me ice candies worth P500. Don't worry, I didn't ate them in one sitting. 

Beauty products from Suzanne's Emporium
Suzanne's Emporium was one of my most fave online shop when it comes to beauty products because they sell items waaay affordable than the others. 

Mesoestatic from AMW
I won this one from AMW giveaway. Will share a review soon!

Sample Room Haul
My not so latest Sample Room haul. 

Toothbrush cover
I am looking for brush cover for the longest time. Daiso has them before but it's always OOS. I got this for less than P50 and has already 4 pcs. This is for my brush in the office, my bag, our home and my parent's home. Nice, noh?

Cradle and Cycles haul
This is winnings from a breastfeeding and babywearing contest and I won! Will share more on this on my mommy blog. 

My sister's gift! 
Since we moved to a new home, it is also fitting to have "some" new items. I actually requested for a new electric kettle since the old one is super old and served us well already. Thanks unnie! 

"Some" Miniso Haul
I actually got different items from Miniso and this is just one of them. I need nose strips and you know me, when I want to try a certain product, I pay for it in my own pocket and review about it. review soon! 

Soap Scraps
This is from my other sister who sell soaps. But these are just scraps of gluta-tawas. These were actually nice. I feel that I have glowing skin after using this. 

Revlon Haul
No. Not! This is my hubby's gift to me during Christmas. Before, he used to give me gadgets, cellphones even when we were just bf-gf. That lasted for 7 years! Now that we are husband and wife, we became practical especially that we have our baby and a new home. We almost used up our money on the house so we agreed not to spend anything on Christmas anymore. And we both understand. But he still insisted with this. I love you amore, but I hope it's a different brand or something satin or matte! Haha. 

Vice Cosmetics Haul
As I was walking at SM Pampanga, I saw the booth where there's Vice and of course, I immediately bought something to try. I actually wanted to try this and purchase online. Good thing there's an available one at the mall. Will try this very soon and will review on the blog. 

This is so random. We are actually at the mall to buy some last minute items for media noche when we decided to buy some wine. Since we didn't brought the car that time (and was just using the motorcycle), we decided to purchase this so we can load the wines and other liquor inside. 

"Another" Miniso Haul
I saw this at Miniso and immediately bought it since it's cute. I thought it's a face mask but it's some eye mask. Will share a review on this soon.

My friend's husband went home from Dubai and got something for me. Thanks Jeff. And for the daily lunch you were delivering for us. 

Lazada Haul
I joined the Online Revolution Sale from Lazada and got these items. Love all of these. All items at 50%. I already used the hair color and will share the review soon.

Exchange gift
Thanks to my friend Mik who gave this to me during our year-end party. 

Exchange gift
Thanks to my friend Cams who gave this. She crocheted my baby's minion hat on his bday. Thanks gurl. :)

Exchange gift
Thanks to my friend Arms for this. I love you sis! 

These may look a lot but they really aren't. Most of the items here are gifts from friends, sponsors, winnings and the rest were purchased by my own money. I guess next month's collective haul will focus on beauty, clothes and those that are related to the beauty blog alone. Will create a separate post on my new upcoming blog for those that I will get under mommy and home department. 

I hope you will continue supporting me here and in my new humble web abode. 
All the best! Xoxo. 

Regina Victoria Yupangco De Ocampo: On Why Giving Back Is the core value of our businesses

Successful companies are making sure to give back known as Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR. These entities make a positive impact on the environment and stakeholders including consumers, employees, investors, and communities.
Companies need to instill a culture of giving back and such efforts always need to start from the top management. Giving back not only drives change in your community but also within your organization.
To show the mission, vision, and ideals of Filremit, CSR activities became the essential objectives of the organization, as well as to serve as a guide to what the company represents for its consumers. Regina also believes that in every success lies the people who worked hard to attain it.
For 2018, Regina Victoria Yupangco De Ocampo of Filremit has lined up several innovative E-Commerce platforms specifically catered to the Overseas Filipino Workers. Objectives for the business include:
1. New technological innovation thru Filremit system around the globe.
2. Increase pick up points all over the Philippine Islands.
3. Intensify coverage of sending thru Filremit thru partners around the globe.
4. Provide other services such as payout for credit card transactions, online shopping, delivery of these goods thru its subsidiary Manila Cargo Express.
5. And most importantly for its Corporate Social Responsibility, to give back to their overseas clients by creating a fund for them to sustain their retirement and provide security to their families.
Giving back is an essential value of the organization since it’s corporate objective is to help the Filipinos. Filremit has been the trusted remittance company of OFWs worldwide since 2008 and established its name and credibility across the globe.
Disclaimer: This post is for informational purposes only